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Last of the IROCs: 1991 Dodge Daytona Shelby


It’s amazing to see what cars are emerging as the “new era” of barn finds; that is, vehicles that are not 50 years old or some nondescript grandma car that’s been locked away in Florida. No, there are newer vehicles that were rarities back when new and now downright impossible to find, such as this purported barn find 1991 Dodge Daytona Shelby IROC Turbo here on eBay.


Now, before the critics jump down on me from the balconies, I know what the IROC in this application was all about: not much. It was basically a trim package, with slicer wheels and a ground effects kit, along with the prodigious decals on the side. The turbocharged badging wasn’t just marketing, however – these Daytonas did have some decent scoot under the hood.


The 1991 model year saw the debut of the new “high torque” 2.5L turbo, which sacrificed some horsepower for additional torque that likely helped combat some of the turbo lag these engines can be known for. Not much is offered about the health of this example, but the engine bay looks clean and the car is said to run and drive despite looking a bit tired on the outside.


If that paint can be brought back without too much labor, I think this Daytona would still clean up nicely. The seller has it listed at no reserve, albeit with a starting bid of $1,500. I’ve noticed this Daytona on eBay for a while now, but this pricing point makes it seem cheap enough to be feasible as a younger collector’s first barn find. Do you think it should be saved?


  1. The Walrus

    This was my ‘barn find’ around this time last year. 19,200 miles. To me, the ’87/’88 Shelby Z’s are the most desirable Shelby Daytona. Followed by the 89. Then the non Shelby Iroc R/T’s with the lotus head. The 90/91’s without TII’s are pretty ‘meh’.

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    • Billy

      I had a new 88 Shelby Daytona. That thing needed an exorcism. What a lemon. I 20000 miles it went through two head gaskets, a head, a piston, a clutch, and a clutch assembly, threw off the timing chain(belt?0 at least twice. When it ran, it was sweet, threw you back in the seat. The day I bought it, my old man came to where I worked and asked for the keys. Went out on the main road and dragged some kid in a hot rodded Chevy, and won without much difficulty…. but it was usually in the shop. Lost my shirt on it, traded her in on a new Honda Civic (if you can believe that. The salesman saw my shiny red sports car and though I wasn’t serious about buying the car, but I was. They SERIOUSLY took me for a ride on the trade, had no choice, only dealer who would take a take a two year old Daytona on trade. Guess they had a reputation. That Brand NEW 90 Civic was only $6890 on the sticker. Lasted me 23 years, should have bought that to begin with) Cured me of “Chrysler Fever” once and for all. I was a third generation Chrysler buyer, but at least now I appreciate all makes.

    • Matt

      I purchased an 89” Shelby Daytona new back in 1989, it was totaled in 1992, a month later I found and bought another 89” Shelby Daytona. I still have it today, however I just took a deposit for it to be sold. It will be sad to see it go, but I know someone else will get to enjoy the car.

  2. Lance c

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think dodge built some of these iroc daytonas with a 16v twin cam engine that was also available in the dodge spirit.

    • The Walrus

      In ’92 they put them in Daytona’s. ’91 in Spirits. They are all called ‘R/T’s’ and the engine is the Turbo III.

    • Tom Gish

      I have a 91 Iroc that has the V6 in it. And has the Carroll Shelby Wheels on if

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      • Billy

        I have read the Mitsu V6 was a great engine for those cars, wish had had that. Did have that engine in a Plymouth Voyager minivan my wife made us buy, ran quite well until I ran it low on oil at 180K miles and then it didn’t., of course, that was my negligence. One thing I can say about my Daytona, very comfortable car. The seats were fantastic.

  3. Vegas Vic

    Decent scoot is right. Fun cars, cool styling, Ladies liked em. For sure save it!

    • Billy

      Ladies are a good reason to have a great car, at least while young. I am about as homely as they come, but my cars always got their attention. From my black hardtop 70 Road Runner in high school, to my lemon 1988 Daytona, the girls swooned. Didn’t matter that they liked the wheels much more than me, it was just nice to have them hanging around. Of course, after I ditched the Daytona for a humble base model Civic, that is when I met my wife. So who knows? Maybe the secret to love is having a frumpy little car. Now my sleek third generation Miata has people smiling and waving at this senior citizen, but the young girls no longer hang around, wonder why?

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      • space man

        So funny, I went from a 73 Cuda in 82, to a 91 Daytona in 91, and then… came the Minivan, kids, wife. NOW… 66 Falcon Sport Coupe, and 74 Jensen Healey… keep on rocking old timer… Oh I have young ones hang around… they are called Grand Children.

  4. v

    I REALLY wish you would ALWAYS describe the location of these cars in the very first sentence or subject heading. Why waste our time wondering where they are??? Even the eBay poster failed to disclose it anywhere near the top of the description.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      We try to stick the location in the first paragraph, but sometimes miss it.

      • Jimmy Member

        Jeff never write the location.

    • Bill

      It is in the E-Bay site. Location is Salem Ohio.

    • Rob S

      If the ebay poster didn’t put it in the add how can these guys post it??? Now maybe they should put fresh batteries in their crystal ball….

  5. Hagarcobra

    I had an 87 for a few weeks,had to get rid of it . Remember it being pretty quick with horrendous torque steer.

  6. Miguel

    $1500.00 as a starting price. That is about $1300.00 too much.

  7. Everett Lanier Member

    I worked at Bob Banning Dodge and Chrysler from 89 to 93 in New car prep! I remember those! They were pretty quick from the light here near D.C..

  8. Kent Anderson

    I had a 90 black and gray ES turbo loaded. The car was amazingly fast for the day and fun to drive. Always ran great but had problems with the front end, mainly the front struts. All and all , I loved the car and wish I kept it .

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