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Incredible Survivor: 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28

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The phrase “like new” is often overused and sometimes a blatant lie. When describing this 18,302 original miles ’79 Camaro Z28 here on eBay, however, it’s extremely accurate. This Z28 has been with one owner up until just recently, and the only replacement parts are said to be the battery and the tires – otherwise, it’s just as it left the dealer. 


You have to give a tip of the hat to the original owner who somehow resisted the temptation to thrash this car. Performance vehicles rarely lead quiet lives, but it’s safe to say this Camaro was cherished. The 350 V8 and automatic transmission may not be the most exciting combination, but it will get you down the road just fine. The colors in the engine bay reflect those of a new car; the hood insulation pad remains intact, if not a little dirty.


The interior is one of the places I see most often trashed on this generation of Camaro, whether having been hacked up for parts or butchered for some other reason. This one remains clean and uncut, with the gauge cluster still showing nice color, the original Z28 horn pad still in place, and the bucket seats only beginning to display some mild cracking. Even the original radio remains installed, furthering the theme of restraint throughout this example.


Of course, you have to love this era of the Z28 for its eye-popping color combinations and splashy graphics and wheels. This black-on-gold color scheme is definitely one of the better combos out there and the original paint remains in phenomenal condition. Of course, what I am dying to know is how this Camaro stayed so nice for so long. While I’m sure the original owner ripped a burnout or two in his day, it appears he largely treated this Camaro like an investment since Day 1. What do you think it will sell for?


  1. Rock On Member

    It’s a shame for such a pampered car that it is missing the front grille emblem. Also the emblem on the fuel filler door should be a tri-tone gold Z28.
    Otherwise, very sweet car!

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    • Metalman

      Actually, those two items denoted a 78 Z-28. The gas door emblem is correct on this one, and if you look closely, you will see the Z-28 decal on the top left of the front bumper cover. I had a 79 myself, and my father was a District Sales Manager for Chevrolet Corporate when these cars were new. In fact, his last 1978 Co. car was a Z-28 that he let me order. Dark BlueGreen with Gold decals, wheels, and Light Camel cloth interior. It was a stunner.

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      • Rocco

        You are absolutely correct about the Z/28 emblems/decals. I had one exactly like this one featured.

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  2. Jeff K.

    This tugs at my heart strings. My first car was a ’78 Z/28 all black with gold stripes and a 4 speed. This one even has the original exhaust. I saw one identical to this car at the Mecum auction in Dallas 2 years ago. Stunning and beautiful in person!! Nice find!!

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  3. Vegas Vic

    Great find!
    20k plus sales price
    Graphics are wonderful
    Performance is decent
    Z power!

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  4. Chris

    I didn’t realize Chevy painted any of their engines blue. Was this reserved for certain engines?

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    • Steve

      Chevy changed from orange to blue around 78 or 79, if i femember correctly. My 79 malibu 267 v8 was blue. We had a 76 c10 and the 350 in it was orange. They went to black around 82, i think.

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  5. JW

    Not a Chevy guy but this is a nice example of muscle in the late 70’s, even though I beat a couple of these with my Ford short bed pickup with a 400 V8.

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  6. motorrad

    My first car…

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  7. John B

    This one really brings back memories for me. I was a teenage punk working his first real job in new car prep at a Chevrolet dealer. Drove many of these in the 1979 and ’80 model years. Base price for a Z was about $6500, most expensive one I saw was $9300 with the T-Top option. The car featured here would have been in the high eight-thousand range…aluminum wheels, automatic tranny, 3:42 axle. I can still recall the feel of that somewhat rough steering wheel!

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    • John s

      I was 20 years old in 1978 and I went to local Chevy dealer to order one of those orange 78 Z’s and they told me it was too late in the year so I had to order a 79. in 79 thay discontinued that color the 79 I ordered I was crazy and loaded it with everything except the CB total cost was 9,700.ready yet after a couple months I went to check on it I had ordered the brown one and when I got there they had a white one with t-tops on the showroom floor and the guy said everything was going as planned toward the order but they did not have a collar so I told him that I had ordered White, when it came in and I picked it up I lived about 30 miles away and they told me not to get it over 55 mph for so many miles so on the way home I took it to 110. I had a pretty good job at the time but the $225 my payments were pretty tough so I ended up selling it at a loss with 5,000 miles on it since then I am on my 5th 79 Z28 that I will never sell. it is black black interior and tear T-top, 4 speed with gold finned at fuse Wheels with 60,000 miles. (Sorry for the way this is written I used talk to text and it would not let me go back and correct) John S

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  8. Doug Towsley

    While everyone bemoans the lack of power of these,,,,,,, period magazines outlined everything you needed to know to make them fast and perform. Cams, headers, Edelbrock intake, Holley, B&M Shift kit etc etc… and Herb Adams and some of the others on upgrading the suspension. This car is amazing in that it did not get any of those period mods and a true time capsule.
    You couldnt give away cars of this period for a long time and super interesting how recently they have now become valuable. Someone really showed restraint to keep this as long as they did and will reap a nice return

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    • Rocco

      I agree with everything you said. These cars were before any type of computer crap.
      I put a Crane Blueprinted 350hp hyd. cam and found a ’70’s Z/28 intake, and a dual line Holley carb 650-735(can’t remember cfm), shift kit, stock exhaust manifolds, and it ran like a bandit. I’m a Ford guy, but this car was amazing.

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  9. Reno Rick

    I agree
    They can be super fun fine rides
    With nice styling n graphics
    And add SIRUIS XM!

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  10. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Just in case anyone was wondering, this one sold for $22,100 with 9 bids!

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