Is It A Car Or A Boat? 1966 Oldsmobile 98 LS


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We recently featured another large, long and very beautiful Oldsmobile 98 LS, a yellow 1970 for sale in Washington State. Here’s another very similar model, another four door LS sedan, this one is white and comes without a vinyl top, and is up for sale here on craigslist in Tucson, Arizona.


I love these cars, but I can attest from past driving experience (I drove a 74 98 Regency in the 1970’s) that even with all the amenities, including power steering, power brakes and the powerful Olds big block, these cars float more than they drive, and the sheer size of the car takes some getting used to. Out on the highway they are a blast,  but these days I would be very nervous driving this car around town, especially parking.


And I know for a fact that this car will not fit into my garage. Nonetheless, this is an extremely good looking example of the big cars produced by GM during the glory days of the 1960s.


According to the somewhat excitedly written ad, this car was purchased from the estate of its original owner some seven years ago. It is said to have been driven only 36,000 miles, and that appears from the pictures to be very likely true.


The interior is said to be “as new!” chrome “excellent!” and it “needs minor cosmetics” that are not detailed nor readily visible in the photos. The engine bay looks unusually clean too. The seller states that his behemoth has new shocks, carb, battery, tires, brakes, and a tune up, and says the car drives as new. In 1966, Oldsmobile manufactured 33,591 of their top of the line luxury sedans. Because they were often purchased by well-to-do older people, there does seem to be a fair number of nice survivors around. This example’s low mileage and general sanitary appearance and condition, and the slightly unusual lack of vinyl top do make it appealing.


Except for the unknown minor blemishes, this big Olds looks to be a great car for someone with a big garage. What do you think about the $11,350 asking price? I could not find any guide listings online, but searching through the ads, and based somewhat on past experience, I think this car might sell for closer to the $7,500-$8,000 range. And at least as of this writing, I see that the yellow 98 on eBay is still unsold with an asking bid of $4,900. I am sure readers here will have their own opinions. What do you think?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Roseland Pete

    Nice car but not $11k nice.

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  2. JW454

    Between the two, I’d be more interested in this one. It appears to be in better shape, has less miles, and I like the dark interior. Now, the price seems high but compared to what it would cost to get another one in this condition, it may be a bargain.

    By the way, your link to the advertisement isn’t working as of 12:48 EST.

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    • David WilkAuthor

      Sorry about the bad link – here is the correct one for the Olds 98 for sale in Tucson – it is still available as of 2/12/16:
      We’ll try to get the link in the post corrected as well.

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      • David WilkAuthor

        Link now fixed!

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  3. Sukey

    A real car from a period in time when cars were longer than pick up trucks
    How many Toyota tacoma’s could you make from one of these ?
    Ans 2
    How many smart cars ?
    Ans 4-6

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  4. duke

    4-6k maybe…..however this is cruise night nice and drive in car show nice,especially coming from the dry southwest-just keep it garaged and in another 10-20 years it will be worth the 11k

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    The car is priced right over average retail so the asking price leaves room for negotiation. This car is worth more in that condition, however the seller is looking for a quick sale at 10 grand.
    I think it’s worth that at least. Very nice example

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  6. Glen

    Your basic land-yacht ! It may be a good example, just not appealing, atleast to me.

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  7. HoA Howard AMember

    My old man had a car just like this, only a ’65. My brother got his 1st speeding ticket with it. That car did some of the best burnouts. It’s missing the “Ultra High Compression” sticker on the air cleaner, something that, as a teenager, always amazed me. It was a big car. To think, in the ’60’s, this size cars were all around us. Great find, but feeding it would be a chore.

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  8. Woodie Man

    I much prefer this year and model to the 1970. The lines in the sixties were crisper and this design echos the mid sixties smaller Pontiacs Olds and Buicks. I wish I had a garage long enough! I remember when people tacked on additions to their pre war (WWII) garages to accomodate the length of these land yachts!

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    • boxdin

      My first house I bought in 1974 or so had an extended garage that I was told the owner added when he purchased a Chrysler Imperial that was far longer than his prevous car. These cars are 20 ft long, same as a maxivan or supervan (ford or dodge) that holds 15 people !

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  9. James

    I love this one – my father had a ’66 Starfire back in the day – with it’s 425ci/375hp engine, it was a really great car to occasionally race the ‘drive-in’ crowd – and when I won, frequently, I got to comment; ‘you got beaten by a “Daddy’s Car” .. This one I think has a 425 with 360HP, not bad for a big cruiser…

    I agree about driving this in the city, but on the open road, what a road car/cruiser this would be!!!

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  10. Ed P

    I love these big cruisers. Out on the open road, silently gliding along, this car would be a joy to ride in. According to the pictures, it is in great condition. I think the price is fair for the condition of the car. As to parking in a parking lot, no problem. I would be out near the end and away from other cars anyway.

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  11. Nessy

    Oh boy do I love these big 98 Luxury Sedans with the 69 model my top pick. I’ll take a 98 over the Caddys, Buick Electra 225, Lincolns or Imperials of the same era anytime, anyday. Show more Oldsmobiles!

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  12. DRV

    I rode in one fitted the same in torquoise over torquoise to and from High School for a year or more. We would get 5 or 6 of us in it every day and the favorite thing to do was to kick the four barrels in and listen to the roar. It didn’t Go any faster for 5 or so seconds and barely then, but it was awesome.

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  13. Wayne

    Why would it need a new carny at 36000 miles? Its barely been run in?

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    • Ed P

      What is a carny?

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      • Wayne

        Should have read carby. That’s the problem because I didn’t proof read. Sorry

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  14. Jim Marshall

    I sold Oldsmobiles starting in 1975 and purchased a clean low mileage Delta 88 Royal for my wife to drive with a 2 bbl 455, air, all power and the car was like new. I paid $795.00 for it and sold it 2 years later for $1295.00 to a guy who wanted to tow a trailer. Not to bad an investment for sure.

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  15. DENIS

    I have owned a number of 98s over the years…would love to own this one but not at that #…nice car however…

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  16. Metalted

    O that huge back seat !
    Many fond memories of time spent in back seat. Brief, very brief memories,
    But all good ones. Lol

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  17. Billy Bob

    No A/C might be a reason for the low miles.

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  18. Utes
  19. Dantheman

    I owned one .I put Josh plugs high amp wires and a super coil and fist cap made by Bosh.Got 20 to 25 mpg with it.Never used Cold plugs ..Beautiful car .

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