Little Landie! 1/2 Scale Land Rover Defender

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Barn Finds reader Dik S. writes: Hi folks, I found this in the UK. Kind regards from the Netherlands, Dik S. It’s an approximately 1/2 scale Land Rover Defender, or at least it loosely resembles one. The miniature is available here on eBay UK, and it’s located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Bidding is heavy and is already up to 390 pounds!

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While it’s obviously not a perfect replica, the straight lines of the original design lend itself to duplication in sheet material. The seller tells us that the “tot rod” has recently been pulled out of a barn where it has been sitting for a very long time and has now been cleaned up. There’s still some work to be done, however!

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The front does not contain an engine, unfortunately. I do admire the creative use of what I think are flashlight bezels to create headlights, and the grille material looks almost correct.

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While this is where an engine or motor is intended to be, there’s nothing here. The seller tells us that they have “a box full of electrics motors and wiring to help get this finished.” I’m guessing that’s a little optimistic, but think about it; you’ll have the only one!

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Can you see a little friend of yours in this seat? If I had a Defender, I’d love to have this as well for my 11 year old! Any UK readers interested?



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  1. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    It’s ment to resemble the 70s military “lightweight ” land rover.

  2. jaygryph

    Fun. That looks like nothing but fun. I’d love to own a goofy little thing like that!

  3. grant

    Totally cool but obviously made of plywood not sheet metal, on the body anyway. Would be a neat toy for a kid.

  4. brian crowe

    I’m pretty sure the motor goes in the rear where the drive sprocket is.

  5. Sidedraught

    Is it just an American thing that all Land Rovers get referred to as “Defenders”?
    It doesn’t remotely resemble a Defender and even the listing says “lightweight”, yet here on Barnfinds it gets called a Defender.
    Defender isn’t really even a model, its just a decal that the marketing department started putting on regular Land Rovers in the early 1990’s after the introduction of the Land Rover “Discovery”.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      They have been marketed here as Defenders for a long time, so yes…sorry!

  6. delboy

    My ’81 Landrover. The correct title is ‘ Lightweight 1/2 tonne airportable military’ Landrover. This one sadly, was sold for it’s scrap value. No money or time to replace the rusty chassis.

    • delboy

      will this up-load??

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