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Invincible Invicta: 1960 Buick Wagon

033016 Barn Finds- 1960 Buick Invicta Wagon - 1

This 1960 Buick Invicta Wagon is found in Blooming Prairie, MN here on Classic Cars with an asking price of $3,050! This successor to the Buick Century looks like it’s in great, original condition but there is no mention of that in the ad. I see some rust here, but for a Minnesota car it’s not bad at all. I’m guessing that the hood isn’t latched all the way in this photo.

033016 Barn Finds- 1960 Buick Invicta Wagon - 7

This Series 4600 Buick Invicta is one of only 3,471 made in 1960 so they’re pretty rare. Even more rare is the three-seat wagon (there is no mention of this being one in the listing) of which only 1,605 were made. Either way, you’re unlikely to ever see another one, especially in red. Really, that’s the name of the color, just plain “red”. This car would have cost around $3,800 when new and although that seems like a ridiculously low price now, that’s a bit over $30,000 in 2016 dollars; not exactly chicken feed but still a bargain for a Buick. Ok, there’s some work to do on this side of the car for sure.

033016 Barn Finds- 1960 Buick Invicta Wagon - 3

What a great looking interior! Pro tip: this has to be a mid-year car judging by the chrome trim on the pedals which started in about mid-1960 once they used up the non-chrome-trim pedals from the 1959 Invictas.

033016 Barn Finds- 1960 Buick Invicta Wagon - 8

I don’t know why I like this dash so much, maybe it’s the layering or the padding or the linear speedometer, and I know that I love a red interior; it must just be a combination of everything going on here. This one looks perfect, other than the stereo hanging on the bottom of the dash; that’s got to go. Here’s what it’ll look like once you clean it up a bit.

033016 Barn Finds- 1960 Buick Invicta Wagon - 4

Pro tip #2: if your Invicta seatbacks have white striping, like this one does, it was made sometime after May of 1960. The early cars had a much cooler looking metallic, “chrome mylar” striping but they were having trouble with that material delaminating and they switched to a regular white vinyl after that. Bummer, metallic detailing in seats is such a great look.

033016 Barn Finds- 1960 Buick Invicta Wagon - 6

This is the infamous Buick Nailhead 401 V8 with 325 hp and 445 ft-lbs of torque. You should be able to do a burnout for Jay Leno in this car without too much trouble. I’m hoping that the air cleaner is somewhere in the car. With a little detailing you’ll have it looking like this again.

The seller says that this car needs some work on the transmission. The Buick Turbine Drive transmission, such as the one in this car, is shown here in a 1960 commercial on YouTube. The owner mentions that you have to manually start in low and shift it yourself; that’s not good, but I guess after 56 years even something as cool-sounding as a Turbine Drive transmission needs some maintenance. But, even with that and with any bodywork issues, this looks like a good price for a rare car. Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick?


  1. Avatar photo L.M.K.

    Plenty of possibilities in this one…..

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  2. Avatar photo Rich

    Very nice price for a clean wagon. You could clean it up and drive as-is while doing repairs.

    Great project!!

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  3. Avatar photo Charles

    This wagon looks decent. The rust that is showing makes me want to see what the undercarriage looks like. My parents owned a 59 Invicta wagon from new. Once while visiting the Redwoods National Park us kids talked Dad into driving through the tree. The car fit all the way up to the last foot or so, than the fins got stuck. I don’t remember if one fin caught or two. Either way it was funny. That car made several trips back and forth across the country over the years. Great cars!

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  4. Avatar photo Pleiku Pete

    If you look at image #5 you will see a roller knob next to the clock. When I was twelve years old, I was enthralled with the styling of this model and really checked it out in depth.

    Look closer at the dash; you are looking at a mirror image of the gauges which were facing the front and out of site. All this wizardry just to make the dash adjustable!

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  5. Avatar photo redwagon

    this looks like it has a really well done spotlight installation. hard to tell for certain but the exterior trim at the base looks well done from a distance.

    i note the hangtag from the iola, wi classic car show this past summer. from blooming prairie to iola is 4 hours. i wonder if this beauty made it there and back under her own power or was towed?

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  6. Avatar photo Charles

    What is the difference between the Turbine transmission and the Dynaflow?

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    • Avatar photo Beaver Prince

      They are the same.

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  7. Avatar photo Dominic

    He’s probably not going to drop much lower. Here’s his craigslist ad: http://rmn.craigslist.org/cto/5493536516.html

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  8. Avatar photo Chris

    Funny, when I see this I think “Ghost Busters”. I know it’s not right, just hits me that way.

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  9. Avatar photo David Wilk Member

    Latest issue of Hemmings has a nice feature on 59-60 Buicks. This wagon is a beautiful example, thanks for finding this one Scotty. Don’t you live close enough to go see it in person? If the floor rust is not too bad, this could be a keeper.

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  10. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    I love this! Thr0w in another 2500 to rebuild the tranny…….and dependng on the rust……which is not discussed….you’d have a fun bomber……..the originality says it all!

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  11. Avatar photo G 1

    My 58 Buick had to start out in low gear when cold. Always thought the accumulator valve would loose oil when it sat. Never fixed it. Lasted as long as I had it.

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  12. Avatar photo John P

    The link to the site here in the write-up is bogus.. The car is listed by the owner in the Eau Claire, WI and nearby Craigslist sites for the actual price of $4900.00.. I just called the seller to let him know, the site listed above is merely an advertising and information farming operation.. Beware-

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  13. Avatar photo Robert White

    Very nice car, I like it.

    That car would be added to my Cheech n’ Chong collection if I had the lottery win I have been expecting since the 70s.


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  14. Avatar photo John

    Interesting that there are no pictures of the back end of the car. If it’s damaged the cost of repair could be very high.

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  15. Avatar photo 67 GT fastback

    Yeeewww what a beast ! Hope someone snagged that baby ! So many wAys you could go with that one .

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  16. Avatar photo Bo Ovesen

    Hallo I am interisting in Your car !!
    Will You sell it too Me ?
    Wher in U.S.A the car is Located.. neart shiping ??
    I am On Buickdk@hotmail.com
    I will let it ship too Denmark. I have 4 !960 Buick Bot no wagen ??
    Pleass let me now?
    Wery Best Regards
    Bo Ovesen

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