Jungle Find: 1969 Porsche 912

1969 Porsche 912

The seller of this 1969 Porsche 912 uses the title “Jungle Find” in their auction listing here on eBay. The car is actually located in Half Moon Bay, California, but it might as well have been found in a jungle. There’s some crazy plant growing out of its backside and the tin worm has gotten the best of the body. The engine and transmission are gone, but I did spot a single Fuch wheel in one of the photos. Let’s just hope they don’t decide to remove it before the end of the no reserve auction. Thanks goes to Olaf E and Charles H for the tip!

Single Fuch Rim

There it is! The single part that could make this car worth dragging home. There isn’t much else left here, but with the rim and a few other parts this one might be worth parting out to save a few other cars.

Killer Plant

It’s a shame that this sweet little sports cars was left out to the elements. The 912 may not be as desirable as a 911, but it shared its good looks and benefited from better handling. Values are on the rise for all old Porsches, but Im not sure this one is valuable enough to justify a full restoration. What do you think?


  1. Dolphin Member

    Better call Unobtanium Inc.
    They would love this.

    • hhaleblian

      I don’t think even Adam would jump on this. I would at $922, but the most valuable piece is now doa. The pampas grass. Bring a dustpan.

  2. randy

    More stuff coming out of the “woodwork”!

  3. KO

    RIP 912. Yanking that Fuch is like grabbing a necklace off a corpse before the casket closes.

  4. randy

    That is a funny ad, everyone should read it. I like the part about A/C needs to be charged.

  5. Joe

    This is a pile of rust and worms in the shape of a pretty Porsche. Sort of like building a sand castle with wet sand and a bucket. When this dries out it will collapse under its own weight.

  6. skloon

    Was California under the ocean recently ?

  7. Jason Houston

    Half Moon Bay is on the frigid northern California coast, so this li’l Pooch is going to need a lot of work. And a good wax job, too.

  8. A Chin

    I agree with KO. Let it pass on to the great beyond with it’s Fuchs wheel onboard. There are enough coffee tables in this world.

  9. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I like the seller’s casual remark that there is “a little bit of rust here and there”. Very funny. Perhaps more accurate would have been: “..a little bit of metal here and there”.

  10. Bobsmyuncle

    That is a good ad!

    That wheel IS worth a few bucks itself…

  11. Mark S

    I can’t believe this sold, I guess someone needed a wheel. Pretty pricey used wheel.

  12. Horse Radish

    I hope the bidder read the description:

    “It has rust pretty much everywhere you can imagine. There is no engine or transmission. The wheels are all mismatched. The tires are shot. The interior is highly deteriorated. The instrument clusters are gone. There is no more floor pans and almost no more rockers or tunnel. The car barely holds together. The axles are missing. There is no title. A/C needs recharge.”

    says it all. no ?

  13. randy

    The buyer may have a “good” 912 w/o a title. Heck, I’d charge the A/C and just drive it as is.

  14. Danger Dan

    I had found that car but couldn’t find the owner. Chased it for 5 years. Good calimari out that way. DD

  15. Dougm

    We should all chip in and send him a case of Anchor Steam just for the interesting read…….

  16. Bobsmyuncle

    Craigslist has a way to nominate ads for humour does eBay?

  17. xtype

    That would make some great lawn art, or maybe the base for a water fountain. $1700 sounds like a good price when you look at it that way.

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