Italian Drop Top: 1984 Ferrari Mondial QV Cabriolet

The Mondial isn’t necessarily the most desirable Ferrari, but I have a feeling examples like this one are posed to go up in value. Restoring any Ferrari is expensive, add in ’80s electronics and it can get down right painful, but as prices go up for more desirable models these V8 cars will go up in value as well. This one has the added benefit of being a cabriolet with original paint, a nice interior and just 38k miles. The seller hasn’t tried to start it, as they suspect it needs a new cam belt. Rather than risk destroying the engine by running it with an old belt, they are leaving it up to the next owner to service it and get it running again. You can find this Ferrari here on eBay in Midlothian, Virginia with a BIN of $25k and bidding at $12,300.

I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about changing the timing belt on a Ferrari, but I found a good video here on YouTube showing how to change the belt and it actually doesn’t look that bad. I wouldn’t call it a simple job, but it looks like something just about anyone can do. As long as the seller can verify that the engine turns over, without any valve interference, and that all the cylinders have compression you should be able to get it running after changing the belt and doing a service.

While the drivetrains are always an area of concern with an old Ferrari, you can’t go to the junkyard and find a new engine after all, I’m just as cautious with the condition of the interior. The plastic components of the early ’80s aren’t known for their durability. Thankfully, this car’s interior actually looks to be in pretty good shape. The seats need to be conditioned, but seem to be in good shape. I think all it really needs is a good cleaning. Of course, given that the car isn’t running, there’s no way to know the condition of the electronics, but hopefully everything is working.

The asking price seems a bit optimistic given the unknowns, but it probably isn’t too far off. If the body and paint are in good condition and the engine isn’t damaged, you might be able to get it up to #2 condition without spending too much money. It will be interesting to see how bidding goes and what the reserve is set at. If you could get it for under $25k, it could actually turn out to be one heck of a buy!

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  1. Unclehotrod13

    would be a great deal…. like it!

  2. JC

    The first Ferrari I ever bought back in 1986 but it was a coupe mondial, red/tan w/factory sunroof. I was 21 years old and I had just sold the first house I bought when I was 18. It was a gift to myself for 3 years of eating many versions of mac-n’cheese and stuffing every dime and hour of labor I had into that house. Made over $125k on that sale and knew that my days of restoring/flipping cars was over and it would become a hobby. That sale and car started a career in Real Estate that made me millions, of course the hard way. I cannot tell you what that car did for my dating life, it’s XXX rated. When me and my buddies used to go to clubs, the valet would pull it right up front and invariably at closing, some of the same hookers that wouldn’t give me the time of day while in the club, would hop in that car and go home with me, My buddies use to call it the rolling phallic symbol. We were stupid and arrogant kids but we had a blast. The stories, oh the stories ……

    • Jeffro

      Uh, yes you can tell us what it did for your dating life. I like XXX stories. Pictures! Yes, pictures are better than the stories.
      So basically you’re telling us the car got you laid?!

      • JC

        Yep, more than I can remember. No camera phones back then or I would have taken a couple. Don’t think the girls would have appreciated it though, lol.

      • nessy

        Strange, I had one as well, a red coupe like yours JC and it was nothing special. Maybe to loser hookers like you spoke of.. A car is never going to get you or anyone else a real true woman. When I looked for women, I left my good car home and drove a junk. Who wants a shallow money hungry female? I don’t think jwinters or anyone else here is jealous of you in any way shape or form or your “Mondial” hooker money stories. This is not the place for this kind of childish talk. People who brag online or anywhere else are insecure. It shows here.. The no camera phone excuse did you in..

    • jwinters


      • JC


    • JC

      Nessy, First, the car was special to me because it was my first Ferrari and I was 21 and had earned it myself, not because of any performance it may have had. Second, when you’re in your early 20’s running around in night clubs with your buddies, you’re not looking for the right woman, you’re looking for ms right now. If you are looking for a wife in that atmosphere, you’re a moron and deserve the hooker you get. I’ve lived in Newport Beach for over 25 years now and know the game well, you obviously don’t subscribe to the entire reason why guys in their youth get cool cars ….. girls. Maybe chicks aren’t your thing, who am I to judge. Second, jwinters called me a liar and I don’t take kindly to my integrity being impugned by someone who doesn’t know me. People who know me would state that that response was kind and I did so as I couldn’t dictate from the lack of context whether his comment was in jest. Third, I shared a story about my youth during the 80’s as it relates to this car. If you can read clear English, you would have noticed that it was more self deprecating than braggadocios and nothing about me is insecure, I’m actually at the far end of that spectrum when it comes to self image. Lastly, camera phones didn’t exist in the 80’s so I don’t know how you resolve that I “did myself in”. If you didn’t care for the content, simply move on.

  3. John

    Possibly the least desirable Ferrari ever made until the FF. Burn it and collect the insurance

  4. Coventrycat

    If I’m going to throw money at something, I’d rather take my chances on that Series 1 XJ in the background.

  5. Adam Wright

    I’ve always been told to never fall for a cheap Ferrari, you pay way higher on the back end.

    • JC

      That’s great advice, I had to learn that the hard way.

  6. Robert Gallagher

    Beware, for all that glitters is not gold !
    Okay folks here’s the scoop on the Ferrari timing belts. The engine has to come out to even get near the timing belts. It comes out from the bottom as an assembly with the transmission and the frame cradle. Ferrari recommends that you change the timing belts every seven years or 15,000 miles. Now I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of miles, however most people do not drive their Ferraris very much, and then the time factor takes precedence.
    And by the way, when you have the engine out you better replace everything that moves, (or rotates), because it’s really really hard to get to anything with the engine in the chassis.
    Now there are some years that allow you to reach the timing belts without removing the engine, but if this was one of them they would have had it fixed already.
    And, yes this is an interference engine, so it will need to be rebuilt if a timing belt breaks, even if you are just starting the engine when it breaks.
    This is a good deal at $12,000 if you are a mechanic. It is a bad deal at $15,000 mechanic notwithstanding.

  7. Chuck Foster 55chevy Chuck Foster

    Will a LS1 Chevy v8 fit? Throw it on a 4×4 chassis, yee HAWW boys, let’s go muddin with the top down.

    • CarNut from Winnipeg Member

      Those Ferrari V8’s were transverse. Would make LS swap…I don’t want to say impossible because someone might do it to prove a point…but EXTREMELY difficult.

  8. Scott in San Jose

    I happen to like the looks of these and love the sound they make.

    Had a number of cars that it was easier to pull the motor out to work on them, bikes too. How many of us got to the point where we could pull out the motor on a VW so quick that is how most all work was done? Many older British cars you drop the motor and trans then lift the car to be able to work on the trans.

  9. Dan10

    If I bought this, the first order of business would be to get a reproduction brick phone, strap on the largest Rolex I could find and become an 80’s superstar.

  10. Robert Gallagher

    And the second thing you would do is rebuild the engine because you did not replace the timing belts. :-(

  11. Robert Gallagher

    When it comes to cars you can do anything. Including sticking a n American V8 .
    However the disadvantages far out weigh the advantages.
    Why not use a cheaper car such as a Fero? .
    Why waste money on a Ferrari? as you will ruin the resale value of the Ferrari.

    • Doc

      >resale value of the Ferrari

      Recoup some of the investment from the sale of the motor and transmission to offset the cost of the modification, and you’d end up pretty close to what it would cost you to build something on the Fiero platform from scratch…

  12. Robert Gallagher

    I belive this Ferrari came with a V6 not a V8. There is no room for a V8 in the chassis.

    • JC

      All Mondials came with V8’s, it’s transverse.

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