Is It Worth Saving? 1970 Buick GS 350


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Wearing a coat of many colors (but strangely patriotic from this view), this 1970 Buick GS 350 needs some help. It’s currently located in Eugene, Oregon and is listed for sale here on eBay. The buy it now is only $2,600 and even lower offers are being considered, but you’re going to have to decide if you have this much project work in you or not.


The 1970 GS 350 is the little brother of the larger engined big block GS cars (GS 455 and GS X), but it was still a good step up from the Skylark it was based on. Unfortunately, the pictures of this one leave a lot to be desired, especially around the lower part of the car. The seller tells us that there is some rust in the lower part of the front passenger fender and that the trunk floor is rusty (that’s an understatement!)


We can’t really tell anything else from these shots. There is a pile of trim included that hopefully has all you need, but it would be nice to be sure. The seller has verified from the VIN that it is an authentic GS 350; unfortunately they don’t include that VIN so that you could check it as well.


I’m actually surprised that the steering wheel and dashboard layout are that boring looking. Sorry, but the square and rectangular gauges and center wheel pad make this look like a plain sedan on the inside. The column shift doesn’t help that opinion, and the bench seat just adds further to the sleeper look–if that’s what you like.


Here’s the GS 350 V8. Whoops! No it’s not–and I really appreciate the seller telling us that, because non-experts wouldn’t have known that this is actually a 350 from a 70’s Skylark. Additionally, the condition of the engine is unknown, although the tarted up red overspray on the Fram oil filter doesn’t fill me with confidence. I would like to think someone could at least put a strap wrench on that front crank pulley and tell me if it’s locked up or not. Assuming that one can take the assessments at face value, if you want a GS 350 and are willing to take on a long term project, this might be your car, especially if you are thinking about the restomod route (although if you are, why not just start with a Skylark?) What do you think–is this Buick worth saving? And if so, at what price?


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  1. JW

    Would take too much money and time to bring back a car that is not as impressive as it’s BB brother. Knew a guy in the 90’s that had the GS455 and that car was totally wicked. Pass on this one.

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  2. Chris

    This is not the right car, but Buick GS’ are a great way to get into the hobby. They just don’t bring the money of a comparable Chevelle. I think they look really cool and the torque is awesome.

    My gsx has square gauges too.

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  3. Mike

    Rusty, I think the seller comment should have been Roached!!!!!. This is not for the weak at heart in my opinion, even I would pass on this, might make a parts car if you were looking for one of this body style, but to much and to far for me!!

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  4. edh

    Miss matched valve covers!
    How the hell does that happen?

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    • NateMember

      Motor swapping on the cheap, that’s how it happens! Funny story, bought a ’62 Chevy truck that somehow over the years ended up with a double-hump-head 327 from a 1964 Chevelle (?) that has mis-matched valve covers AND two different style exhaust manifolds AND the motor is bolted Directly to the frame of the truck. Still drive it like that and let me tell you that is one of the Smoothest engines I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

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  5. TomMember

    I would like to see more of the car related to the rust issues. Did not think this part of the country would produce that level of rust SO…..

    All that rust in the trunk could be due to a leak thus water / excessive moisture could create that problem. the rest of the car may not look like that.

    More photos would have been nice, unless I missed them somewhere.

    Even if the there is significant rust, I have seen far worse cars here on barn finds that everyone raves about. if this was a base skylark maybe not. I believe any true Letter/Number car that was better than a base model is worth the consideration to restore especially if you can do it and end up with a numbers matching car. Base model cars, if too far gone, will never be worth it unless it is sentimental which once you are in that money pit becomes “semi-mental!”.

    This particular car could be a great clone. I am not a proponent of clones BUT if you had a real GSX, how much would you drive it?? A clone……, cruise the wheels off it and look like the real deal !! Or a restomod.

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  6. Ol' BuggerMember

    Nah. Maybe if it were a GS400, with the right stuff. On second thought….and I love Buicks

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  7. mark

    Fast with Class!! A true bankers hot rod. Yes save it. This is a great start for a cruise night classic. Camaro’s Novas and Chevelle’s are everywhere. I think I speak for most grown men when I say Mustangs are for chicks. There is a reason the BUICKS were HEMI killers in the early 70’s. Step one buy GS350 Step two Install a nasty 455 Step three make the new mustang owners cry.

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  8. Darrin

    600.00 – 800.00 parts car at best. It may or may not have a 12 bolt rear end. My 69 Canadian built GS came with 12 Bolt rear. Body panels doors etc would have such a small potential buyer pool. Perhaps a good candidate for a roadkill inspired rat rod.

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