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Ligier JS6: More Juice Needed!

'86 Ligiers 1 & 2

Somewhere in whitley bay, England is an old barn with a rather unusual group of cars hiding inside. At this point in time, only one has been listed for sale, but if you’d like to take all three home a deal could be made. You can find this oddball here on eBay.uk in Whitley Bay, United Kingdom. This little electric is a Ligier JS6, according to the owner, with a high bid of £410. One of the other cars is just like this one and the other is a van. They state that this oddball is a project or parts vehicle.

'86 Ligier left front

This car was last registered in March of 1986. Maybe someone decided it didn’t have enough range to use so they just parked it shortly after buying it?

'86 Ligier barn door

Access is great, there are 2 “barn-like” doors, one on each side.

'86 Ligier juice

This unit runs on a 24V system, but like the last electric car we posted this one too does not have the batteries included in the car, is it time for another Flux Capacitor? As is, the car weighs in at 650 kg and can fit in a large transit van, which will make it easy to pickup and transport!

'86 Ligier int

These were purchased with the plan to rebuild them, do you know that feeling? Now, according to the owner, he has no time. The motor does turn with the aid of two 12v batteries.

'86 Ligier rear
The owner says that many of these have been converted to a motorbike engine configuration. This auction is for one car but he also has a “large spares package” which he will negotiate with the purchase.

'86 Ligier left

So does this little electric spark your interest? So what uses can you think of for this little oddball?




  1. Avatar photo Scotty G

    Cool, and left hand drive? For a British car?

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    • Avatar photo James

      Ligier is a French firm still manufacturing “sans permis voiturettes”. Voiturette means small car.

      You should be aware of their Forumla 1 team which was active from ’76 to ’96. They finished 2nd in the constructors championship in 1980.

      The current Ligier san permis line up – the rules/regs and buyers have changed:


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      • Avatar photo Scotty G

        Thanks for the info, James. It sounds like you know this vehicle, and this company, very well.

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  2. Avatar photo James

    The electric Ligier JS 6 is a bit of an odd duck.

    The standard JS 6 was propelled (slowly) by a Derbi 2 cycle, 48.76cc, 5 hp with a 6,000 rpm red line.

    The JS 6 Diesel was powered by Ducati RH 175 A single cylinder displacing 430cc. Yes, a Ducati diesel. Engine, transmission and differential make a compact unit.

    The JS 8 had a 7.5 hp 123.17cc 2 cycle manufactured by B.C.B.

    Interesting right shoulder of the road trekkers for those w/o driver’s license. No registration required – years ago of course.

    There was an earlier JS 4 four headlamp model with Motobécane 2.6 hp 49.90cc.

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  3. Avatar photo Wayne Thomas

    With retro being in for hipsters, one would think that a hipster would buy a 1970s-1900s electric car and refit it with newer tech.

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  4. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    A British look at the Pacer?

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  5. Avatar photo Richard Prokopchuk

    It would be great for a farm, for a mill yard, for car parts pickup and delivery, etc. Could it be licensed is what I’m wondering.

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    • Avatar photo Mike limb

      I currently have two these are there any other owners on here I just taxed one of them

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  6. Avatar photo Danny

    I have the same Ligier as pictured, it is a JS8 converted to electric by a company in 1986 called City Wheels. The proprietor intended to have docking stations in certain northern towns/cities where you could credit card swipe using a unit fixed to the outside of the vehicle. Ahead of it’s time & underfunded so it never became a reality. Mine is in virtually mint condition as I bought it of the owner of City Wheels. I still have the brochures of the intended usage which were designed on a Dragon computer back in the day. Mine has done under 100km I believe & runs on a 36 volt system using 6×6 volt deep cycle batteries. I also have a Ligier JS6 that has a Derbi 49cc water-cooled engine which they fitted after the early Motobécane engines. I’m actually preparing mine to be sold at present so you may see it on eBay soon if your interested.

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    • Avatar photo Mike limb

      Hi Danny I have two of these does ties have a logbook

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  7. Avatar photo Danny

    Earlier JS4 models had a Motobécane engine fitted as James mentioned

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  8. Avatar photo Danny

    I have a logbook

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  9. Avatar photo Danny

    I’m advertising it shortly

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  10. Avatar photo Mike limb

    I could be interested

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  11. Avatar photo Mike limb

    Where are you from

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