It’s A Roller: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS Project

When I first saw pictures of this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS, I was thinking parts car. After a closer look, though, I think my first impression was wrong — although it will take an ambitious handy person to make this project work. It’s located in Atlanta, Texas and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is over $3,500 as I write this but has yet to meet the seller’s reserve.

The seller describes the body having good but not perfect floor pans and that it needs the center part of the trunk (I’m guessing that actually means trunk floor).

Before I forget to tell you, the wheels shown on the car don’t come with it, but the seller will put a set of “rollers” on the car. I’m guessing this picture was when the seller obtained the vehicle. It’s pretty obvious that some form of refurbishment was planned due to the purchased parts that come with the car.

New parts included with the car are quarter panels, fenders, the header panel, and an SS hood. You are going to have to come up with some of the hidden headlight components to get the car looking right.

Here are the quarter panels and you can see the hood in the background as well. Why no engine pictures? Because we’re told it’s junk. The car was originally a two-speed automatic and had factory air conditioning as well as power steering. This car is obviously a pretty major project — my question to you readers is whether it’s worth the effort or not?

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  1. doug

    The grill in the pictures is not an RS grill. If it isn’t an SS it should not have an SS hood. Looks like a bunch of parts thrown together. It would have been a nicely optioned car as original, RS, air and fold down rear seat.

    • Steve Fricker

      grill appears to be incorrect but the front lower valance that is bolted onto the car is a RS option

    • Randy Jones

      Has.the.67 .rs.door is a

  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    Looks like it was ridden hard and put away wet. For the right person, could be a decent personal car but then again it depends on what the reserve is on it along with the buyers time and talents.

    • Steve R

      Based on the auction results for another Camaro the seller recently listed on eBay, which didn’t meet reserve, this one is probably a long way off.

      Steve R


    Have to agree. Looks like a bunch of thrown together parts both used and possibly from past projects with new 1 800 build a car catalog parts thrown in.

    What I appreciate the most however is the seller (from the looks) dragging it from a field but first installing a $200. set of wheels (pretty they are) to roll it on the trailer. Lets stop at Auto Zone to get oil for the truck and show it off like a dead deer and get pics before taking it to the car wash. Talk about fresh flip.

    And a note to the buyer. You are getting the rollers and not my $200. wheels which for what I want I should give them to you! Too funny

    • Tim S. Member

      Yeah, that would be the dealbreaker for me too. Better include those ultra-rare 80’s pro-street ripoff wheels, or no sale.

      This dude was up late drinking, watching Barrett-Jackson and now he thinks he’s got a Penske Camaro.

  4. Big Mike

    I have always loved a seller that will not give his reserve, heck if that is the lowest you will accept then put that as the starting price, Why make people try to guess the reserve.
    To me I think at best this would be a parts car, nothing more nothing less. But that is my opinion! I also think it has met the best it is worth. But again my opinion!!!!

  5. canadainmarkseh Member

    $4k would the very top end for me. It is in fact a borderline parts car. For a DIY guy working on a budget this is a 5 to 8 year project on a rotisserie with every nut and bolt pulled out of it, and be prepared to drop at least $20k and that’s you doing the labour. I guess in the end you would have a transformed Camero. I personly would not want this car as I much prefer 30’s through 50’s car. Good possibilities for the right guy though. When you get about 5years into it you will be at risk of stalling out and your eyes will glaze over every time you go into your garage. This when it is important to keep plugging away at smaller projects inside the total bigger project.thats what restoration is 1000 little projects. My 51 dodge will soon be entering year 8 but because I just keep at it I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. James Martin

    It’s another camaro. I personally fast forward Barrett Jackson cause of all the camaro and mustang and corvettes. I guess I am not of the norm

    • Tim S. Member

      No, you’re not. I can appreciate a nice example of each but I tire of the automotive version of the Greatest Hits of All Time.

    • Crazyhawk

      I am with you James. Corvette- skip. Corvette-skip. Corvette-skip. Thank goodness for DVR.

  7. Mike R in De

    The looks of this car screams for those wheels! Lotta $$ for a roller/parts car. How much time does anyone have to put this back as a driver, much less, the $$$?? Would like it when it’s done, but I’ll pass. Good luck to the new owner.

  8. Artie

    It’s a real RS, just from the tail panel with reverse lights separate from the tail lights. Car is not too far off on price, but not exactly a bargain. I have one on the back burner right now, plain Jane factory 6cyl car that’s getting a pro touring build. Going to finish my pro street/race tubbed 73 RS first, and dive into the 67 over the winter.

  9. Paul

    Funny I only like To see the corvettes Camaro’s & mustangs…. kinda skip all the rest.

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