More Than A Little Rough: 1967 Camaro RS 327

It’s funny how where you live can impact your prospective on the size of a project. The seller of this ’67 Camaro states that it’s not in bad shape, but either they are looking a completely different vehicle than what’s listed in their ad or they have a very different view then me on what being in bad shape is. This thing has lots of rust and appears to be missing a lot of parts, but then again it might not be that bad compared to other finds in Massachusetts. You can take a look at this rusty project here on eBay in South Hadley, Massachusetts with a BIN of $7,500 or the option to make an offer.

While it isn’t an SS, it’s at least an RS with the 327 V8. The engine is there and runs on an external fuel tank. Obviously, you won’t be driving it anywhere anytime soon, but it’s nice to know that the engine isn’t damaged. I am a bit confused what the seller means when they say that it hasn’t ever been titled. Do they mean to say that the car wasn’t ever titled from new or do they just mean that they never titled it? I would assume they mean the later, but some clarification may be in order here.

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  1. Van

    It has the rare 12 wheel option.

    • doug6423

      Where would the other eight fit?
      :) LOL :)

      • grant

        Right under it, where they are…..

  2. Jay M

    “Free local pickup” -how generous.

    Looks like someone gave up after uncovering a lot of rust…

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      LOL! It’s nice to know that you won’t get charged for coming over to pick it up.

      Maybe he means that you won’t be charged for the rust and debris cleanup.

  3. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Given the popularity of the ’67 Camaros and this one being a factory 327 RS with desirable options like the tach and AC, it would not surprise me if someone pulls the trigger at the BIN price.

  4. flmikey

    I think the no title statement is that it was sold in a no title state originally…5K piece even in these times…

  5. Rx7turboII

    3 words… BETTER OFF DEAD

    This car is still sexy as hell even with the rust. Looks just the 67 from the John Cusack movie above….I’d buy it!

  6. Jeff

    I had that same console in a ’56 a chevy I purchased in 1982…

  7. Alfie

    This car is really nice for what it is. Looks like it was optioned for both luxury and speed. Lots of work, but a 1st gen Camaro is always very desirable. I’d buy it.

    Mountain Green paint, (didn’t come from factory with vinyl top, so it was added later), A/C, P/S but no P/B (!), R/S, tach/gauges, Z23 interior w/ deluxe seat belts, tinted windows (all, req’d w/ A/C), Powerglide A/T, center console, and rear antenna.

  8. David Frank David F Member

    Sunday I took lots of folks of all ages for rides in the museum’s ’67 RS convertible, most, not car people. Many had never even ridden in a convertible! People loved the interior, the sound, and the overall coolness. (what planet have these folks been on?) Some even dared ask “which one was better, this or the Fairlane convertible?”, also giving rides. I think many folks discovered cars that day thanks to the RS!

  9. JDJonesDR

    Crazy. For me this is a 2-3K car .

    I had one once that a guy gave me for a bar bill. I sold it for 4 grand. Big mistake.

  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    Stick a fork in that one, it’s done.

  11. Steve

    I love the ’67 ’68 Camaro, but I hate vent windows, and I hate the side marker lights. So basically a ’67 with ’68 doors “if this would work” or a ’68 with ’67 fenders and the marker lights filled in on the rear quarters.

    • Tom Member

      1968 was the first year side marker lights became mandatory on all cars. 68 have wrap around lights in the front to accomplish that and the rear quarter panels marker lights. Vent windows were on 67 only. Not on 68. Doors are otherwise the same 67-68.

      Unless you are really modifying the car, deleting those features is not wise in my opinion. 1st gen Camaros are worth more money when kept original when a letter car be it an RS or SS or RS/SS. If it is a base model, restomoding it with some alterations or changes will make the car far more valuable in todays market

  12. Steve

    Oh and BTW, if you cant weld or paint and have to farm that out, this thing is junk. You have at least 16k in sheetmetal and paint + the BIN, before the rest of the mechanical and interior restoration. The market is moving I watched this years Mecum 2017 Kissimmee FL auction and there were a bunch of 1stgen big block 4 speed cars in the 60,000.00 area. This thing is not a money maker in the current market unless you can do body and paint yourself.

  13. newfieldscarnut

    Feedback not so good on eBay .

  14. Paul

    I absolutely love the look of the vent windows is the 67’s and with the top down they make the wind go around you without blowing your head off. I have driven many early Camaro’s and Mustangs and prefer the vent windows in both cars. However I know more people love the 69 look the best.

  15. dogwater

    From what I can see it looks like a great project at the right price.

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