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Large Family Hauler: 6-Door 1992 Buick Roadmaster!

This 1992 Buick wagon is no ordinary grocery getter. It was commissioned to be built by Hollywood producer Ray Stark and he supposedly spent six figures to make his dream a reality! The car is now parked on a used car lot in Monterey, California with an asking price of $25,000. With four rows of seating and the roof-top storage, this car would make a great cross-country cruiser for a very large family!

Here you can see the second row which features a television and videotape player. There is also a fold out desk feature for getting some business done. You can also see a wedge-shaped insert on the floorboard. Presumably, this will aid in the comfort of short-legged passengers making the ride more comfortable.

Here you can see the car in all its glory. You have to love the color-coded roof-top storage bin along with the wood “paneling” that continues down the length of the car. Overall, this doesn’t look like a cheap build and will definitely be a conversation piece for the new owner. What do you think about this car? Is it old enough to be retro-cool?

Source: Style Auto via Jalopnik


  1. Bob

    Okay, call me crazy, but I would love to put this weird car into my collection.

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    • robeffy

      You’re crazy, and you asked for it.

      I like wagons, this is cool.

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  2. Poncho

    You’re crazy Bob!

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  3. Trent Poole

    You’re crazy Bob . I have to agree with you, though . Something about this behemoth just makes me want to clear an acre or two in my driveway to park it.

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  4. Clay

    You’re crazy Bob! Can’t even park the car in a traditional car parking spot at Wally World when you take the Family on Vacation.

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    • Carl Jackson

      you would have to park by the Bro-trucks, that never see a fleck of dusk or a day of work

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  5. Bob

    Thank you.. Poncho

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  6. Daved

    This could sure benefit from LT-1 power

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    • glen

      I guess someone was bound to say that.

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      • Andre

        He’s right. I had a 92 Caprice Wagon with the L05 (predecessor to the LT-1 ‘94+) and was it ever a dog.

        Lovely driving car but had a hard time staying out of its own way.

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      • Jim

        At least they didn’t say LS swap

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      • Ken

        There’s at least one in every crowd.

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    • Peter

      LS3 power

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    • Jeff

      If someone went through the trouble to swap it and picked an LT1 over an LS based engine I’d probably laugh in their face and shake my head. I love my LT1… But it just can’t compete in any way with the LS architecture.

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    • Dennis

      The Buick roadmaster wagons of this period came with LT1 motors, if I’m not mistaken.

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      • ACZ

        The use of the iron head LT1 went from 1994 through 1996.

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    • Steve S

      Daved forget that trashy 350 with barely 200hp why does everyone want the crappy 350 try the LSX454r race engine that has 776hp or the original 454 or the LS9 that has 638hp or the 572 that has 727hp or the 8.0L

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  7. ACZ

    I love it! Should have been a factory option. Beats the hell out of those crappy little crossovers that are out there today.

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  8. SEAN

    Would be fun to drive until you had to find a parking spot.

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    • Miguel

      3 compact spaces work nicely.

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  9. PaulB

    Great $7k car

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  10. Tracy

    I have a 94, the same color combination but only 4 doors, I would definitely drive this. Wish it was on the east coast.

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  11. John C

    Ok Bob if it makes you feel better you’re crazy.

    Looking at the picture, I had a horrible feeling that I was having one of 60’s flashbacks again. I was told to stay away from the Brown Acid at Woodstock. But would I listen, nooooo!

    Seriously how could not love to own this great customized vehicle. Even Leno doesn’t have this car.

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    • john c

      Hi neighbor…

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  12. JACKinNWPA Jack in NWPA Member

    If Bob’s crazy then I am too!

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  13. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    This rig brings to mind that 1964 truck driving song by the Willis Brothers “Give me 40 acres and I’ll turn this rig around!”

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  14. Dovi65

    Nicely done. Tho with the $25K asking, it’s going to grow roots on that dealers lot. $10K is about all there is to be had here.

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  15. George

    I need this for the dogs! Not at 25k though.

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  16. bob

    detroit iron from days gone by

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  17. Jene

    Dovi65 is correct 10k tops

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  18. J.T. WILSON

    All of the 4-door haters have just spit out their coffee and left the building.

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  19. Dave Wright

    This looks really well done……..I have had 2 96 Roadmaster wagons (LT-1) and loved them both. Incredible road cars. How cool would this be as an airport shuttle for a bed and breakfast. Much cooler than some van conversion mini bus. It is an updated version of the old extended Checker and international airport limousines.

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  20. Mike

    A car so long that you won’t be able to hear the kids in back saying “are we there yet?”

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Nice one Mike!

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      • MotorWinder

        I second that!

        … check out the Maserati Spyder @ Style Auto : p … from one extreme to the other !!

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  21. Oilyhands

    Buick Roadmonster!

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  22. Fred W

    Looking at that 3/4 picture, this rig even has nicer proportions than a typical limo. Good candidate for extra HP.

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  23. Maestro1

    This is it, friends. A car for everything except parking on city streets. And, yes, an LT1 would be perfect for it. The asking is a large number but it looks like a tasty conversion. I’d need a Zoning Variance to Park it.

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  24. Steve A

    Install some chrome side pipes on it! 🤣

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  25. LB1

    Too bad automakers never offered this configuration.

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  26. Vance

    All aboard, next stop Walgreens, followed up by stops at Hometown Buffet, Costco, and CVS. We then go to the Moose Lodge and the Elks. It just seems so fitting.

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  27. SpartanPride

    Wish I had this when I was 17.

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  28. Tom

    Wonder if you have to pay Double at the CarWash??, (NOTE: Remove storage pod before entry)

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  29. BOB

    a 1970 cadillac 505 cubic inch,370 h.p. engine would be perfect for this

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    • Jeff

      Going to assume you mean the Cadillac 500 ci. Made more power than that in 70. In fact it’s been proven by a few dynos that the advertised horsepower number is a flat out lie. It was much much higher.

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  30. Grandville Steve Member

    Bought this new in ’92. Put 250k miles on it until last year when I shipped it to Luxembourg so my son can haul around his kids. Best car I’ve ever owned since my first in 1966.

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  31. Kenneth Carney

    Hey Fordguy, Dean posted a link to that
    song by Boxcar Willie on his comment.
    Got to see the Willis Brothers do that
    song in ’68. Liked it better when they
    sang it. As for this car, it is aboslutely
    gorgeous! Sis and I really could’ve used
    it while we were doing Uber. We could’ve
    made a killing hauling tourists around the
    Orlando area with it. Mike, if I were still
    playing music, this would be the car I’d
    want to ferry the band around. Just add
    a trailer to carry the instruments and you’d have a winner. Now Vance, about
    that buffet, find one that has breakfast
    burritos and you have my full attention!
    After we stuff ourselves, then we go to
    Walgreens or CVS to get Rolaids to soothe our heartburn. Nice ride, just
    wish I could afford it!

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  32. Jeffro

    Clark Griswold is envious of this wagon!

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    • Danno

      The Wagon Queen Family Truckster lives!

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  33. Marty Member

    Of the many, many various limo conversions all of us have seen over the years, this one seems more worthwhile somehow.

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    • Rick Rothermel

      Depending on the builder, this thing could be a great piece of workmanship. It’s already lasted longer than the vast majority of limos and it’s not a rust bucket. Very well taken care of, pampered and held by an owner who knew it was special.

      BEGS for an LS swap! Get the suspension twealed and some serious rolling stock and BRAKES and terrorize anything on I-15.

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  34. Tony R

    Right on jeffro. “Christmas Vacation” is a family tradition around here.

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  35. Ian C

    I really like this wagon!

    All of my Caprice sedans and wagons I have lowered 4+” minimum. I don’t quite think I could get away with that on this one.

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  36. sdwarf36

    I wonder if all the seats fold down.

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    • Ian C

      Great idea! Mobile slot car track, maybe? Bowling lanes? Mini-golf?

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  37. bob

    imagine being 18 yrs old and piling your friends into this bad boy and heading to the drive in

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    • Rick Rothermel

      Drive in THEATER? Getting high-centered on the aisles and taking the side off the car whacking speaker poles because of the width, no fun at all.
      Sonic? Whataburger? In & Out? Maybe.

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  38. StrokerAce

    Am I the only one on here that can see that the 3rd and last pic isn’t the same car. Those pics show a 2 door wagon. Not a 3 door. And 400 HP sounds to much for that time period. But who am I.. I’ve been wrong before.

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    • ACZ

      I think you are again

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  39. Paul Joseph Luiso

    Just what I was going to say. It’s a cool car, but $25k is WAY too much money!

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  40. Derek

    The regular wagons are kind of a cult car and I think this one is really cool. Love it. A late friend of mine had one and these drive great. Decent mileage and comfy smooth ride.

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  41. IHOP

    I have a camaro, 2 chevelles, 2 Impalas, 2 vettes, 2 C10s so been there, doing that… I luv wagons and “others” ….tho can’t do the VW bus thing, yet

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  42. Tony T

    Need 2 more roof-top pods

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  43. Davy Beam

    I wonder if the third row seats can be folded down? He’ll-I wonder if the second and third row seats can be folded down?

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  44. Thomas

    This puts a new spin on having a 2 car garage but lengthwise.

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  45. tony

    favolosi anni novanta

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  46. Chip

    25K means 14K and the buick is worth every cent…it is worth 25 if you have it to spare…

    Go find another…kinda like my triple black 6 door GM Beauty …/// google 6 door oldsmobile armbruster stageway

    It is cool that there are rare cars out there…

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  47. Charlie

    I just saw this car I person! It’s incredible how well the conversion was done! It could pass as a factory made car hands down top quality work. Best part is its out and driving around with kids car seats in it and all. All the way over on the east coast now though. Its not any longer then my hearse so fits in a spot just barely lol. Saw it at a target parking lot didn’t get to meet th owner though unfortunatley

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