It’s Shiny: 1972 Dodge Charger

left front

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This shiny blue Charger was found in Norco, California by the folks at flat twelve gallery in Dallas, Texas. This is what happens when a flipper gets to a car first. They’ve listed it on eBay. Bidding is at $7,200 with 6 days left and the reserve not met. I’m sure they are asking silly money for it and it’s not that great a car. It’s a 318, 2 barrel automatic bench seat car. They have made it look nice, though, like it might have looked in the 1970s.

front inside

The interior cleaned up nice. The seat covers look something like the original covers, but are likely the inexpensive covers available everywhere online. The dash pad must be covering the cracks in the dash.


Their detail folks have been busy under here. If only it runs as good as it looks.


The vinyl top looks good, but is it lifting on the rear edge?


It sure looks nice under here, but could that undercoating be hiding rust?

right rear

It looks pretty nice from back here as well. I would love to believe this really is a nice, original car that someone took good care of, but the paint looks too fresh and the seat covers are too new. I wonder what this really looked like when it was hauled out of the barn. How much do you think someone will be willing to pay for this Charger? If there’s not too much bondo under the paint and it could be purchased for a reasonable price, it could be a nice driver. The wheels might need to go, though.  It will be interesting to see your comments.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Paul R

    Needs period correct rims and a hot 340 or 360. Loose the vinyl top please!
    It looks like a solid car to me.

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      It’s lose not loose, sorry it’s a pet peeve of mine.

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  2. Kincer DaveMember

    I think this era of Charger is pretty sharp! Wouldn’t mind having one.

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  3. Jake

    Now I’m no fan of flippers, no one really is. But they do serve a purpose. They take cars most if us would have never seen, cars that perhaps sat in a lawn with a for sale sign, and make them available nationally. They tend to be a bit deceitful but their function as a distributor can’t be overlooked.

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  4. Marvin

    I like this car, even with the mismatched seat covers and headrests. But then again, the price….

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  5. Jay Calk

    It has been doctored to much. The fresh under coating and the engine are two very big red flags. These days car sell for riduculous amount of money if a series was poupular. Had a buddy’s mom had one same color model and all. We flipped the breather cap and held the brakes to get it to spin but it just didn’t have the power to turn heads.

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  6. Prowler

    Looks like they will be at the store buying more Tire shine….they must have used the whole can under the hood

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  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    Dave – you’re a ‘ard bastard

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  8. PRA4SNW

    I just saw one of these on my drive to work this morning. It was orange with the same white half vinyl roof. Talk about eye-catching, this car really stands out from the cars you will normally see on your commute.
    This is worth the current money now ($8100) just in looks alone.

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  9. Car Guy

    The chrome modular steel wheels onthis car were not available till the late 70’s. I think they hurt the look of this car. A swap to some factory reporduction rally wheels would help it alot……

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  10. Ralph Pendergrass

    Had one in 1978. Green with a GTO judge spoiler on the trunk. Dropped out the 318 auto put in a high end rebuild 383 850 4 barrel carb, dual point distributor and a muncy 4 speed slap shift. putting in the clutch pedal assembly was tough but it was perfect when complete. Changed out the rear end and went with a 397 limited slip, tightened up the slip, then added N-15 in drag slicks. the only three cars locally that could keep up were 2 GTO judges and a 67 camaro with a 427.

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