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Lifted Dually: 1960 Ford F350

This 1960 Ford F350 left the factory with a stepside bed, and retains its original glass and paint. That’s where most of its factory correct-ness ends, as the truck now sports a significant lift and rides on a much newer chassis courtesy of a 1993 F350. The seller also points out it comes with a 7.3L IDI engine paired to a ZF 5-speed manual gearbox. To say it’s nasty is an understatement. Find it here on eBay with bidding approaching $8,500 and the reserve unmet.

It’s hard to deny the F350’s meaty stance, and the dually setup works incredibly well with the flareside bed. The heavy patina is almost a must-have on a truck like this, and thankfully, it’s not just a weathered paint job masking ugly rust. In fact, the entire truck has been updated in ways that give it a more modern driving experience despite the antiquated looks.

This includes 4×4 axles out of a 2004 Ford F350 with a Superduty master cylinder, giving it the braking performance of a much newer truck. A new charging system with updated alternator, new injectors, new waterpump, and new glowplugs round out the list of recent improvements. The interior retains its weathered appearance with a nicely preserved dash and door panels.

Bidding is strong so far but the reserve remains unmet. This is a very similar truck in execution to the 1953 Chevy 4×4 we have for sale in the large Georgia collection. This truck rides on a 4×4 chassis from a 1980s Chevrolet, and comes with a four-barrel carb sitting atop a rebuilt 350. Find it here on Barn Finds as part of a collection of vintage American trucks for sale.


  1. Avatar photo Mark


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    • Avatar photo Ian C

      Why not?

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  2. Avatar photo CapNemo

    Badass. Because MAN.

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  3. Avatar photo BlondeUXB Member

    Haven’t you featured this truck in the not too distant past ?

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    • Avatar photo CapNemo

      I remember it also. I like it all over again.

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    • Avatar photo Shane

      One you get a idi going there a tank 7.3 non turbo hope it has a banks kit for 8500

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      • Avatar photo M cabusio

        I remember it too, I was ready too jump, then it could not be explained why their was no lights and it ran poorly. Something with the power harness change, wonder if it was fixed. Someone payed a stack for it.

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    • Avatar photo Rube Goldberg Member

      April 1, 2019, wasn’t sold at $7,500 and I think it’s the same seller. Wonder what’s different this time? I forgot all about it. Seems by the comments, it wasn’t well received then either.

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    • Avatar photo Maynard Reed Jr

      I thought so too.

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  4. Avatar photo Rube Goldberg Member

    Well, this IS what we all say should be done to these. This looks like an exceptionally poor job, but it is an old truck on a newer chassis. I suppose if you were pulling a 40 foot Fruehauf, this could work, otherwise, as is, it looks incredibly unsafe to drive and will rattle your fillings loose, and that steering shaft looks like it could impale the driver. Looks cool, with that hitch it was meant to pull something. Shift lever is too long. I’ve driven trucks with long shift levers, it’s a PITA, automatic would be better.

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  5. Avatar photo canadainmarkseh

    Looks like they had to widen the box to get the fenders over the duelies. I don’t think it would be unsafe to drive, it would be like driving any other 70’s truck. Personally I would have gone with a single tire 1 ton axle it would have looked better and the box would not have had to be widened. You’d want some air ride seats in this to keep from getting multiple concussions from Smashing your head into the roof, you’d need to be tied down in those seats too. I’m not a fan of rustina and I like red so I would have done the body work and painted it red. I’d also like it better if it had Cummins under the hood.

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    • Avatar photo Raymond Shingleton

      They named them Cummins because they are never goings.

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  6. Avatar photo lbpa18

    There are some things that could make this better, yes. But the way its done now is pretty well executed. Its not my thing, but I like the idea. Im a stock 3/4T 4X4 guy with a Cummins or Powerstroke. If this did have a turbo diesel, it would be more expensive. I dont think this price is out of range for what it is given the long bed Ford stepsides are hard to come by. All in all, I think this will go to a home where it is loved. And let the next owner do some tweaking.

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  7. Avatar photo jamhess

    I’d finisshed the body when I had it off, a metalic blue but really, the body looks like a lot of time and $$$$$$.
    Also a duelly in FWD, in any kind of snow or soil are cutting new tracks W/outside rear wheels, a single rear is a lot better.
    But as sed, why?

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  8. Avatar photo Steve S

    It would ruin the truck more if you put a engine in it from a different vehicle company. There is no such thing as patina it is rust no matter how you look at it. The truck need repainted back to the original paint. Then redo the interior and get rid of that long shifter and put the original one back in its place. the single rear wheels would be better for off roading. wonder what was wrong with the original chassis and drive train that would of been good enough for a build like this. Then I would have to put the steps back in place on the bed since it was a stepside truck.

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    • Avatar photo Raymond Shingleton

      ford first on race day.

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      • Avatar photo canadainmarkseh

        Found on road dead

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      • Avatar photo Raymond

        Flat Out Racing Demon

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  9. Avatar photo TimM


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  10. Avatar photo Ken Carney

    Effed up on race day. Just had to throw that in. Our ’91 F-350 sits pretty tall in
    stock form and it’s not a dually. Cool
    looking truck though. Needs some
    safening up to be a daily driver IMHO.
    If you’re looking for the ultimate in
    machiismo and redneck charm, this
    truck has it. Just bring it here to Florida,
    it would sell in a minute!

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    • Avatar photo Raymond

      Then why does it have 4 tires in the back?

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  11. Avatar photo cnettles

    who bought the 1960 ford lifted dually? guys, I ask my best friend named isabella Dawn Lay to her parents or grandparents to get that for my birthday last year.

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