Kammback Find: 1976 Chevrolet Vega

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The word “Kammback” is so much damn fun to say. I sincerely wish one of our domestic automakers would remake the Vega in wagon form and slap a hideous badge on the back that screamed KAMMBACK. It’s what the world needs, but for now, this recent extrapolation from a Utah garage will have to do. This Vega Kammback has been stored since 1990 and is said to be in very good condition with minimal damage. Find it here on eBay with one bid to $500 and the reserve unmet. 

The photos are fun, showing who I imagine is the last owner letting his Vega go for the first time in decades. The orange paint is a treat, and this rear hatch opening shows why I love this body design: two door proportions with the cargo space to make it a car you can live with every day. The body looks sound, and although the seller references some “minor body damage”, I’m not sure what we should be looking for in the photos. Lenses and glass all look tidy as well.

The concerning aspect of this Vega can be found in the eBay photo gallery. See, the seller says there’s no rust – but there is clearly a photo showing the ground below a lower surface panel, such as in the cargo bay or what was once the battery box (I suspect it’s the latter). That’s always a red flag as a potential intentional oversight or more likely not knowing the vehicle as well as you might think. The seller has no feedback on eBay, so an in-person visit is warranted.

The good news is the Vega is located in Salt Lake City, where cars like this have a better chance of staying nice and dry given the climate. The other good news is that this Vega wagon is equipped with a manual transmission, which should make revving up that 4-cylinder mill slightly more enjoyable. While it doesn’t have the eye-candy quality of the Pinto Cruising Wagon, it’s still a fun hobby car with a practical side. What should the seller’s reserve be set at?

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  1. Mike B

    Judging by the top photo he has his final ride lined up.

    “eye-candy quality of the Pinto Cruising Wagon”? Good one.

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      I think you nailed it Mike, and why would you lean that old wood ladder and tires against that thing!

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  2. Vegaman_Dan

    I love Vega’s, but the 76-77 grill and headlights just ruin it for me.
    For me, it is a 74 GT wagon or nothing.

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  3. Classic Steels

    I would rather spend money on Vegas with the (s) 😜

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    • Oh baby

      Next we will find a racing “vette” with the (Che) in front of it 😫

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    I miss mine…

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  5. JamestownMike

    The “minor body damage” appears to be one of the lower rockers, looks like someone tried jacking up the car in a place they shouldn’t have. The battery tray and a section of the apron are completely rusted through and need to be replaced/repaired.

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  6. Kevin Tapply

    More rust here than meets the eye….. Check out the hole in the spare tire well too. My guess is that along with the rusted battery tray indicates more rust hidden beyond the view of the camera lens. I have owned 2 of these (albeit a while ago) and don’t recall this paint scheme from the factory. I would be leary of the repaint and the associated bodywork it may be covering up.

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    • Vegaman_Dan

      Orange was a factory color. The stripes are not OEM. Non GT models did not get any stripes added except for the 1976 bicentennial special editions.

      Tan vinyl interior and plastics except dash panel would have been correct. Red carpet is out of place.

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      • ROTAG999

        Stripes where an option package i had a 74 GT Orange stripe delete re-powered it with a 75 Buick V-6 out of a Skyhawk that was totaled with only 500 miles on the clock.

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  7. grant

    Lol extrapolation. Extraction, maybe?

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  8. mike D

    Kevin, I was going to point out the hideous blue stripe, not factory! I don’t recall Vega’s having a velour interior.. aftermarket? ( price is up to 1175 as of 2 pm EST reserve not met) the 4 cyl is grossly underpowered . I think it looks solid… but… I could be wrong .. would at the very least put a V6 in it

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    • mike D

      if you go into ” other items for sale” he has a white one also, not as good shape

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    • Vegaman_Dan

      Vinyl seats only, but cloth was available in Monza, Skyhawk, Starfire, Sunbird, and Astres. Four nuts and they pop right out.

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  9. Pete Christensen

    My family had a 1975 Root beer color Vega with Tan interior. I remember my mom being nervous about driving it. lol

    I also remember that Vega was know to rust on the show room floor. lol

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  10. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    Back in the day, Vegas and Pintos were throw away cars. Poor quality and underpowered. Add 40 years to that. No Thanks, I’d rather have anything else.

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  11. Skandy

    What’s going on here?

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    • r spreeman

      Looks like he was trying to prevent them from unloading it on him.

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  12. ROTAG999

    The big metal bar in the tailgate bolts to the rearend and other end to the tranny like a long traction bar the rearend is pointed down(tilted) where drive line bolts up not a good thing could cause damage if not careful. I disagree also the stock motor is not a power house but not a slug in less behind an automatic.

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  13. David W

    The Kammback name is derived from Wunibald Kamm, an automotive engineer, who used a tapered body shape to reduce aerodynamic drag.


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  14. John L

    It’s a Vega. So, why try to buy it? There are SO MANY better things to own!

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  15. Dallas

    Y’all kammback now y’hear?

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  16. r spreeman

    Read John DeLorean’s book “On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors” and learn how the Vega came about, and how the first prototype broke in two pieces at the firewall the first time down the test track. John D and most of his staff KNEW the Vega was garbage from the start.

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