It’s a Bow Tie Two-Fer! 1963 Chevrolets


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If proof were required that we “can’t own them all”, I have it right here. This pair of 1963 Chevys are offered for sale here on craigslist in Murphy, North Carolina, which looks to be about 100 miles east of Chattanooga, Tennessee.


The requested proof in this case, is the asking price of $5,500. It’s so far out of line for what these two cars are, that it’s hard to imagine a good starting point for any kind of negotiation. I don’t usually bother to write up cars that I feel are drastically over priced, but I couldn’t resist with these two. We love our barn finds any way we can get them, and we can’t own ’em all.


The car shown in the first photo, and directly above, is a Bel Air two door sedan. The Impala superceded the Bel Air as Chevrolet’s higher trim level offering several years before, but still above the lower level Biscayne. For a mid-trim level car, this one has an unusual option on it, being both front and rear bumper guards. They were a relatively uncommon option even on the Impala and SS models.


The color appears to be “Azure Aqua” and American rust, with matching rough interior.


Although the radiator has gone missing, I’m sure I’d have fun for a day trying to awaken this in line six-cylinder from it’s long slumber. That would be right after playing “trunk archaeology” of course.


The second car is an Impala two-door hardtop. The original color might have been Ember Red, also with a heapin’ helping of surface rust to go along with. It looks ridonkculous with these truck wheels and tires on it.


The ravages of time have taken their toll on the beautiful red interior, but at least it’s complete inside. The driver front floor board is Fred Flintstone approved.


They might not be truck wheels, but the tires are too big. It’s also possible a previous owner may have been trying for a ‘gasser’ look with this one.


There are no photos of the drivetrain in the red car, so we can probably assume there isn’t one included. The location of the emblem on the fender suggests it was a V8 car originally (note the location of the emblem on the front of the fender on the six-cylinder car).


The owner prefers to sell both cars together, for reasons unknown. He says both need full restoration, duh, and that both have good titles. I think they are overpriced by more than 100%. But they’re still interesting to look at. But if we have no hope of buying them, should we be looking at show cars instead?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. MH

    Someone will save both cars for sure. I’m a buyer at about $1500 each. You can buy a decent running and driving one for under 10K.

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  2. Jack

    Not quite sure why the snow covered pic was included. Perhaps to show that they are cars for all seasons?

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  3. rogerowen

    ‘Barge pole’ springs to mind.

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  4. Duffy


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  5. Bobsmyuncle

    I think it would take more than wheels and tires to get that ride height.

    I’m curious about the Blazer myself.

    Check the seller’s other listings, some interesting selections .

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  6. The Walrus

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are 100% overpriced, but IMO they are definitely approaching 50%. I think the pair, based on the book (OCPG from 8/15) is worth $4K. However, if you valued each as true #5 car, you’d actually be below book. I think the Impala is much closer to a #6 than a #5, however. Based on the top book values, these look like items that should be purchased already restored. There’s no way you could get either even approximating #2 condition for what you would need to invest.

    The Bel Air is a solid #5 car ($2240), however it loses 10% based on the 6-cylinder, so it’s worth $2K.

    The Impala has many characteristics of a #6 ($1300), in particular the apparent missing engine, however I think it’s restorable by the standards of points north in the US, but definitely not worth #5 ($3900) money. So I’d say for $2K it wouldn’t be the worst thing you could buy.

    From OCPG 08/15:

    1963 Bel Air, V-8
    2d Sed: 6 – $750, 5 – $2,240, 4 – $3,740, 3 – $8,420, 2 – $13,090, 1 – $18,700

    1963 Impala, V-8
    2d HT, 6 – $1,300, 5 – $3,900, 4 – $6,500, 3 – $14,630, 2 – $22,750, 1 – $32,500

    NOTE: Add 15 percent for “Power-Pack” & dual exhaust; 15 percent for A/C; 75 percent for 409 cid; 25 percent for Super Sport option. Deduct 10 percent for 6-cyl. except Chevy II.

    5) RESTORABLE: Needs complete restoration of body, chassis and interior. May or may not be running, but isn’t weathered, wrecked and/or stripped to the point of being useful only for parts. This car needs everything. It may not be operable, but it is essentially all there and has only minor surface rust, if any rust at all. While presenting a real challenge to the restorer, it won’t have him doing a lot of chasing for missing parts.

    6) PARTS CAR: May or may not be running, but is weathered, wrecked and/or stripped to the point of being useful primarily for parts. This is an incomplete or greatly deteriorated, perhaps rusty vehicle that has value only as a parts donor for other restoration projects.

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    Bordering crusher status

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  8. Woodie Man

    Once again the world spins off its axis. The value of cars in this condition is in the parts. What is salvageable and can be resold? And for how much? I’ m guessing certainly not 5500 bucks or whatever. I’m just being positive.

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  9. JW

    Son when your done with those Chevys park them behind the barn as I don’t want my property devaluated. Dad that’s a low blow, no son that’s the pursuit car.

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  10. MountainMan

    I lived just across the mountain from these cars before my wife and I started traveling. For some reason cars in this region were all overpriced. Most folks from the area don’t sell the things they aquire often either. It’s a beautiful area for anyone willing to drive out and take a look. Not far from Deals Gap (318 curves in 11 miles) …one of the most famous stetch of road in the country

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  11. Slickimp

    Look like a old set of cragers to me sits high in front because no motor. Chould have air shocks in the back you know how kids like to Jack them up back then. I had a 63 4dr HT that I sold last summer after we went to the back to the 50’s car show in it. Was a very reliable car had the 283 I like the car and did quite a bit of work to it. Had it for about 3yrs it was time for something different. It was a solid car floors and truck were very good must have been in a salt free state most of it life.

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  12. Slickimp

    63 imp

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  13. AMCFAN

    Walrus, You cannot approach a guide on these vehicles without seeing them in person.

    Guides are just that a guide. I always question how correct the information is and from from what source? I imagine a team of people scouring the internet. Not so.Best to go to ebay and look at completed auctions. When looking up American Motors vehicles I always find errors.. So leads me to believe if there are errors how can it be right? For instance about 10 years ago the NADA book for older cars listed Concord and Pacer together and had included a footnote to deduct 5% for 4 cyl. AMC didn’t offer a 4 cyl. in a Pacer.
    What does it matter? Someone can take the wrong information to heart. The Demo Derby rednecks who never seem to have a full time job were doing (in this area) were installing 4 cyl. motors in Pacers and running them in the 4 cyl. class. It is an unfair advantage. I contacted a person in the AMC hobby and he in turn contacted NADA on how their error was being taken advantage of. I put the word out at the local fair board and the Pacer destruction all but stopped. Now they seem content with Crown Vics.

    As far as these two Chevrolets I believe the owner is fishing for an offer. I am sure you made contact and had a sincere interest and made an offer he would sell them. Pay what you think is fair. There is no law to over pay anyway Being restorable? No more unrestorable than Marty’s Cutlass Convert. (Sorry Marty I mean that with full respect)

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  14. Rotag999

    Ran into a buddy who had a 64 Malibu and a 63 Impala both 2 door’s 283 powerglide cars. He was being evicted and need them off the property asap. I offered him $25.00 bucks for the Malibu and another friend offered the same for the Impala, the owner took it. He said they did run but both had quit running and he was no wiz with a wrench. I found a loose wire @ the switch and was up in running in under 15 minutes drove her home was my work car for over a year had plenty of offer’s but sold it to the kid next door for $500.00 bucks this was like 1972 good times.

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  15. Doug Towsley

    maybe over priced to some, and the price guide quoted is directed at stock cars with the aim of restoration. Whats missing from the equation is these LOOK worse than they probably are based on all that surface rust. A first person inspection needed but if most of the sheetmetal is actually solid, these are great restomod material. Keep in mind these are not that far from Florida, land of sketchy car deals. A good shop could turn and burn these wtith wheels tires, power train upgrades and shiny paint and have ready for Spring or summer sales. I know what these would bring in Southern California. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Im sure the right offer with cash and off they go. Theres a lot of shops flipping cars like this. Check out this shop in Tennessee. (Lots of complaints about this shop online if you look) But they move a lot of overpriced muscle cars. The chick is, well, damn, She models a lot of their cars. Check their listings See :

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  16. Doug Towsley

    same turn & burn shop, same flashy models (Wonder which cost more to maintain in the long run, the girl or the car?) 59 Impala currently at
    Supposedly you can buy many of their cars in person much less on site, the ebay ads are rarely real sales and simply website traffic generators.
    Again same sellers, and I think the girl is there to detract you from the fact this 1961 Impala probably looked a LOT like the above 2 cars last year at this time.

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