Last Registered In ’88: 1969 Pontiac GTO

This 1969 Pontiac GTO has just slightly under 70,000 original miles. That’s not surprising, considering the fact that it has spent more time off the road as it did on the road during its life. It looks to be a bit rough around the edges but would certainly make a great restoration project. Found here on Craigslist in Lathrop, Missouri, this one may not last long.

The listing states that this GTO maintains its 400 V8 but doesn’t say much about the condition or if it even runs. Even if it doesn’t run, it’s a positive that it retains what is most likely the original powerplant. The engine bay doesn’t appear to be in rough shape and could be a good indicator that it was somewhat maintained.

The seller states that this car is 99% original and adds that it is missing the original radio. Aside from that, this interior would appear as though it maintains what it originally would have had from the factory. A lot of interiors on 50-year-old cars are typically in pretty bad shape. Thankfully, this one looks pretty well intact and would hopefully be a bit easier to restore. The biggest issue with the project, as is with many, is the rust. The seller states that the rust is minimal but unfortunately, that rust looks to be fairly aggressive on the lower parts of the car. The condition of the floor pans is a major concern here.

An added bonus to this original Pontiac is the original documentation. Having the owner’s manual and paperwork from the dealership in 1969 add to its originality. So, with a $15,000 asking price, is this GTO project worth that kind of money?

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  1. Alexander

    Wow, who would order a Goat with bucket seats but a column shift? I could understand this with the Buick GS crowd or Olds 442 crowd. But man does that area between the seats look naked in that car!

    • Herbee

      Alexander, someone who got the green light from the wife to buy a new gto but also had to take her into consideration. Could have been there only car, pretty wild huh daily driver muscle car. It happened

  2. Dean

    GTO w/ a column shift?

    • mrgtojudge

      Column shift standard when car is an automatic and no console was ordered as an option…

    • Ralph

      You could always get a column shift automatic on the GTO, the manual was always a floor shift from what I recall, either base 3 speed or optional 4 speed. Bucket seats were also part of the GTO package until 1967 when a bench with an armrest became an option.

      This car has the worst combo, a column shift with buckets seats, at least a column with a bench seat makes sense.

      • Herbee

        I like the look of a factory column shift as opposed to aftermarket floor shifter. Nothing wrong with buckets and column shift lot of us old dogs love em.

  3. Nessy

    Pull up the Craigslist link and look at all the other cars around it. Seems like this lazy guy does not believe in washing any of his cars…. Ha.

    • SteVen

      But if you wash them, it removes all that “barn find patina” that is proven to add at least 30% to the value of any old POS! :-)

  4. Leon Labuschagne

    Body Style looks like a flattened bullet. Like it or hate it, I would imagine?

  5. Dave Mika

    Being from MO, I know the tin worm is super-nasty. And as a side note, that alternator looks new…

    • Art M.

      I agree the alternator has been replaced, I don’t believe they used many barcode stickers back then.

  6. Classic Steel

    Base model auto shift on column with rust means a no for me …

    Your five to high and that’s on a good day but one never knows as one inexperienced might bite!

    Good luck flipper!

  7. Lance Platt

    Definitely needs some work so $15000 is high for the condition. GTOs are always popular so would be worth saving at the right price point.

  8. Superdessucke

    Seems a bit pricey for the condition (as in real value x 2) but, again, I’m so cheap and so far behind the times it’s getting kind of sad. Is this car really worth it? Anyone truly know?

  9. Bobby

    Classic autotrader has a dozen under 28000 restored. One for 22500 and its a 4 speed. So 15000 for this is about 7-8 thousand more then its worth.

    • Superdessucke

      Thanks Bobby. You’re in line with what I’m thinking. I wouldn’t mind picking up a car like this to work on but 15k? C’mon man!

  10. Jimmy

    Those white rubber floor mats over the original floor mats bother me. This car is only about 20 miles from me if anyone is interested I’ll go have a look at it. Oh and the reason his cars might be dirty is the streets of the town of Lathrop are paved but any houses on the edge of town are on gravel roads except for the 2 highways that pass through it. I have been to their county fairgrounds for many car shows.

  11. Danger Dan

    He’s charging an arm and 2 legs

  12. Louie

    The Craigslist ad says it runs great

    • Dickie F

      …that explains the new alternator….

  13. Big Mike

    In 1968 if you opted for an automatic in your GTO, it came with a column shifter unless you bought the optional console. Most folks ordered the console. This car is from the Northeast part of Missouri, near St Joseph, and the road salt lived there. I lived in Maryville, Mo, North of Lathrop, for about 4 years while my Wife was in College, and the winters where nasty, Ice, snow, ice & snow you name it they got it, and the road crews laid down the salt for weeks, they had so much refreeze that they were always putting down the salt. Of course this was during the early 80’s, today they pretreat everything with beet juice.
    This old GTO is going to be a rust bucket, they want to much for it and you better have some deep pockets or a couple of donor cars, plus sheet metal.

    • Big Mike

      Correction, Northwest part of the State!!

  14. Tom


  15. Walter

    Agreed price is high, but if I was in the area, I’d stop by for a look at this one.

  16. Doug Fielding

    price is way to high 7500.00 would be about right and that is after a good look at what the rust has destroyed , there could be ten thousand dollars worth of metal work and hours and hours of work even to get to a good starting point on this car ! if it is numbers matching and complete 7500.00 is a fair price

  17. kimball

    ok,,a ’69 GTO,,nice car,good shape,,15k,,little pricey,but hey,maybe some room to work with.some go on about to much,this n that,but if you had the barn find like that,what would YOU charge? gosh,yah gotta 400 moter,and col. auto shifter,can do alot with that,havta be creative,,notta judge but that 400 could turn heads some

  18. CCFisher

    Does anybody else see something wonky with the way the rear wheel and wheel opening line up? An illusion? Normal? Trouble?

    • Dickie F

      I do not believe it is an illusion. That wheel does not look right (or maybe its left) but the seller says it runs great ….. he forgot to add ” but skew”.

  19. Gregory J Mason

    I don’t know about other states but in New York you won’t find one this original and complete or not completely rusted out for 15.000. Not a bad price from what I see.

  20. Tom Henderson

    It’s worth about $6k as a project. Could be worth $75k when it’s done though.

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