Less Than 20K Miles: 1966 Rambler 770 Convertible

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We don’t normally think of American Motors and Rambler as having convertibles, but they did make them. American Motors specialized in small cars, but they offered something in the intermediate and full-size range as well. Here is the intermediate sized 1966 Rambler Classic 770 Convertible for sale here on Craigslist in Cypress, Texas. Much thanks to Barn Finds reader Phil K. for letting us know about this one.

This is one of the better-looking cars from Rambler in my opinion. The seller is cleaning out his warehouse and this one has to go, along with some others. But don’t bother asking him/her for a list, you need to come by. To me, I think it would be easier to provide a list than to be bothered with people constantly coming by to see what there is. The car is from Arizona that was apparently a special order car, due to some of its rare options. The car appears to be in immaculate condition. This car features wire wheel covers with spinners and Apollo Yellow paint with a white convertible top.

The interior is not a disappointment either, looking just as clean and in as great condition as the exterior. This car features vinyl bucket seats in great condition, with a center console containing the automatic shifter. The seller says less than 1% of 1966 Rambler Classics had power windows, and this one has them. The car also has AM radio, power steering, power convertible top, and remote control driver’s mirror.

The engine is a 327 cubic inch V-8 engine with 4 barrel carburetor that originally produced 250 horsepower and ran on regular fuel. The car has an amazingly low 19,000 miles. This Classic 770 also features power front disc brakes and automatic transmission. It has been stored for years, but the seller says it runs like new. The car has developed a problem with the power windows, clock and radio, saying it could be a fuse but doesn’t have time to figure it out. There can’t be many of these out there, after all, there were only 1,806 1966 Rambler Classic 770 convertibles produced. So for a rare American Motors product with some rare options, this car can be yours for $13,500.

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  1. Dean

    It’s a looker. Houston’s a bit far to travel. For me. Period

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  2. Rich R

    I owned a 1964 Rambler Classic 660 2 door, 6 cylinder, manual everything, back around 1979-1982 or so. It was in good shape then, but no where near this. It was a really reliable car. One Christmas, though, it wouldn’t start. It was around -15 degrees that morning. Later that day, when it warmed to around zero, it started! I wish I held on to that one!
    This one looks wonderful, wish I could own it!! Beautiful!!

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  3. Lindsey Johnstone

    My AMC convertible dream car was a 1967 Rambler American, white with red accents (interior, top pin striping that I saw on the auto turntable at Loburg Olds Toyota in Renton Washington in 1970 or so.

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  4. That Guy

    To me the mid-60’s was a sweet spot for American auto styling, and these big AMC’s were no exception. This is a really handsome car and looks to be in terrific shape. And it’s really well equipped; I didn’t realize power windows were even available. Nice find.

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  5. That AMC Guy

    I wonder if the master cylinder was replaced with a drum brake type. I’ve seen Ramblers of this era with disc brakes and the master has a larger reservoir for the discs, with a flat cover and 4 side clips. Parts are expensive but available for the original 4-piston Bendix discs. (These are fixed calipers that are aligned with shims. Rotors are solid.) The rear drums however are a unique non-servo design made of pure 100% unobtainium. Plan on replacing them with conventional Bendix drums and a proportioning valve.

    Power windows definitely a rarity on these cars. This car also has the optional electric wipers which most Ramblers are not found on most Ramblers.

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  6. PDXBryan

    I like the honest character of ’60s American Motors products. This one is like the “good girl” dressed up for the prom and lookin’ damn fine! Love that buttery yellow.

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  7. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    What a beautiful car, worth every penny of the asking price. Plus this survivor practically defines the word “Rare.” Perfect size, too; not a huge land yacht and not a compact. So, the seller thinks the non-functioning items could be a simple fuse? No time to change a fuse? He must be an incredibly busy guy. The non-functioning windows, radio and clock warrant a close look though they wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. I really like this Rambler.

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  8. JimB

    Power window motors on these are like hen’s teeth. Nobody has them anywhere and they’re a bugger to rebuild. Most give up and install aftermarket assemblies.

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    • That AMC guy

      I don’t know if it’s the same on a ’66 Classic, but a friend has a ’67 Rebel with power windows. It came with a spare window motor that has a Ford parts tag on it. (Likewise a common failure on 1960s Ramblers is the plastic clip that holds the horn ring in place. Same part as found on a Ford of the same era.)

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  9. Had one

    I had a 4Dr 770 equipped the same as this one with a 4 speed stick. The 327 did strip the nylon teeth from the timing gear at about 50000 miles, that was an expensive repair. Otherwise loved the car.

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    • That AMC guy

      Most of the survivors at this point have had a metal timing gear set installed, but with less that 20K miles this car probably still has the original nylon gear. I would think the new owner would want to proactively replace it due to age.

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  10. TortMember

    Been primarily a Chevy guy all my life but with quite a few Ramblers and Nash’s on Barn Finds I have come to like them. Great car with a nice color and looks like a great price to own it as well. Someone in my house says I have too many toys already however!!

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    • BOP_GUY BOP_GUYMember

      I’m right with you Tort! Mostly a Buick/Olds/Pontiac guy myself, but I’ve really come to like these. I watch them come and go on eBay for sale, and this one has more options than I’ve seen on any others. And that’s a damn good price. But I’d be killed if I brought another classic convertible home!

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  11. 71Boss351

    Reminds me of my Mom’s car although not the dark blue 3.8 L she had back in the day.

    Gorgeous car that is not too big. I would insist on the power windows working before I plunked down 13.5 G’s. (I think the price is almost correct) I haven’t see many 327’s lately.

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  12. Wrong Way

    OMW, Somebody by this quick! This is a very nice car!

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  13. Pete in PA

    A very good friend of mine had a *65* 770 convertible years ago in the same yellow color but with a black top. It also had the 287 V8 and was a very solid, nice driving car. No power windows or disc brakes but it was still a fun ride. As I recall the feeling that came to mind when driving it was “heavy.”

    A few years back he was moving/downsizing and offered it to me for free. With way too many cars and projects to complete in my lifetime I turned it down. Some times I kinda wish I hadn’t.

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  14. stillrunners


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  15. Hal

    Special and interesting, but not a survivor. The car show sign in the trunk indicates paint, top and interior have all been redone.

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  16. Tom Justice

    Anytime you get any AMC product here or on BaT it really brings out the loyalist and it doesn’t have to be a Javelin or AMX. Good on all the lovers of quirky cars that most people don’t even notice.

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  17. Ward

    Out of the 1,806 convertibles of that year, I believe I may have the only one with a v-8, a T-10 4-speed and factory air.

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    • thomas e grimes

      I have a 1966 Classic 770 with a 287 v-8, T-10 and factory air also. You can check the VIN for factory installs.

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  18. t-bone Bob

    I used to get a ride to and from school (about 15 miles each way) in one my neighbor had that was exactly like this except lavender. The only drawback is that the rear widow was out which was a problem during the winter in Eastern Washington. But we cranked the heat up and turned up our collars and toughed it out for the 30 minutes it took us to get there.

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  19. Cam E.

    This is an exact twin of my first car. Mine came from a payday loan used car lot and had a rear diff whine. I fell out of love with it when the nylon timing gear broke and bent the push rods– a common problem with 327 of this vintage at around 60-80k miles it turns out. Of course, I now kick myself for not keeping it, but I could barely afford to buy a tank of gas in those days let alone pay for expensive repairs. I saw another twin of this car at an AMC car show a couple years ago.

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