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Junk Yard Liquidation Sale

Junkyard Sale in Vermont

If you’re like us, you probably enjoy wandering around old junk yards! It’s always fun to study the old heaps, trying to figure out what their story is. Were they wrecked, worn out, or just unwanted? Well if you’d like to bring a bit of the joy of venturing to the junkyard home, this old yard outside of Vermont, New Hampshire is being liquidated. There are lots of great parts cars here, some cars that could probably be saved, and lots of cars I’d classify as yard art. Looking through the photos, I’ve spotted a large number of Mopars and several other muscle cars. There even appears to be a very nice drag car, but I’m guessing the owner of the yard built it fairly recently. Everything has to go, so if you see something, it’s for sale. You can contact the seller or find more info here on craigslist. Special thanks to Michael R for this tip!

Junkyard Sale in Vermont overview

It makes me sad to see collections like this cleared out, but at least the owner is trying to find homes for everything rather than just having it scrapped. As long as their prices aren’t crazy, I’m sure they will be able to find homes for the vast majority of the cars, even if they’ve been picked cleaned already. Heck, I would like to have several of the Mopars, especially one of the Chargers! So which cars from this yard would you like to have?


  1. Jaygryph

    Yeah…I’ll take all those chargers, thanks.

    Bet they want stupid huge money for that stuff.

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  2. David G

    I’ll take the 58 Packard and the 59 Buick. My hope is that even one-tenth of these cars actually find a decent continuance since these sortof sales often have a much more dismal outcome for the cars involved. The way the vintage car hobby’s heading these daze, no one seems to wanna do this much work on something unless it’s worth Pebble Beach value afterward. That’s right – i fear things are becoming much more like business than true hobby…

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    • Dave H

      I agree David G.
      Unless their is a profit to be made, Less and less people are interested in the vintage aspect of it.
      Also less and less hands on.

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  3. Mark E

    PACKARD?!?? The ad’s down now. The one I see that I’d like in the top picture is that 1971 Buick Rivera in the foreground. And that drag car isn’t gonna go cheaply. Not with that expensive engine. The blower alone is worth a couple of grand.

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  4. Mark E

    Okay, looked at the video on that Clunkernation link and yeah the Packard is nice. I also see a Laguna S3 in there which could be nice if it has a 396 in it. And all those speed parts? Man, you could spend the rest of your life cataloging what’s there!

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  5. Larry

    Looks like he might have a few Original “Dukes of Hazard” chargers. :-)

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Really? Where? I scoured all the pics (facebook had the most) and only saw a 68 & 70 Charger, not a 69. Did I miss something or was it a facetious comment based on the 68’s & 70’s condition?

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      • Larry

        Just a joke, calm down.

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  6. Joe

    Craigslist ad is down, you might be able to find the same cars and same phone number here:




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  7. jim s

    depending on why they are selling, want to or being forced to, seller might be better of with an on the site auction. but they may not be able to get a permit for that. CL link not working for me but thru the clunkernation link i see a lot of great parts. but the write ups go back at least 10 years so who knows what is really going on. great find.

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  8. mike d

    first off, you DID notice that small print that says posted 3 months ago, right? by now most are picked over seller did not have any sort of list as to what he has, with or without engines if parts have been taken off etc. but a few did take my eye, the 73 fury fourdoor I believe it is a 78 Ranchero, and that 72 Duster may have been a 340 car the mid 70s Monza ” might” be saved being in Vermont, I doubt any are rust free there are others that may be appealing to some, but not me hopefully those that are sold are on their way to being saved

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  9. PaulieB

    I think once again you’ve been spoofed.. There is no town in NH named Vermont and the photos are from 2013.. the Clunkernation article says the place is in central VT.. I wonder where and if that stuff is still around?

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  10. Carl W French
  11. pontiactivist

    You guys posted a car a while back from this same place a while back. I recognize the yellow car with stripes on it. Maverick grabber seems to ring a bell with me but not sure. Wish it was closer to me, wouldn’t mind taking a walk around this place. I’m sure I could find something to spend some money on, even if it’s just prices parts.

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  12. George

    The Riviera is conveniently parked next to a boat. Get them both and put a flying bridge on the Riviera! A second set of rare controls and you’re all set. Make sure you put a boat hand throttle on the controls out back and up top!

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  13. JD

    It’s a damn shame when hoarders like this guy grab hold of desirable low-mileage estate deals, grocery getters and sleepers – especially those that live in Vermont – and hold onto these cars and parts until there’s nothing left to work with. There’s one by me right now, and I’m trying to raise the funds to drag it out of the alley it’s dying in before there’s nothing left but rust flakes. The state of VT has won a pyrrhic victory with it’s eminent domain seizure here – what were once beautiful cars are now mostly rusty garbage, despite a few survivors. This guy would have just hung on till he died and left absolutely nothing. Quite the tragedy…

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  14. Jim

    I would love to have one of the 2nd generation chargers especially a 1969 with a 440 engine

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