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Is This Sprawl? Three Old Suburbans for Sale


We’ve seen a few brand specific groups of cars come up for sale on Barn Finds, but I think this collection of ’60s Chevy and GMC Suburbans is unique. Here we have a ’63 Chevy, ’64 Chevy and a ’65 GMC, in varying conditions, all for sale here on craigslist in Green Valley, south of Tucson, Arizona.


The seller is short and to the point about each truck. It would be great to have more detail, but at least they cover most of the major points.


Here is the seller’s descriptions: 1963 Chevy Suburban: Blue, 2 wd, 6 cylinder, 4 speed, barn doors, front seats only, 15 x 8 truck rallys & new radials. Rust in rockers, bottom of fenders, floors are 90% solid. NM Suburban w title. $3,850


1964 Chevy Suburban: Gray, 4 wd, 350 engine (running), 4 speed, clam shell, front seats only, 15 x 10 alum wheels w/new 32×11.50×15 Baha tires. 98% rust free NM Suburban w/title. $5,500

1965 GMC Custom Suburban: Brown, V6, powerglide, P/S, P/B, all 3 rows of seats w/original covers, 4 window latches. Complete w/Protect-O-Plate and more paperwork. Rust in lower half — patch panels available for repair. Pretty complete w/title. $5,000


None of these rigs is in great condition and all of them look like they have been sitting for some time.


It’s possible the seller collected them to rebuild, and gave up, or maybe just gathered them to sell at a profit.


The seller’s pictures show pretty clearly how much work each of these trucks will need. And you have to assume the mechanicals will need complete refurbishing.


Mid-sixties Suburbans are very desirable these days. Even so, for me, these asking prices seem way too high, given the overall poor condition of these trucks. The amount of work each will need to be made even driveable, much less attractive, seems quite daunting. But maybe Barn Finds readers will see these differently. Diamonds in the rough? Or just Suburban sprawl?


  1. Avatar photo Livermoron

    Yes, asking prices are much too high. I think even 50% off is probably high. And why so much rust if NM cars?

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    • Avatar photo dave

      They will fetch close to that.

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  2. Avatar photo Crazydave

    That GMC engine is not overly common!

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    That 64 Chevy 4×4 looks interesting to me if his description in honest, the only concern I have is he shows a decal of a 4 wheel drive shift pattern of a later 70’s transfer case. I owned a 68 Chevy 4×4 all original that had only 2 wheel high and 4 wheel low transfer case and until I switched it to a 78 engine and transmission / transfer case I couldn’t go over 30 mph in 4 wheel drive. I wonder if that 64 body is on a 70’s running gear and chassis.

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    • Avatar photo Tyler

      I have a 64 K10 that came with a 283, SM420, & a Rockwell 221 divorced transfer case. That transfer case is what the Burb should have in it. The 221 transfer case was used standard through 68, with some making their way into early 69 models until being replaced with the legendary NP205. The NP205 shift pattern is the exact opposite, with 2 wheel high being all the way back towards the seat. 1967 was the last year for the SM420, the SM465 becoming standard in 1968.

      This is the sticker above the windshield of my 64 K10

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      • Avatar photo Tyler

        No idea why the sticker didn’t show up on the other post…

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  4. Avatar photo Mark E

    I personally don’t understand why the two WITHOUT front ends (fenders & hoods at least) are priced more than the seemingly complete one?

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    • Avatar photo JW

      Well the 64 is a running truck and 99.9% rust free by owners description and it’s 4 wheel drive while the complete one has rust / not running / 2 wheel drive.

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  5. Avatar photo Rick

    The GMC V6 is special. This is a great engine, was only offered by GMC

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  6. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    Wonderful engine……….one of the few real truck engines built by GM.

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  7. Avatar photo Rob S

    Friend of mine has a MINT 63 4×4 with that V6 and four speed. The 4×2’s won’t fetch that money but the rare 4×4 just might.

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