Junkyard Save: 1967 Ford F100

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I’m not sure if this ’67 Ford F100 here on eBay was actually saved from a junkyard, but the seller seems to be applying some heavy marketing spin indicating it was. If so, that’s a truck with instant history and a great story to tell, from the battle-worn paint to the rust-stained tailgate. It appears the truck has never left Tennessee and is getting a second chance at life via this eBay listing. 

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Like all junkyard vehicles, it’s far from perfect. But as a running, driving F100 with its biggest mechanical sins being some exhaust and brake work, there’s not much here to complain about. The V8 / manual transmission combo is pretty ideal as well, along with its mostly corrosion-free condition. The truck cab itself is pretty solid but it sounds like the bed floor will need replacing, or you could just swap in a used bed from a junkyard truck that wasn’t rescued.

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Although the seller says the interior will need work, that’s damn clean for the age. Sure, the seats are torn and the dash is cracked but it hardly appears to have been used as a nesting place for raccoons. Swap in a new bench and dash and this will look downright spiffy. It even appears to retain its original radio! While I suspect this truck more likely was sold to a junkyard and parked out front for sale, it’s wild to think about someone finding it parked among the rows of rusting hulks.

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The seller says the floors will need some work to be perfect, though they don’t look too bad in the picture above. I wouldn’t touch the paint myself – just spray some clear over it and call it a day (notice I’m refraining from using the “P” word). The seller’s videos reinforce that this is a highly original truck that idles and drives down the road nicely, if not a little loud due to the aforementioned exhaust work. There’s five bids with the reserve unmet, so clearly the story and the look are drawing people in. What do you think it should sell for?

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  1. Braktrcr

    $2800 now, and the reserve note is gone seems like a pretty logical price to me. Fun old Ford

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  2. Ard

    Ooooh PATINA


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  3. JW

    This would be a nice old pickup when done, not as a show truck but a hauling daily driver truck.

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  4. geomechs

    I’d want it for a driver although I’d fix it right to do so. I won’t say the ‘P’ word either, Jeff, but I sure wouldn’t spray clear over it; that’s the fastest way to get a rust-out. WD-40 and a rag over the P-word places and they’ll hold up very well.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      “I sure wouldn’t spray clear over it; that’s the fastest way to get a rust-out.”

      How’s that? If the rust is surface rust thats impossible. If it has penetrated the sheet metal than it will continue to rust on the backside juat as it would otherwise but no worse.

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  5. grenade

    I think it’s great. I’d make it a bit more solid in spots and clean it up under the hood, do the brakes and exhaust. I’d replace the bed floor and the dash pad and take better pictures & add some video. THEN it would be ready for resale. Let someone else spray clear over it if that’s what they want to do. at 2800 -3500, there’s still money left in it. Or you could just cruise it around. Either way, it’s great.

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  6. Mike

    I say fix the problems and drive it, I drove a 69 C10 step side Chevy for many years we called “go get it truck” that’s what the oldest son always called it, because when he started out driving, and I would send him of a parts run or his Mom would send him to the store for something he always wanted to take either his Mom Camaro or my SS Impala, and the answer always was “go get the truck”.
    My dad bought it and repaired it and repainted, and then gave it to me when I started my Senior year in HS in 1980, So in 2003 when my oldest son graduated from school I asked him what type of car would he like, that we could work on it together Dad was still working at the time, I said you name it if we can find it we would get it, he looked at me and say your “go get it truck.” So true to my word we tore it down and restored it from the frame up, repainted it to factory blue and white, overhauled the original motor 350 and auto tranny, and he still has that truck to this day, and the only thing that had to be done to it was it about 6 years ago it threw a rod the motor only had a little of 400,000 miles on it at the time and we replaced the engine with a newer 350, and had the tranny overhauled. He drove that truck back and forth for 4 years when he went to college in Cape Girardeau, when he moved to Columbia to work on his Masters in Education he drove that truck, and today he still drives that truck to where he now teaches about 65 miles West of us. He and I have talked about this summer having some of the bad spots repaired I know it need a rocker panel on the driver side, and some of the fender edges on the bed has a few small holes in it, these Missouri Winters can be a little rough on the metal you all know. After we get it done I might submit a story about it.

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  7. jim s

    the way i like my work trucks. i would make it safe and put it back to work. i remember when a truck like this would have been a $ 300 back lot special. nice find.

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  8. Pete

    Looks just like the truck Clint Eastwood had in the movie Gran Torino. Same side mirrors and all.

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  9. Martin

    The best way to screw up the look of that truck would be to clear it ,how do people think it looks good .I have more than 1 rusty truck ,when someone asks if I’m going to clear it I tell there idiots !

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    looking for a old 1967—-1971 ford truck at a reasonable price…thank u.steve 318 6800060

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