Less Than 19K Miles: 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX

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Ford let the Thunderbird continue for several years of its last 4-seater generation mostly unchanged. The car continued until 1997 while its competitors, except for the Cougar which used the same body, had all either gone away earlier or changed from rear wheel drive, which this car has, to front wheel drive models. This is a nice 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX 2 door coupe for sale here on Craigslist in Bear Creek, North Carolina.

This is a low mileage Thunderbird that was an elderly couple’s third vehicle, so it didn’t get to see much use. It was garaged since new. There is no need to look for dents, dings, or rust on this one. The Vibrant White paint is holding up well.

The Ruby Red interior of the LX model includes an illuminated entry system, cloth bucket seats with full-length console, standard CFC-free air conditioning, airbags for driver and front passenger, electric remote control mirrors, tilt steering wheel, cruise control, power windows, and power door locks. The cruise control, air conditioning, and heat work properly and hopefully, the other accessories do as well.

The engine is the optional 4.6 liter (281 cubic inches) V-8 with sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection that gives plenty of power. It is mated with a 4-speed automatic overdrive. The seller says the car drives perfectly.

Here’s just how low that mileage is. The odometer reads only 18,897 miles. That’s less than 1,000 miles each year. In some states, cars can be registered as antique when they reach 25 years old, and that is how old this car is now. So if you would like a classic car with some modern conveniences and the safety of airbags, this may be the car you’re looking for. The seller is asking $5,800. Imagine driving away with this car for less than $6,000. Or if you’re looking for a daily driver, consider that many used cars with less than 19,000 miles are a year or two old but you may be paying $20,000 for them. Get this one for just over a fourth of that price.


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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    Nice desirable car, but I noticed (back then) that Ford, as well as GM w/ the Camaro, just “phoned in” redesigns for the front bumper covers! IMO, they just got uglier with every rehash, until the cars were discontinued. :-)

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  2. Steve

    Dang. It sure is nasty looking (dirty) under the hood for only having 18k miles. What gives? The BS detector just went off, odometer reading or not… Any time I see a low mile car that dirty under hood, I have to think to myself, “They managed to screw it up in 18k miles what other people who look after their cars take 81k miles to do.”…

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    • Shingo

      And why is the clear plastic instrument panel cover so scratched up?

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    • Emilio

      Have to agree with Steve. In addition to under the hood, the clear plastic over the odometer photo looks suspect. While it is possible the mileage is original the likelihood is less than 10% and barnfinds may not want to give publicity to this listing

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    • John Taylor

      A quick tell tale is the numbers don’t line up for a start, so someone has given this car a hair cut ( trimmed the Speedo mileage ) reading.

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    i had a 1994 Tbird. I loved this car. It had the 4.6 like this one. My car was identical to this one. Plenty of power on tap. Wish i never sold it.

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    • Jim Lubinski

      I still have mine! Has over 500k miles and still dependable.

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  4. Matt G

    Funny to see the words “4.6” and “plenty of power” together- those early 4.6 modular engines were dogs- easily outclassed by most import V6’s of that era, a real letdown after the 5.0 Windsor that it replaced. The only mod to do if you wanted any kind of power was forced induction, and even then you were lucky to equal power of a modern NA 4.8 Vortec…

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    • Don

      We had a ’95 and it was a very nice car to drive. As long as the road was straight. The 4.6 had adequate power, not “plenty of power”. Other wise very comfortable, dependable car.

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  5. Brian K

    I rented the exact same car new in 1994 except it had a grey interior. It drove nice and the V8 had good power. The white really pops on this style too. The car looks like it was stored outside for quite awhile. The rear seat has fading by the package tray also. I’d dilute some wheel cleaner with a toothbrush and get that engine compartment looking like new.

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  6. Mr. TKD

    The odometer digits don’t seem to be aligned. That, combined with the other issues mentioned, point to something being amiss.

    If the car was as advertised, i’d be very interested.

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  7. AndyinMA

    I had the 94 cougar. The transmission really held the 4.6 back. Build quality was not good. I still want to like these cars though.

    What to think about 25 year old airbags?

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  8. bob

    I also could not help but call the under hood condition unmistakable many miles not under 19k. BS alarm went off and hasn’t stopped. Buy it or not, odometer has been changed.

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  9. RobF

    the odo is not lined up because its about to turn 18900 and obviously 19000 soon, purely mechanical operation it will likely be lined up perfectly again at 19k miles. Back in that year they were still using cosmoline under the hood, a gummy type of coating that was supposed to offer protection. We used to detail the engine and removing the cosmoline to reveal shiny new paint was the most time consuming part of the process with cosmoline remover. Some also used a matte finish clear or believe it or not NO clear under the hood. An elderly couple is not going to be washing the engine like a car enthusiast would. This car would benefit greatly from a detailing and they could probably ask and get closer to $7k if they invested $200 in one

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  10. 86_Vette_Converfible

    Looks good overall. The 94’s seem to gather dirt and grime on the engine compartment (at least mine has). Engine is good. Transmission has a tendency for an aluminum ring in it to wear and run crap through the transmission. The console cover goes bad easily, the cover coming loose from the mounting insert. That can be repaired but you need to make a mold to do the repair though (which I had to do on mine). Sill area is the first spot you’ll likely find rust if present. Also the plastic gears in the speedometer can break leaving the odometer dead.

    I have a 94 in the garage I’ve owned for over 20 years. Love driving it, it’s a gentleman’s sport coupe. It loves curvy back roads and handles them well.
    If closer and had room in the garage, I’d go take a look at it except I don’t care for sunroofs. It won’t keep up with the Vette, but it wasn’t designed to do that.

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  11. 86_Vette_Convertible

    If you’re into the car, worth a look see. I have one in the garage. More miles but same general condition.
    Console cover is bad. Odometer gear can go bad in the speedometer. Ford used an aluminum ring in the tranny that can cause aluminum pieces to go throughout the tranny requiring a rebuild. Engine is very solid.
    Dirt and grime on the engine: had that since year one with mine so I’d expect it.
    Good driving car for curvy roads. Hope someone that enjoys driving gets it.

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    • JD

      I’ve got a ’96, same color and options as this. It’s been my daily driver since 1999 and it runs like it’s new at 210,000 miles. Always fires right up, holds the highway straight and true and delivers power as needed. The things I’ve replaced are: starter, a rear universal joint, the intake manifold (pursuant to a recall) a radiator and, of course, batteries every five years or so. A/C still blows cold, and everything works as it should. I agree with 86_Vette_Convertible on the engine grime, as mine looks the exact same way. True, it won’t do what my ’07 Vette convertible will do, but it doesn’t need to. It’s a fabulous highway car. I will likely just keep it indefinitely.

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  12. jw454

    I had a white ’89 SC (Super Coupe). It had the V6 with a super charger on it. It was a great car. Oddly enough, it was white with red interior too.

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    • jw454


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  13. Keith

    The dash pod is scratched up because they scratched it up trying to roll back the odometer. A scam sale for sure!

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Not sure those are scratches. Based on the curvature on them, it could be reflections. About 4 screws and a couple of connectors and the whole instrument cluster comes out. In fact I have another one on the shelf right now, just needs a new odometer gear in it.

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      • JD

        I agree. That plexiglass is easy to scratch just wiping dust off with the back of one’s hand. Not ideal, but a quick fix to see things more clearly. The car is 25 years old.

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  14. Keith D.

    If you’re gonna get one of these model T-Birds the “SC” aka Super Coupe is the way to go.

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  15. Vintageant

    For those truly interested, a $40 Carfax would illuminate.

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  16. Emilio

    $10 says Barnfinds removes this dubious ad by monday.

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  17. W9BAG

    I had a ’97 for 12 years, and put on about 100K miles on it; the most mileage I’ve ever put on a car. Sold it with 182K miles. It did everything I could ask from a car. Comfort, reliability, 27 MPG on the Interstate, power everything, including moon roof, auto climate control, which worked perfectly. Fill up the back seat with smoke, when required. A perfect car. Loved it. And, of course, the perfect color: black. I miss that car.

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  18. JD

    No question but that these T-Birds will run indefinitely if taken care of–fluids changed regularly, no abuse. I too, think the odometer is nearing the roll to the next sequence of numbers, rather than a tamper.

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  19. boxdin

    I had a 92 Tbird Sport w a 5.0 in aqua blue w white interior. Fun car stiff as a board which is what I wanted after a 95 cougar marsh mellow. Cougar was all over road at 80 mph while Tbird w stiff spgs was good for well over 100 tracked like a train. Be sure to get the sport pkg.

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  20. RobF

    i also think someone wiped the gauge cluster, probably glancing the reset for the trip which results in crooked numbers, and the ODO is obviously about the change over

    all the detectives here and not one carfax yet?

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  21. Dawn

    My 95 LX 4.6 had 171,000+ when the odometer quit on Halloween 2008. I’m the 2nd owner- bought it in 2001. In the past 5 yrs it’s been hit by 2 trees. This last time it smashed the windshield, cracked the shell of the side mirror & added a few small dents. A car from today would not have survived. I love my Thunderbird & wish I knew exactly how many miles it does have.

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  22. JD

    Yikes! Well it’s still running. You can get a rough idea on the mileage—take a look at your dail/weekly mileage with another vehicle or Mapquest and multiply by days/weeks then times years going bach to 2008. Should give you a pretty goid idea.

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  23. Skip

    No way this is a 19,000 mile garage kept vehicle, engine compartment way too grimy and dirty. I would need a lot of documentation to be convinced.

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  24. Emilio

    Disgraceful it was advertised on the website.

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  25. JD

    Emilio, that is a conclusionary comment without any foundational basis.

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  26. junkdriver

    no posts since 20jan? what ever happened to this vehicle?

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