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Less Than 50,000 Miles: 1973 Trans Am


Wearing an uncommon shade of green this ’73 Trans Am is a beautiful survivor. Having covered only 47,000 miles this is a Brewster green dream come true. With 5 days remaining, bidding has reached $25,100. Find it here on ebay out of Lincoln, Nebraska.


The large and powerful 455 cubic inch V8 is in good health and looks pretty clean despite some paint chipping and mild corrosion. The massive hood scoop, and its paint look quite nice though there is some mild wear, or paint chipping on the front edge of the scoop. Equipped with power steering, air conditioning, power brakes, and an automatic transmission, this Trans Am is ready for your next cruise in comfort.


Looking inside of this Trans Am reveals what can only be described as a perfect interior. This interior shows no evidence of use. The carpet is plush and rich in its shade of black, and the seats are wear and wrinkle free. The door panels look to have never have seen an elbow before, and the steering wheel looks like it is a showroom new piece. Though we are sure in person someone may be able to find something to nitpick. The lovely Brewster green is such an unusual color on this Trans Am, as it almost appears black until the sunlight catches the green just right. The paint looks very close to flawless, though there are some condition issues. The front of this Pontiac is lightly peppered with rock chipping, as are the rockers. There also looks to be a small rust area forming in the bottom of the passenger fender. The air damn has a hole in it, and looks to have some discoloration. The spats ahead of the rear wheel arches also look to be minimally discolored. The lower part of the rear quarters are starting to develop some rust, though it appears to be minimal at this point. The upper part of the driver side door into the driver quarter panel appears to have some sort of a finish issue. It almost looks to be the early onset of clear coat failure on this Pontiac. Still, this Trans Am is a beautiful survivor, with some flaws proving its age.


With some mild condition issues, this Trans Am is still an amazing beauty, in original condition. We would opt to maintain this one in its current condition as the mileage is low and the condition is nice. Would you pick up this Pontiac Trans Am?


  1. Matt Member

    brian, ill take it (as long as your buying!).

  2. redwagon

    all time favorite color combo for this generation t/a. only thing it is missing is a mt. oh well i would not kick it out of bed for dripping oil but my wife might!

  3. Mr. Bond

    Did they use clear coat from the factory in 1973? I thought it showed up in the 80’s.

    • Hank

      Nope. Single stage paint only on GM’s.

  4. Car Guy

    Brewster Green was a one year only color for the Trans Am. If you want to see one in action, look up the John Wayne movie “McQ” on You Tube. That particular Brewster green car met a sad fate in the movie.

  5. Car Guy

    Crap! I just bought my other favorite car a 73 TVR Tuscan clone no more room in my budget. at this time but will have to pass.
    I know I have weird taste, but I really like this Brewster Green Trans Am, my buddy had the exact one ( (4 speed) in the 80’s got tired of it, sold it to a younger guy, who promptly blew the motor, put a 350 in it and then painted it black. :( I almost cried.

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  6. Red'sResto

    Great looking car. When I glanced at the photo on my phone I had to do a double take- that shade of color is unusual enough, and the condition of the car so good, that I thought I was looking at a SEMA entry, not a listing in Barn Finds!

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  7. Richie C

    Beautiful car!!

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  8. OhU8one2

    One of the rarest color’s on a Trans Am,plus the 73 model was the last of its kind. The 74’s had numerous changes and same goes for 75’s, most least favorite of Firebird fans. If only this car had 4speed and factory snowflake wheels. I’m just green with envy. Poncho power at its finest.

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  9. Dolphin Member

    Great stance from both front and rear quarter in these pictures. Color looks good too, similar to the Bullitt mustang Highland green.

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  10. Peter B.

    Great looking car, but are those bias ply tires?

    • Car Guy

      Bias plies were the correct base tire on the 73 T/A. The 73 Grand Am was the first Pontiac to come equipped with steel belted radials standard.

      Actually, this T/A should have brushed stainless trim rings fitted to the wheels
      as they came standard on the 73’s.

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  11. JW

    This car just screams early 70’s Muscle. Love it !!!

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  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Has three other birds for sale also.

  13. ccrvtt

    The Holy Grail of T/As! What a beautiful car! Just have to cash in half my retirement then save a little for the ensuing divorce…

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    • 68 custom

      the Holy Grail would be this car with the SD 455 and a 4 speed, but it is a year to early. love the color! looks like a nice T/A. happy T-day!

      • Steven Visek

        Not too early. The SD 455 was optional in the T/A and Formula for both 1973 and 1974.

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      • M/K

        came out halfway through ’73

  14. Ck

    Love the year,love the color ,love everything about this TransAm .These are by far the best looking firebirds .When that giant bag of money drops out of the sky I’m gonna get me one .

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  15. erikj

    As carguy mentioned,changing a cars nice color and it was a car you had and loved sucks.I know once it belongs to someone else they can do what they want. Case in point. My first highschool car was a 71 340 4spd duster. That deep red with black out hood and black stripes really cool looking. The front susp. was bent from some one hitting a curb, so I got it cheap. Didn’t know how to fix it and a guy stopped by one day and bought it from me. I saw it a month later parked at a restaurant-so cool looking. It wound up gone for a few weeks and one day it was back-Painted black,no stripes,boring

  16. Steven

    Very nice Trans Am , but its Automatic

  17. Rolf Poncho 455

    U rite Steven 73 and 74 came with 455SD firebird and trans-am
    and its the same model as mine but I have the firebird 455 with
    400th trans and it is strong 545nm of torque only 290hp
    a real burnout machine lock diff and lot’s of fun

    • M/K

      that pic is a formula an yep you could get a s.d. 455 in one,maybe the most understated performance car ever the only standard body mods were the twin hood scoops they didnt even have a standard rear spoiler it was an extra cost option. i love’em but they are slower than ’70 ’71 & ’72

      • Steven Visek

        M/K, I always liked that Formula hood with its twin nostrils jutting out there. Looked like it meant business. BTW when you ordered the SD 455 in the Formula, it came with the shaker hood instead of the twin scoop hood.
        And you’re right that the rear spoiler was extra. So was the Formula steering wheel, strange that it was optional given it has the same name.

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      • Car Guy

        Steven is correct. The 73 and 74 SD Formula’s looked a bit odd with the T/A shaker, no rear spoiler or wheel spats, woodgrain dash, base steering wheel, and not much else. But optioned this way it was lighter, and quicker than the more heavily optioned T/A’s with the same motor.

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      • Steven Visek

        Here is a ’73 Formula SD 455.

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  18. Tom

    The thought of spending money like these cars are getting I once thought no way. But people drop twice that on new cars all the time. Remember there is classic car financing that provides the means to get your dream today, rates are reasonable . I did just that on my 1970 Pontiac LeMans convertible from California and love it everyday. Best money I have spent . This firebird would make someone real happy and get a lot of looks. My 2 cents

  19. Eddy D. Smith

    This car looks just like the car that actor John Wayne drove inf the only cop movies that he ever did. It was a 1974 crime drama called “Mc Q’ where he played a divorced detective named Lon Mc Q.. In the movie,they referred to his Trans Am as “The Green Hornet”.

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    • Glen Riddle

      The Duke and his Trans Am in McQ.

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  20. James

    There was a formula455 made in 1971. There was a very limited number built. Had twin functional ram air scoops. I owned one and hate i sold it in 1980.


      Yep, great cars and rare: less than 700 455 Formulas for 1971. If I recall, a little more than half were D-port motors and the remainder were the awesome 455 HO. Ram air was optional. The HO was available with stick or auto, while the D-port was auto only. Saw one once in black with Ram Air and the rear spoiler and it looked real sharp.

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  21. Jim Biasella

    The holy grail is the ram air iv engine.

    • Steven Visek

      Or the ’69 Trans Am convertible.

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      • Steven Visek

        OK, here’s the ’69 T/A convertible. Strange, I tried to post my above post multiple times(even with a couple different e-mails including my wife’s all with no luck) and it would not post, then it did but with the picture that Glen posted above. I had copied his cool pic but didn’t think I had attached it to my post. Weird.

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