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In The Pink: 1986 Jeep Cherokee


We find all kinds of cars to write about here, and this Cherokee is certainly different. Many of you have seen it and don’t remember it, or even the movie it was in. In 1993 Warner Brothers purchased this Jeep, painted it pink and used it in the movie. Then they sold it to the current owner, who has donated it to the California Automobile Museum. It has been stored ever since. Does anyone remember Robin Williams in Being Human?


Here’s Robin Williams with the Jeep in the movie. I don’t think being a movie prop adds much value to the Jeep, do you? It’s a survivor in great shape except for that awful paint job.


Here’s an example of the paint work. They didn’t waste much masking tape and they certainly didn’t do much prep work. Perhaps they washed the thing before they painted it. I wonder what they used for paint and how easily it could be removed.



On one hand it’s a survivor in decent shape, but one with a terrible pink paint job. It would certainly be easy to find in a parking lot.



It’s a good 20 foot paint job but there is a bit of rust and bubbling showing. Otherwise, this old Jeep seems really rust free.


The interior is really nice. Someone loved this Jeep at one time in it’s life and took great care of the interior. Everything is in really beautiful condition.


Things under the hood look really nice as well. It’s original and complete.


What do you think this would be worth as a survivor? What would you do with it? Would you erase the history and repaint it? Likely so, I think. It looks like that’s all it would take to make this a nice driver. Could there be a big Robin Williams fan out there who would like this? Perhaps the wife might drive it as it is if she remembers the movie? I look forward to some interesting comments about this rig!


  1. Avatar photo MH

    It’s neat that it was a movie car. Robin Williams was great. I wouldn’t buy it but I also don’t think it should be changed at all.

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  2. Avatar photo Scotty G Staff

    What an interesting find. I agree that Robin Williams was outstanding, he was on a different level then most other folks in Hollywood are, maybe that was his downfall.

    I would love to have a ’55/’56 Dodge La Femme, but that might be the only pink vehicle that I would / could drive and not be too self-conscious about it. My mom’s older sister, who is now in her early-80s, had two of these 2-door Cherokees in a row; both of them were bright red. I don’t know if she would have gone for a pink one or not.

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  3. Avatar photo George

    Paint it and drive it. Those held up very well and I know a number of people who put high miles with low maintenance on that generation.

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  4. Avatar photo David Member

    Luckily, it looks like the museum is going to keep and display it. It will be an interesting exhibit.

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    • Avatar photo Dennis Larson

      I was wondering what was going on with that thing. It is a cheap pink paint job.

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  5. Avatar photo DREW V.

    Unless someone was an obsessed Robyn Williams fan I don’t see this vehicle having any added value due to being in this movie… I mean if it was the Smokey and the Bandit Trans-Am or thr GMC used in Fall Guy yes but this movie was one of several flops that Williams starred in. Entertainment Weekly gave the film an ‘F’ and said that the film “demonstrates what can happen when a director with a gossamer comic touch tries to become commercial—the movie is so flat and banal it’s like a Mel Brooks parody in which someone forgot to put in the jokes.”

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  6. Avatar photo van

    You guys are so silly
    Mary Kay

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    • Avatar photo jim s


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  7. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Looks like someone added a lift kit.

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  8. Avatar photo john C

    GO Pink ~~~A cancer foundation color too…

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