Just 12 Miles! 1990 Chevrolet 454 SS


I know, it doesn’t seem that long ago that it was 1990, but this ’90 Chevrolet is actually 26 years old. That’s old enough to be classified as a classic vehicle in many states. While it might be younger than most of the cars we feature here, this is actually a pretty special rig. Besides having just 12 miles on the dial, it’s an SS model with the 454! That’s a lot of engine for this truck and I bet it makes it fun to drive. You can find this incredibly low mileage truck here at Raleigh Classic Auctions. They will be auctioning it off at their Winter Classic, which is running December 2nd and 3rd in Raleigh, North Carolina.


The SS name has almost always meant something special for Chevy fans and that’s speed and performance. I know it seems like a strange idea to slap it on a truck, but given the era that this truck was built, it actually makes sense. Between emissions, safety concerns and fuel prices, it was hard to build and promote a big block powered performance car, but a truck was a bit easier to make happen. And for a truck, it’s actually quite an impressive performance machine.


Under the hood is a big 454 V8 with 230 horsepower, yes I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but wait for it, and 385 pounds of torque! With that much grunt going to the rear wheels, you would have to try to not do burnouts. Of course, it’s important that you get all the power to the ground, so the engine was paired to a 3 speed automatic and a 14-bolt semi floating rear end. And it wouldn’t be complete without a quarter mile slaying 3.73 rear end ratio. And since you sometimes need to turn, it also received an upgraded suspension with a heavy duty front sway bar and Bilstein gas shocks!


As I was researching these trucks, I quickly realized that this is really a muscle car in pickup truck clothing! Being a 12 mile survivor is really incredible all by itself, but what makes this truck so special is being a 454 SS. I’m guessing that’s exactly why the original owner drove it straight to their garage, put it on blocks and never drove it again. I wouldn’t have the kind of will power it would take to do that with such an incredible machine, but I’m sure glad they did! So who here will be bidding on this muscle truck?


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  1. DAN


  2. Billy

    I need something to haul manure around here, wonder what it will go for?

  3. David Montanbeau

    I had one and these trucks were chocked. It was the biggest dog that I have ever bought and I have owned about 200 cars through the years and being a 10 Hauler, I have moved about every car made. YES! I have had a good life in the car world. All said, would love to own this truck but I would drop a 572. Then were talking power.

    • Scot Douglas

      I remember, at the time, the 351-powered Ford lightning beat the 454SS in every category.

      GM’s gotten better at the HP game. :)

  4. Bingo

    This one is in my top 5 dream machines. Obviously not this particular one as its always gonna be a show car. I want a driver to pound on.

  5. Billy

    The sad thing here is that it has never been, nor will ever be, driven and enjoyed. That’s what happens when the rich boys get into the hobby and speculate on profit, not the love of the hobby itself. This is going from one rich mans heated garage into another rich mans heated garage, nothing more. Wouldn’t it have been better if this truck were bought by an average guy back in 1990 who loved and cared for it, but drove it? It wouldn’t be as nice today or available for us all to oogle, but in a better world, wouldn’t that be the way it should have gone down?

  6. MH

    I love these SS trucks. I had a 1995 S-10 SS. It was a show truck and made it into Hot Rod Magazine. SS trucks in any condition these days are hard to come buy.

  7. Addiction

    I don’t get why people get on here and slam someone for trying to make money or keep something to THEIR liking! This is all about what the specific owner is looking to do! Your hobbies may include pounding or hauling manure around and this owners hobby may be making money by keeping vehicles with minimal miles and turning them for a profit! I just find it funny that people get on here and talk crap but those same people are the ones that have an 84 Honda Civic for their daily driver and live in Moms basement! JMO

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Addiction. you got a very good point there; some of us have to realize that the hobby covers a vast amount of interests, which includes people who buy and sell. I have to admit that I tend to prefer those who like to own and enjoy their cars and trucks by driving them but I also have acquaintances who are into buying and selling. Where I have a big problem is with people who go into estates, buy a nice car for peanuts then clean it up and attempt to make a 1000% gain. To many of us those types are predators: the ones like the used car salesman on American Graffiti. I did laugh at one of those when he thought he was going to get a ’48 Chrysler Windsor off an old widow for a song. She listened to his line of BS then promptly told him right where to go and how to get there. He half-boasted that he’d get that car for $1500 but she did her research and sold it for $8500. Good for her!!!

    • Bingo

      How dare you. I have a 82 citation and live in my uncles basement. You’re so wrong.

  8. JW

    My youngest son had a red one of these in the late 90’s he bought off a used car lot. He drove it like he stole it but eventually a deer let him know it could be stopped. The only thing that truck hauled in the bed was kegs.

    • jimmy

      You mean he had a sport truck not an SS people always tried making their sport trucks look like SS’s which only came in black.

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      • JW

        You might just be right, my memory is not the best anymore but I know that truck would fly. The bodyshop owner who fixed it bought it from him.

      • Mark

        The 1990-1991’s were only available in black with garnet interior. The 1992-1993’s were available in black, red and white and you had choices for interior colors as well depending on the exterior color it could have blue, garnet, gray or tan. I have a red 1993 454SS with garnet interior with only 33K miles on it. So yes, they were available in colors other than black.

  9. Rich Truesdell

    Why do people do this? I suspect that had the seller put what he spent on this truck in a mutual fund, he’d be better off 26 years later than what this truck will sell for.

    I may be wrong, but what do the rest of you think?

    Would anyone want to venture a guess of the MSRP of this truck?I can’t make out the number at the bottom of the provided photo of the window sticker.

    Me, I’m happy I bought my 1990 Lincoln Mark VII three years ago for $1500 that had 42000 miles when I bought it.. I’m certainly not afraid to drive it… anywhere.

    • Scot Douglas

      If he invested $20K in 1990 in a fund that followed the S&P index, it would’ve been worth $175,384.61 in 2013 (based on the calculator I just found online).


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    • Krash

      Love the fuel mileage estimates…..10 & 11..

      Definitely don’t see that every day

  10. RandyS

    The 91+ with the 4-speed and the bump in power from a better exhaust is the one to have. Expect 8 mpg city in the 90.

    I really wanted an SS454 back in 2013. I looked and looked for a nice 91-92 that I could daily. I gave up after looking at 5 that people were way to proud of.

  11. dj

    MSRP for 1990 was about $19k for them new. When they first came out, the dealership I worked at was getting $10k over sticker for them until the bubble burst.

  12. Chebby

    These trucks look so cool but I’ve only heard gripes about them, that they’re not fast and can’t carry over 500 pounds. I would imagine the light rear end doesn’t help with the power either. Anybody have real experience with one?

    • RandyS

      Back in 1990 zero to sixty was not terribly impressive for just about any car. This truck however gave lots of opportunity to do great burnouts. That was it’s forte (and the primary reason for the unique 14 bolt rear)

    • jimmy

      Big difference between the GMC cyclone that your talking about and the 454SS which was still a half ton truck and could still carry the same capacity as a regular half ton. These 454SS could tow anything easily at 90mph. The GMC cyclone if you bought a new washer and dryer you’d have to make 2 trips because they couldn’t haul anything heavy at all.

  13. LD

    My guess is they put 4 gallons gas in it at the dealer and when it ran out, parked ever since LD71 😄

  14. Mark S Member

    I’d sell the engine, trans, cab fenders, and box. I’d then buy the Alfa in the previous post. I’d also buy a crate 350 and 700r trans. I’d then go to work building up the Alfa. Oh I’d still have to find some Cadillac wire wheel.

    • Mark S Member

      The down thumbs have it, I’ve changed my mind I won’t in my imagination save the Alfa by parting out this truck. But in years to come the Alfa would be worth more. Thank for your perspective guys.

  15. Car Guy

    GM needs to buy that one back in put it in their collection……..

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  16. John higgins

    All collectors are different,I have bought,collected,and sold some really awesome cars fo over 40 years and my rule has always been to buy cars at the current retail value that I want to drive and feel that they have potential to increase in value.I hold them for 3 to 5 years and sell them at prevailing market value sometimes making money and often just breaking even but I enjoy the process and after I pick which cars to sell I then repeat the process by replacing them and enjoying the new ones and I am lucky to still love the excitement of finding them.

  17. Rolf Poncho

    A lovely truck I love big block’s

  18. Mr. TKD

    It would have way more than 12-miles on it when I got finished with it. I might also find a sport side bed to put on it.

  19. Johnni B

    I’ve got a 92 White 454SS that I’m thinking about listing on BF. I’ve owned since 93, has 181,000 miles. Very straight body and interior. Last ran in 2005. Had knock in motor. 4L80E trans, 4:10 gears, ground effects, soft tonnue cover. Asking $6K. Any takers?

    • MH

      I really hope your joking!!!!! Maybe $600.

      • David Montanbeau

        Front clip will bring 600 alone.

  20. joeinthousand oaks

    According to Wikipedia The MSRP of the 1990 model was US$18,295 with a $550 destination charge. I remember when Cadillac made the “last American convertible” in 1976. My dad took me to the Classic Auto Auctions of the time. People would roll them through the auction on a trailer so not to add miles. The cars would sell above sticker and a few people made money on the instant reward that was generated from this hype. I always thought that holding a new car like that was a mistake from an investment point of view. Do what you want with your classic cars but there is no way you can lay out the money plus costs of holding and storing a car for over 20 years and still call it a good investment. At least very rarely.

  21. Nova Scotian

    S/S…”Always meant Something Special “….good one. lol

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  22. AMCFAN

    Several things I remember growing up in suburbia with a local from a local two car Chevrolet dealership (no long gone mind you) I believe the local dealer sold 3 or 4 SS 454’s and lets not forget the low production looking clone with even less power the Brick Yard edition. Two of those.

    You would see these guys drive ever so slowly trucks being all waxed up and tires shined to shout “hey look at me! This was the time when GM would (and did ) put a sticker on about everything and lead you to believe you were buying the best performance GM had to offer. Never would GM sell you a truck that would compare to the Corvette for less money? The Grayhairs would never let that happen.

    That was about time the local Dodge dealer (also a two car showroom) Still in business today got in stock a new SRT10 Ram. All 454 SS’s dissappeared.

    Should be noted as someone has said. The Lightning would indeed smoke the SS 454. although our Ford dealer was’t on board with the SVT and my understanding couldn’t sell them. They too were nice.

    No loss here. A new 1990’s truck with no miles. Buy it and drive it. There are many others people have squirreled away……like a local guy with a 1984 Monte Carlo SS with 15 miles. You didn’t have to be a rich man then (or now) to have one new. Just depends on your method of purchase and find it before the flipper!

  23. Neil

    Funny about buying an ” Investment Car “There was a guy that had a house very close to my High School. He had 3 brand Avantie’s. I stopped in to check them out in ’69. I loved Studies. I asked him what he had to have for one. His reply…. back thn, was, ” They’re not for sale, they’re my retirement fund ” Then, I had a cousin that bought 2 brand spankin’ new DeLorian’s. Same thought. Hold em’ for X amount of years, and cash in.
    When you consider what those purchase prices could have done in the market, over all those years??? Funny how what is ” hot ” at the time doesn’t always turn out that way. When in the service I had a ‘ 66 Goat 389, 4 speed that I blew the timing chain on. I sold it for scrap, and I’d just put a new set of red liners all the way around. Bought a new ’72 396 Chev Nova after the Goat, and sold it in ’74 for nothing with the gas shortage going on. Got damn near nothing for it. I’m sure everyone has gone through all these ” what the hell was I thinking ” situations and regrets. Hindsight SUCKS !!!!

    • Wm Lawrence

      When my 66 GTO stripped the timing gear I walked to a parts store, bought a new chain and both gears, took them home and installed them in about two hours. I couldn’t afford to trade cars and I was going on leave that day. Many reasons I should have scrapped it, but the timing assembly wasn’t on the list.

  24. Dean

    Had a mate who had one exactly like this, black, 454. He put a whipple s/charger on it. Great street car.

  25. Mike

    I bought a 90 some years back from a man who bought it, and then hated it. I drove it for about 10 years and one day the rear end went south on it, I switched it out to a rear end from a 94 GMC truck I had in the bone yard, after that I never was afraid to haul or pull anything. I kept it for some years and sold it to a buddy who still has it today.

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