Just A Bit Rough: 1968 Dodge Charger

1968 Dodge Charger 383

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Yes it’s a bit rough, but it’s a Charger with a 383! Few things are as much fun as a Mopar with a big block. They are noisy, brutal and great looking cars, sadly they are also known to have rust issues and this one doesn’t disappoint on that front. I’ve seen rustier examples though, many of which have been given top dollar restorations and I have a felling that this one will end up being restored eventually too! So if you’ve been on the hunt for a Dodge Charger to restore or build into a ratty muscle machine, you can find this one here on eBay in San Antonio, Texas with bidding already over $15k.

1968 Dodge Charger Interior

The worst of the rust seems to be in the usual places, the quarters, the trunk and around the rear window. You can get just about every piece of metal for these, so it shouldn’t be hard to get the parts to fix this one. There’s still the task of removing the rusty metal and install the new panels, but if you can work a welder you could do it yourself.

1968 Dodge Charger 383 Engine

While it isn’t an R/T, the 383 with 4 barrel carburetor still offers plenty of power, 325 horse to be exact! The engine looks to be in good shape and the seller claims it runs. They have some spare parts that go with it, including valve covers, exhaust manifolds, disc brakes and some other miscellaneous bits. The A/C compressor has gone missing and sadly isn’t in the pile of parts. You’d need to replace it anyways, but it would have been nice to have a core. It sure would be nice to have working A/C in this Mopar!

1968 Dodge Charger

This Dodge is going to need a lot of work, but I think it would be worth it! The rust makes me a bit nervous, but as long as the underside is solid it shouldn’t be a major task to fix it. So would you take on this project? If so, would you leave it looking rough or would you give it a proper restoration?

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  1. mat

    One of the most beautiful cars Dodge ever made and the best color too!

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    • Kincer DaveMember

      I have to agree the 68-70 Chargers are Awesome looking cars and not just because of The Dukes of Hazzard either, they just got a look to them! They nailed it when they designed these!

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  2. Dan

    My exact first car in high school except Mine had a green interior. I bought it from a teacher for 400 bucks. Who knew!

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  3. Chris

    Best year for the charger ever. 69 is a close second.

    I bought mine 7 years ago and I felt like I was spending all the money in the world for it. Glad I got it then.

    For a non r/t column automatic that needs 20k in paint, 15 would be about it I think.

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  4. stillrunners

    bought one for the air cleaner…..flipped the buyer of it – a local Charger hound – for my price against his offer…..it was just like this one maybe a little sadder….in about 1994

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Not entirely sure what you’re saying here, but I too got mine in ’94, an RT for $3200 and it was in better shape than this. Those were the days. Still got her.

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  5. Fiete T

    Elwood Engle styles another classic!

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  6. Tristan

    If I had the cash just laying around I would get it running really well and daily drive it. While using it I would slowly buy the needed parts (panels, AC parts etc) everything you would need to do a totally stock restoration. After collecting all that parts I would completely restored it to factory original.

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    • Art d

      You have the right idea. Hope others do to

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  7. David king

    Keep it running .do a little at a time .thinner will take that ugly blk out of the engine bay .body color and the pretty engine .is cool for fans when you pop the hood for them .detale it replace only what is worn.car should get 18 miles to the gal.if tuned well.east wood co.has rust killer products.ac would be nice .I would put 68 style bumble bee stripe on tail.mag 500 wheels .that car will turn heads all day long.

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  8. Steve Bell

    Yeh, most of us working folks have been priced out of the charger market for years now. I had a grungy 72′ back when you could get in one for $1,000. Still crying over letting it go. Maybe I’ll hit the lottery and be able to get back into one that hasn’t rusted down to it’s base elements.

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