Is It A Bargain? $2,000 1966 Ford Mustang


Wearing some very tired red paint and a white top, this 1966 Mustang has certainly seen better days. It was parked in 2008, and of course it ran at that point. It’s for sale here on eBay and is located in Ellijay, Georgia. The buy it now price is just $2,000!


At first, I wasn’t sure what was bothering me about the roof, and then I blew the pictures up and realized it’s a vinyl roof. It doesn’t look too bad if you can either re-dye it or get rid of the mildew some other way. I’m just not a fan of vinyl roofs on Mustangs. The three original wire wheel covers look nice with it, though.


I wonder if Jen is still around to tell us about her Mustang? I hope so. There doesn’t seem to be a tremendous amount of rust on the exterior panels, but the seller tells us there is some rust (but no more details). Given the number of Mustangs we’ve seen lately on these pages with underbody rust, I’m willing to bet there’s some panels under there that will need replacing. I’m not sure if that’s a dent in the hood or if it’s just unusual paint/water reflections. The chrome is original, which may mean it’s just fine for a driver.


Based on this shot of the interior, you’re going to have your hands full. I’m guessing it’s kind of musty in here. Okay, really musty! And while that 8-track player in the dash isn’t original, I’ve got to wonder if “Mustang Sally” is in there!


The seller says it’s the original 289, attached to a C4 automatic. It’s definitely not the original valve covers and air cleaner, we know that. The seller says they used to start it frequently and it will still turn over by hand. My question to you is what do you think it’s worth?



  1. JW454

    Given today’s market, it may be a fair price. I think you’re right supposing it has that “old car smell”. There will be lots of rust under and around that vinyl top I think. It just has that look. Well, I guess Jen thinks it time to move on.

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  2. Dennis

    It’s totally amazing to see the price difference from a Ford to a General motors product, if this was a GM product…………. you could not touch this for $ 2,000.00, Yes, I do like GM products and not so much the Ford mustangs, but lets’ face it, the asking price tells the story, I’m just adding to the story. But if your a Ford guy looking for a Mustang, I would recommend to purchase this quick as you can, it will not last more then two days on this listing.

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  3. Mike

    I bet it is beyond MUSTY, look at the picture that shows the moisture on the inside of the windows. I would bet the top is rotted under the vinyl top, I say this from experience of have a couple of these and the top was roached under them. A vinyl top is good look for a car, but you clean and treat them just like the rest of the car, when cleaning them up.
    I watched a guy one day at a car wash washing a classic car with a older vinyl top and when he hit it with the power wash it peeled off a chunk of it, and believe me he was not happy. I hand wash and rinse all of my classics, and believe me it takes time to do it right.
    As for this Mustang, even at $2000.00 I would pass because of the vinyl top!!!

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  4. JCW Jr. Member

    I think the top looks good in vinyl for it is bad just take it off and either replace or just paint. I have bought a replacement interior for a 65 that I did, very easy to replace everything dash pad and all. Since I am still recovering financially from cancer this is out of my price range. I do feel if it is not very rusty it is a fair price. Would trade my 70 f250 for it in a heart beat.

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  5. JW

    Looks decent enough for the asking price, would make a cheap father / son / daughter project and if it doesn’t work out or it is more rusty than it looks part it out and you may even make money.

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  6. James D

    Assuming the floors and subframes are decent, then yes $2000 is a fair price. It has the original 289, that’s a plus. It even has an export brace and power steering, that’s good too. Fender replacement not much of a problem.

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  7. Gary

    I think the vinyl top is hiding a lot of rust. Taking a closer look at the pictures it seems to have bubbles all around the perimeter of the back window and along the top of the doors. Add that to what look like rust holes through the quarter panel just below the vinyl and it will need some serious but doable metal work in those areas. You might be able to get it done if you can pick it up for about half the asking price.

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    Seeing as you can buy every part new out of a catalog, if you can poke holes through the roof with your finger or find soft spots I would find a better example.

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  9. Boss351

    Already sold!

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  10. Kent Pearson

    I the roof one of those parts you can get out of a catalogue? If not, why not a wrecker or donor body?

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  11. Rustytech Member

    I hope the buyer did a close up inspection, this could get ugly!

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  12. Mike Williams

    It’s a rust bucket or it wouldn’t be that cheap. The only good thing is the engine and it’s not worth 2k. Maybe good for parts on a 6 cyl to 8 conversion

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  13. Pete

    Jenny Jenny who can I turn to?

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