Leader Auto Modifed Trans Am With <10K Miles!


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The original owner had some huge plans for this Trans Am, but for some reason didn’t drive the car much once those plans were implemented. It’s only got 9,710 original miles and is located in Maumelle, Arkansas. The car is being sold here on eBay, where bidding is low but has yet to meet the reserve.


Yes, this really is the original paint and decals! I wish the photography was a little better so that we could show you more, but even with the limited pictures, the finish quality shows through.


The car is shown next to a later red Trans Am next to it in the garage, so it’s obvious the car has been owned by an enthusiast. Here’s what happened according to the seller: “The original owner had special ordered this special WS6 package car and had it…sent to Troy, MI. All this was done with the full intent of having the original engine removed and having Leader Automotive build a custom built Pontiac engine…The outside maintained its original appearance but a monster custom engine underneath, designed and built by George DeLorean, brother of John DeLorean of Pontiac Motors. George Delorean is the renowned, legendary engine builder that owned Leader Automotive. (He) pulled the Pontiac 400 and replaced it with a custom built 428 block with 455 HO heads (stamped 7F6) and a Holley Street Dominator manifold, Holley carburetor, Round Port Hooker Headers (Super Comp) with 2″ primary, 3.5 collection were installed with a free flow exhaust system. The original TH350 transmission was pulled and a TH400, with a shift kit, was installed, as well as a 3000 RPM stall converter and  an additional external oil cooler. The rear end was changed from a 3.23 positraction to a 4.10 gears set.”


When the seller got the car, it hadn’t been driven in a while and had a lot of leaks, so the engine was pulled, resealed and repainted. Unfortunately we only have this picture of the engine in process rather than the completed underhood area to look at. A new exhaust was also fitted along with headers to replace a damaged original. Of course, new tires were needed as well.


Thankfully, the interior was taken care of appropriately and looks terrific. So–this great looking Trans Am is neither stock nor a survivor, but it is a low mileage, nicely modified car with beautiful original paint and interior! Would you rather have this one, or a stock equipped car in comparable condition?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Now, here’s a car with 9K miles.( for whatever reason) Always liked these cars ( but never had the grapes to own one) I think there’s something wrong, this car should have a 1 or a 2 (or 9) in front of the price. Not sure all that engine stuff was necessary, it was a nice car as is. If that is the real price, it will be gone before I stop typing. Very nice car.

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  2. Mike

    The engine story is nice to hear, but a picture of the engine bay is worth a show. Showing a nice painted engine is also nice, but in the car is better. Heck I could come up with some story about my 76 Nova, and show all of the pretty pictures of the inside, but why would anybody not want to show the engine bay.
    Over the years I have looked at cars and the first thing I want to see in the engine, especially if the car looks this nice and the folks don’t want to show he engine.
    I have a lot of friends that love the TransAm’s, but I never really have, but it looks like a nice car, just wish there was more pictures of the engine.

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    • Howard A. Howard AMember

      Hi Mike, I hear ya’ on the engine . It tells a story. I was at a show a few weeks back, and a young man had a ’57 Chevy he was showing, nice looking car, but he had the hood closed. When I asked if I could see the motor, he was a little flustered, but reluctantly agreed, and began making excuses why you couldn’t eat off the air cleaner. I said,”son, you shouldn’t be concerned about how the engine looks, I want to see it”. It was a little greasy, but far more representative of a car that’s used. I hope I helped change his mind.

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  3. dirtyharry

    I have a vehicle with 172,000 miles, which looks like it was never even sat in. I remember many people who bought new performance cars and promptly disconnected the speedometer cable hoping to extend the warranty. You just never know about a used car and without a ton of documentation the odometer is meaningless. Having said that, I love this car.

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  4. Nick Maher

    A good story but it smells kind of scammy.

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  5. Gerry

    Jeebus guys. If you’re that curious, send the dude a message or text. He was more than happy to send me a video of a walk-around and he included starting and running the engine in the video. He may be a little technologically-challenged when setting up the sale on ebay but I don’t see any obvious red flags.

    It’s a beast for sure.

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