Limited Production Run: 1985.5 Ford Mustang SVO

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The best part about this gig, writing for Barn Finds, is increasing your knowledge of small, obscure automotive facts. Take this 1985.5 Ford Mustang SVO, for instance: I thought for sure the seller was pulling one of those annoying production stat schemes where they talked about how SVOs made on Thursdays with vertical versus horizontal stripes on the upholstery were particularly rare, but it turns out these late-production SVOs are pretty special. Find it here on craigslist with a $3,000 ask. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Miguel for the find. 

The 85.5 models actually left the factory with a boost in performance, with 205 b.h.p. on tap. The production numbers were quite low, with less than 500 SVOs made that had the extra oomph, and the aero-enhanced headlights that gave the front end a smoother look. The seller notes some other questionable tweaks have been made, like that awful Cobra-style rear hatch.

The interior is OK, but definitely in need of a refresh. The suspension has been lowered, and camber caster plates and subframe connectors have been added as well. The Mustang should be an entertaining handler if tires were upgraded at some point, but I hope those Simpson seat belts don’t point to repeated hard launches at a local drag strip.

The seller vaguely refers to “…custom motor work at some time” in the listing, which leaves more questions than it answers. These are obviously highly tunable machines, but not everyone wants one that’s had the boost cranked up for maximum performance. These final production SVOs are special and rare cars, and this one deserves a sympathetic return to stock condition. If it is, I see some potential upside here for a decent increase in value over the purchase price.

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  1. stillrunners

    Did I say I liked these then……and still now over the same years 5.0h’s….

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  2. Superdessucke

    Starter relay went out? Does that mean you have to jam a screwdriver between the positive and negative terminals of the starter like back in the day? Or push it while in 2nd gear and pop the clutch like they had to do with Danny’s mom’s car in the Karate Kid. In a weird way that would be kind of cool.

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  3. Dave Suton

    1985.5? I’m sure there was an 1986 model year of these.

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    • Joe Flannery

      I worked selling Fords in 1985. 85.5 is correct

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  4. Tiberius1701

    @Dave Suton Yes there was.The 1985 1/2 incorporated all of the improvements that carried into the ’86 model. The one thing that differed was the engine calibration. The 1/2s had more advertised horsepower (210 vs. 200 for the ’86) but they ran as if it was more like 240-250 HP. I was working at a NE Ohio Ford store at the time.

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  5. Dougie

    Also, no 3rd brake light on the 85.5! Too many modifications on this one, in my opinion. It’s rough all around.

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