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Jimmy’s Got A Wild Side: 1993 GMC Typhoon

As the market popularity of sport utility vehicles was growing, the idea of sports trucks where hitting drawing boards across the Big Three in the 1990’s. General Motors’ GMC division with its popular S-15 based Jimmy was dressing it up to really get crowds fired up. Rolling out of the assembly plant was the Typhoon… a truck with handling and speed of some capable sports cars. Short-lived with the S-10 based Cyclone, offered in some limited wild colors of teal, red, white, and this stunning black example. This last model year Typhoon finished in a sinister shade of black is currently available here on Craigslist in Columbia, Missouri for $12,500. These going up in value and beating many modern day performance cars on track day leave’s it to one question…are you ready?

A very clean and original interior, no signs of wear in the seats, carpet is not faded or stained.. really a show truck all around. As the listing states, typical “GM wear” can be seen throughout the vehicle, like minor cracks in the dash and the aftermarket steering wheel shows minimal wear.

Not just an ordinary 4.3 liter V6…but the added power of a turbocharger lays power to Typhoon’s claim of being faster than a Ferrari when new!

With a ton of new and replaced parts and all the records of proving it, this 1993 GMC Typhoon is quite the catch! In excellent condition for sounding to be used regularly when new and later stored but has come out of the shadows and ready to hit a track near you.


  1. Chuckie

    *Syclone not Cyclone – because marketing, I guess? At least they didn’t go with “Tiefoon…”

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    • Glen

      S10 = Syclone

      Tahoe = Typhoon

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      • scottyz

        S15 = Syclone
        S15 Jimmy= Typhoon

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  2. JamestownMike

    Craigslist ad already deleted. I’m assuming it already SOLD!

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  3. poseur Member

    curious about miles on this one. looks to be in nice driver condition for sure. seems like it may have been a good buy.

    first vehicle i bought new was a ’92 Typhoon, literally drove it off the showroom floor from a dealership in Pittsburgh. kept it many years & many miles, crossing the country chasing snow storms & skiing the best mountains in the Rockies.

    reasonably comfy, room to sleep in back if needed, unstoppable until the snow piled up enough to turn the front air dam into a plow & get it high-centered. loved it.

    it was a brute, quicker off the line than anything it ever went up against, especially in the wet or cold. a few simple underhood mods & a tune turned it into an animal.

    after a while the novelty wore off & i drove it less & less, preferring the added room & utility of 3/4-ton 4wd ext cab instead. plus not everybody tried to race me in the pickup!

    i still keep an eye out for nice ones but know better than to add another vehicle i’ll never drive to the fleet. dammit.

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  4. Scooter

    Clint Eastwood has one of these as a driver

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  5. jdjonesdr

    I met a guy not too long ago at a gas station who had one. No idea what it was. He liked it because it goes so fast.

    He runs it on LPG.

    Asked him if he wanted to sell it, and he said “What would I drive if I did?”

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  6. dcowan

    I’m sure it did sell. If someone was able to buy for that price they already made money. Don’t see many of them under 20 grand anymore

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  7. PRA4SNW

    They sure are selling well today, 2 in a row. This and the Hurst Olds.

    Expensive, but probably one of the best ones around.
    Now that the ad is gone, anyone know what the mileage was?
    It couldn’t have been many.

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  8. Howard A Member

    I too liked my S-10 Blazer, but would never in a million years buy any kind of “specialty” Blazer. That turbo probably stopped spinning years ago,,,

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  9. Chebby Member

    I never understood these. Ferrari-level performance in a crappy 1980’s GM truck built in the mid-90s.

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