Island Project: 1971 Porsche 911T

'71 911T

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Dan the owner of this 1971 Porsche 911 T is asking if there are any Porsche collectors on Maui? He is offering this car on Maui for the next two weeks before listing the car nationwide. Listed here on craigslist in Honolulu, Hawaii for $37K. If you are in Hawaii or just want to pick up this Porsche before it goes nationwide, you better act fast!

'71 911T engine

The engine turns freely, but does not run. The interior includes Recaro seats, there isn’t an image of the interior with the ad though. What you see here is all that the seller posted in their ad. It definitely would be nice to see more of the car though, especially if you don’t live on one of the islands.

'71 911T rear left

This is a 911 T project and is mostly complete. We don’t know what might be missing, so be sure to contact the seller for a better idea of what it’s going to take to make this one whole again.

'71 911T rear

According to Dan, the seller, the body is in excellent condition with only some minor rust repairs that are needed. Again, no images or listing of were the rusted sections are located. Dan only wants “serious buyers that understand these cars”, so we can only assume he wants potential buyers to contact him directly to get more info. He states, “no scams please, cash in my hand only, no phony cashiers checks!”  No, this isn’t a “rust-bucket” 356 and instead appears to be a worthy 911 T project. Will you take this island 911 on?



Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Glen

    Already gone

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  2. randy

    Wow! I liked the Mercedes rear tag. ug

    It looked to be missing a window.

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  3. Keith

    37k?……..ok? Let’s see…..37k is two thirds payment towards a spanking new base C7 corvette, hmmmmmmmmm I’ll go for the vette!

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  4. DolphinMember

    No surprise it’s gone. $37K is cheap compared to what some early ’70s cars are selling for, even entry-level Ts like this one. And this one even appears to have some unrusted steel in the body that paint is actually stuck to, so that’s a big plus. Someone even covered the carb intakes to keep Island mice and spiders out. These things make this ‘T’ a cream puff… know, comparatively speaking. And it’s in a terrific color that I like a lot, altho I’m no expert on these, so I don’t know if it’s ‘factory’. I just wonder if the seller realized he was leaving money on the table and decided to advertise more widely off-island.

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    • Woodie Man

      I beg to differ….if the seller got 37 k for this he made out. A 3 owner well cared for very nice sunroof 1970 P car with dealer a/c, verified history and always a California car just sold for 50K out here. This one has a few easily observed problems. In addition if its been in Hawaii for any period of time its probably got some rust. And those wheels and tires look strange.

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    • DolphinMember

      WM, I was being facetious, the $37K being “cheap” compared to the average price of $60,006 for 1971 911Ts sold at auction this year according to one website, and with the high sale this year for a ’71 911 being $170,400 (those numbers being based on 40 MY 1971 911s sold at auction this year). That last one was presumably an ‘S’. Of course all of them, including this Hawaii car, sold for way more than they are worth.

      That said, I’d still like to actually see this car before deciding that it has rust even if it is in Hawaii.

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  5. george

    you guys out there dont have a clue to how rusty cars get in Hawaii, its like south Florida but much worse. they rust from the insde out. and you cant get an inop off the island unless you put it in a container ,and thats alot of bucks.

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    • DolphinMember

      Well George, some cars might rust bad in Hawaii, but I don’t think all cars in Hawaii are rusted out, any more than all those colorful American cars from the ’50s are all rusted out in Cuba. It depends on how they are treated, cared for, and where/how they are stored. And we don’t even know how long the car has been in Hawaii. Maybe it came last month. True, a car can rust from the floorpan up, and there are no photos of the floorpan of this 911T, so that’s a risk if you’re a buyer, which I am not.

      My comment was actually more of a comparison between this gunmetal gray Porsche and some of the Porsches that have appeared here on BF recently, like this one

      or this one

      or a bunch of others that also don’t even have any floors. At least this gunmetal gray 911T is shiny everywhere and shows no perforation or any rust at all from what we can see, which I guess we can take as a good sign. Some cars get cared for and some don’t, and this looks like one that got cared for.

      So if I wanted an early ’70s 911 this is one I would want to consider, even though it’s on Hawaii. But I am not likely to be wanting to buy an early 911 now or ever, so take my comments with a grain of salt.

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  6. Wob

    2 weeks prior locally? I had a discussion about that car with my buddies on 7/30/15 when it was first posted. Something tells me there was more than meets the eye rather than a humble local sale limited by audience.

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  7. Horse Radish


    So, you went and looked at the car, inspected it thoroughly and have what exactly to report that raises suspicion and reason for you to comment negatively ?
    OR, you don’t think it’s worth the asking price, or cannot afford a car like that but would love to have one ?

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    • Wob

      We were interested in buying it and our partner talked to the guy. Lots of red flags and wasn’t a parade. I don’t recall what they were specifically at the moment, but I think it had major rust issues and engine issues. Whatever the reasons the phone or email convo alone was enough for us to run away. We never confirmed in person, but the “only trying to post it for 2 weeks” thing I felt kind of added to our skepticism. That said, what do I know?

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