Join The High-Mile Club: 1972 Volvo 1800

High Mileage Volvo

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We’ve all heard of Irv Gordon’s 3-million mile 1800s, but this particular car’s odometer count isn’t too shabby either. The seller lists the mileage at 783,041! Volvos are the only cars I’ve ever come across where high-mileage can be a good thing. It’s like a badge of honor for fans of the Swedish brand. Well, here’s your chance to own one without having to put in the seat time. The seller claims that it’s original and has never even been repainted. Find it here on eBay where the auction ends tomorrow. Thanks goes to Charles H for the tip!

1800 Engine

The car looks so good in the photos that I assumed the mileage was a typo at first. The seller has it listed twice at 783,041 exactly and knowing Volvo guys, I bet it’s accurate. As with any low-mileage car, you’ll want to see if there is any documentation to prove the mileage.

1800 Interior

That seems to weird to say, but we are talking about some serious bragging rights here. Most people today only plan to keep a new car for a couple of years before trading it in on a new one, so dedication to a single machine is well worth some praise. So, what do you think – are you ready to join the high-mile club?

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  1. Jim

    I always liked the wagons. Rust was a big problem with many of the 1800’s

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  2. Dave Wright

    When I first lived in Germany in the late 70’s, guys used to say that about old Mercedes……….until you realized nothing else lasted long enough on the road to get old. I think these are the same, not so much that they rusted but they lasted so long that they developed rust.

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  3. sunbeamdon

    MMM? Sounds (looks) like a typo – with as much bum-in-seat time as 783K miles would require, the seat cushions should be frayed to the springs!

    My ’64 Merc has 64,000 miles and original bench seat is good, but the stitching needs to be tidied-up on the side bolsters (don’t ask about the back seat – the sun has done eaten the vinyl)

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  4. Jason Houston

    If Ford had built a Thunderbird in 1949, this is what it would look like!

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  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    Original paint – possible I guess – you’d wonder why he’d want to lose it after so long – being so good – good selection boys

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  6. wynkin

    The Saint drove one!

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    • Alan

      Simon Templar (Roger Moore) as I recall!

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  7. Francisco

    This car was overbuilt. Not like many cars today which are underbuilt. It’s kind of like a Harris Tweed jacket, a Telefunken radio, or a Parker shotgun. There is a durability factor which is no longer the philosophy of modern manufacturing.

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  8. Duncan

    This was actually one of the most common import colors in 72-73 along with silver blue metallic. It does look like a good example. Keeping the drain holes open is a key to rocker, doors etc. surviving rust. Seats look redone (in Vinyl?) originals were a hard harsh leather that blew out the seams, but there are a lot of very original small details that make it a good offering. I have had 4 of the 68 -73 vintage. If memory serves I think 72 may have been the last of the coupes. I had the 3rd from the last wagon off the line a dark green 73.

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      Actually, those seats appear to have come from an 1800ES sports wagon (one-piece, no separate headrest).

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  9. Tundra/BMW Guy

    It’s amazing that something if this age, that the boy style is still relevant by today’s standards!!!! That is definitely a IMHO! But looking at it, it really does not look “old” as with many older cars. Case and point, look at the door handles and the way they are integraded into the body molding, making them a part of the car. Not a separate entity on the car. Toyota, Subaru, Honda, and Volvo’s are all true high mileage vehicles! I personally have had a Toyota that had 400K+ on it before it was given to a neighborhood kid that needed a car. A few years later, it was still cruising, with the same kid!!
    I wonder why there are no pics of the odo?! I mean that is a major component of the sale! Thing sold for $10K+ so obviously mileage means nothing when it comes to dependability and trust!

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