King Of The Barn: 1968 Shelby GT500KR


Now this is one find I sure would love to find parked in my barn! This ’68 Shelby is said to be all original, with only 3 previous owners and documentation to go with it, I think this one is the real deal. The GT500KR was a one year only monster, with a might 428 Cobra Jet putting out 335 horsepower and 440 pounds of torque! Just over 1,000 of these were built, this is one rare find that deserves to be put back on the road! Find it here on eBay in Illinois with a current high bid of $50,000.


The seller really doesn’t offer us much info about this car’s history or its condition. It sure looks great on the outside. We don’t know what the interior or engine look like, but I imagine it looks just as good. I’d love to know more about it’s history and things have been done to it over the years. It looks like it may have been repainted at some point, but a closer inspection would provide an answer. So who else here would love to have this Shelby parked in their garage?


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  1. daCabbie

    If you are gonna ask more than a few thousand you might want to take some good pictures…

    Look on Craigslist and find a college student… a hundred dollars might save you a couple dozen phone calls from buyers asking stupid questions.

    And pull the car out into the driveway or take it somewhere nice for the pictures… this is were the rubber meets the road.

    ….unless you got something to hide… there isn’t one picture of the passenger side of this car….

    • Oingo

      I agree but I don’t care I just pass over low info ads always found them to be problematic both from a human and item viewpoint. My 2 cents for what it’s worth… if there is no claim to its condition then the seller can’t said to be misrepresenting something. Std tactic in any venue where a dissatisfied buyer has some recourse. As well the seller may be providing more info on request choosing to only show what is asked thus controlling and isolating. I put everything in my ads but still most every initial inquiry has the answer in the ad. Reading doesn’t appear to be a strong point among buyers. I don’t give out my telephone or text anybody but will block my number and call an interested party on a high value item just so they have piece of mind.

    • Tom Member

      Well said. Passenger side, how about an under hood shot, can’t open a door??? Great car, no doubt but I think every posting should have about 10 pictures. right, left front, back, under hood, interior (2), trunk and under body (2). Minimum. Then info like tags, odometer, closes ups of problem areas.

    • swriddle

      You have that right daCabbie there isn’t a lot to chew on here.

  2. Oingo

    No mention of new tires… Strange.

  3. Nick Member

    Make it into a daily driver. Buy a model if you want garage art.

  4. Jeff V

    Reminds me of my very first car in hs bought for 500$, a primer spotted red ’67 Mustang fastback that the neighborhood young motor-head owned. He had put a 390 in it out of a mid 60’s tbird with a C6 auto. If I remember right that engine was rated 335hp also. In hs auto-shop I installed straight pipes, the only faster car in hs was a rich kid and his 70 1/2 Z28 350LT1 (74/75)

  5. JeffPS

    The SHELBY COBRA label with signature looks like it was peeled off and reattached .
    Is it really from this vehicle ? Need more photos of vehicle ..

  6. Steve

    0 feedback seller with a total lack of photos. I don’t think I would play with this one.

    • rockribbedrushy

      He’s been on ebay for 5 years, but this is his first listing?

      You’re right, he needs to put up far more pictures that he has now.

      • Joe T

        Not that weird. Been using ebay since 99, never sold a single thing. Only purchased.

        Like 1
      • CATHOUSE

        The issue is that the seller has zero feedback. Even if all a person does is to use their ebay account to buy they will still receive feedback.

  7. Oh

    The “KR” stood for King of the Road. And only available in 1968,and if memory serves me right,all were GT500’s. In this crazy market today,any old Mustang with Ol Shelby’s name with it means the holy grail. But do your research and learn as much as you can about the car. 50k and only two bids? And a ad with tons of questions? I wouldn’t shoot from the hip hoping to hit the target.

  8. Howard A Member

    Just after high school,(’72) I had a friend who had a white car like this, only a 4 speed. His dad was some big-wig at Ford and he had all kinds of cool Ford’s. It was one of the fastest cars I can remember riding in. I remember, every time he power shifted, the front shocks would top out with a “klunk”. It seemed like he was pulling the wheels off the ground ( and maybe it was) Most Shelby stuff goes for big bucks, regardless of condition, and this will be no exception.To be honest, I liked the stock Mustang front end better.

  9. Alan Brase

    Shelby 428’s were NOT Cobra Jet motors. They were Police interceptors with 2-4bbl intakes.
    Cobra Jets were Higher spec. I know they had 427 type heads, higher compression ratio and I think different cams.
    A bit confusing as there were 4 different Ford FE type motors built in 1967-68.
    Perhaps a 5th. In the sales brochures early 1968 they showed a hydraulic lifter 427 available in the Mustang as well. I do not know if any were built. I sure was eager to buy one, but quit working and went to college instead in January 1968.


      According to Kevin Marti’s Mustang By The Numbers book there were no 1968 427 Mustangs built by Ford. There were however 357 1968 Cougars built with the 427 engine.

    • Rocco

      I’m pretty sure all the KR’s were 428 CJ’s, as the KR came out in the last half of the year, like the CJ did. The non KR’s were police interceptor’s.

  10. Dan

    The first Cobra Jets came out as 1968 and 1/2 models, only the 1967 Shelbys had the two 4 barrel carbs and intake….

  11. alan

    Still kicking myself for not having bought the same car for $450 or best offer back in 1974 and then passing on it again for $3000 a year later after the new owner fixed the lower quarters and painted the car.

  12. John

    A Shelby with white walls? Uh. Gee.

  13. Moose Feather

    White walls in one picture, raised lettering in the other. Hmmm?

    • Rocco

      It looks like to me the white wall tire pic is where he bought it, and then put new tires on it after he got it home.

      • rockribbedrushy

        And he took only one picture of the car with new shoes?

        In bright daylight? Perfect for all the right angles?

        Others here have said it better than me.

  14. Alan Brase

    ANYBODY serious about this or most anything but a $1000 heap needs to see it in person. And unless you are a GT500 expert, you need to bring one with you. This seems like a pretty righteous car, but as always, buyer beware. And Ebay is not the place to buy, but to sell. It is a WORLD market.

    • rockribbedrushy


      I noticed that one side of the car was not shown or the underside or even the engine.
      Someone else noticed the tire switch. Why is that and why wasn’t it mentioned.

      You’re right, only an in person visit and test drive will do. And someone who knows Shelbys.

    • swriddle

      I’m not knocking eBay but it really doesn’t make much sense to me to put it on eBay. For me this throws up a big red flag, why? You can do a little and I mean very little investigation on this car, then make a couple of phone calls & you’ll have car guys lined up to take it off your hands & if your not home even for a few days you’ll probably have buyers setting on your street or off the side of the road that have been camping out waiting to get there hands on it. I would be one with the right documention. This isnt your average Mustang or Shelby as far as that go’s this is a investment & the people that will want it will have access to that kind of money on the spot.

  15. TBall

    This listing has all the classic pointers to an eBay scam. Zero feedback, “canned” photo’s, lacking details (I.e. what documentation?), noted absence of interior – passenger side – engine compartment photos… Where I attempted to sell a high-value collectable, listing would include a number of professionally taken photo’s documenting front/rear/left/right/interior/engine/undercarriage/documentation… Definitely not a photo from a magazine and one of a glove box door. I would be very sorry for the winning $50k+ bidder when he/she discovers they were ripped as I highly suspect this listing is.

  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Just looked at the one underside picture of – is that red paint or factory oxidizer paint ?

  17. tom lombard
  18. James

    I love the taillights on these cars! Does anyone know if they were sequential blinkers?


      67 and 68 Shelbys both had sequential turn signal lights.

  19. rockribbedrushy

    Well it sold for 77,500. Hope it’s worth it. And will we ever find out?

  20. Scott

    I agree rockribbedrushy, I figured the shape it’s in at least from the pictures that $80,000.00 was the top of the mark at least from what I could see. I really don’t think who ever bought it will get hurt. But I’m no Ford expert but if somebody with a modest car collection or just getting into it the hobby it would be a super ride as your center piece.

  21. Alan Brase

    Just hope they look at at it and make the money exchange and receive the car in person. A lot of reason to not trust the situation. $80,000 in hundreds will fit in a couple fat pockets. Maybe just have the seller bring the car by your bank branch? Look at the car and title, walk in get the money, do the exchange? I wouldn’t ridea around town with 80 large in my pocket. But people must do that at auctions, huh?

  22. Scott

    I’ve done this numerous times, with a high number like $80,000.00 1st remind the saler that it’s a major investment & there’s only a handful of people that have that kind of $ and even fewer willing to drop it on a car, that being said most like myself don’t finance a classic car & I’ve never seen a bank willing to finance something like this without access to that kind of $ there’s company’s that will but plan on 50% down & probably anywhere from 12 to 36 months to pay the rest. If the saler won’t play by your rules it’s someone you dont want deal with at all. Here’s the big one remind the saler that it’s your money until you give it to them & this is the only way they can have.

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