Like-New Nissan? 1987 Nissan 300ZX

Andrew TannerBy Andrew Tanner

Wow! I have seen a lot of ’80s 300ZXs, and this is without a doubt one of the nicest ones I have come across. A friend of mine had three in high school, getting progressively nicer every time he bought one. None of those cars were even close to being as nice as this car! This 1987 300ZX is rare in that it is totally unmolested, and has under 100,000 miles on it. As nice as it is, I find it hard to believe this car even has the claimed 91,000 miles on it. Many thanks to Michael for sending this one in! With 300ZXs in any decent condition selling for $3,000 and up, and super clean 300ZXs selling for $9,000 and up, I would say the seller is right on the money asking $8,900. Find it here on eBay in Missouri!

This Nissan is nearly immaculate, especially considering it has 91,000 miles on it. The seats have no rips or tears, and aren’t even worn! The seller claims the air conditioning is cold and works well. You’ll notice this 300ZX is a manual, and being this clean as a manual is pretty uncommon. Many of the unmolested 300ZXs I come across are automatics. This is a “one lady owned” vehicle and she must be one cool lady! The red paint with black interior is a great combination, and seeing the old striped Nissan seats in this condition is something I have never experienced. It’s even a coupe! While I personally prefer 2+2s, I understand I am in the minority.

This was definitely a nice car to begin with, but someone has put in the work to make it even nicer! The paint is dazzling and I have no doubt that the seller is correct to say “The car is actually better in person,” and I don’t normally buy that line. While these cars are pretty easy to come by, it isn’t always easy to find one as nice as this! This would be a great weekend car, especially with the t-tops off on a nice day. The car has the original t-top bags and sunshades as well, which are said to be in equally excellent condition. Under the hood sits the original six-cylinder and the engine bay is polished up to a beautiful shine.

This car even has the original electronics! I thought all of these cars came factory with a Kenwood head unit installed with wire nuts! Don’t worry, I’m only kidding, but seriously to see a radio that actually came with this car is a rarity. A small detail, but for someone like me this alone is enough to make me want to go check this car out! Would you buy it?

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  1. F.A.G.

    What’s the difference between a rip and a tear?

  2. S Ryan

    I’ve never seen one that Red and shiny before.
    Great handling cars.

  3. Joe Haska

    Wow, I know nothing about these cars , but it look really nice, like a goofy little red toy……Joe Haska

  4. Joe

    I have an 85′ 300zx with 69,000 miles in pristine condition! It’s the 2+2 with automatic transmission. Anyone who buys one of these cars will really love it!

  5. moorevisual

    a beautiful specimen i love this car

  6. Randy from the Great North of the Lower half of Michigan

    You can bet as nice looking as this car is in. Had to have plenty of hand waxing jobs done on it. And saying that the Lady that owns and took care of it. I Bet She Looks as Great as her car does. Wish she was in the picture of her standing by her car. Only other thing that comes to mine is the song Women in Red, looks as good as her car does. Thank You for showing off your car!!

  7. Greg NJ2SC

    What exactly is the differwnce between a coupe and a 2+2?

    • Rx7turboII

      Coupes are 2 doors without back seats and 2+2 ‘s are 2 doors with rear seats. The coupes are shorter by a few inches.

      • Greg NJ2SC

        Thank you

  8. Bish

    Hopefully it wasn’t winter driven and this isn’t a repaint as the dealer pckge looks like a New Jersey location which would mean salt!
    If no winters it’s very Nice!


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