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Loaded Diesel 4×4: 1993 Dodge Power Ram W-250

When it comes to pickup trucks, there are a few models that command a following regardless of what is happening economically or in the car hobby overall. Trucks like this 1993 Dodge Power Ram W-250 with the desirable Cummins turbodiesel engine under the hood are a perfect example of the phenomenon, as there always seems to be a line of bidders eager to raise their paddles. In addition to its powerplant, this particular Dodge is also loaded up with factory options, and the seller claims it was never abused, and it looks to be in decent shape for having over 200,000 miles. Find the Dodge here on eBay with bids to $17,600 and no reserve.

Despite looking like the older D-series trucks, this is effectively considered the first generation of the thoroughly redesigned Ram that many of us recognize from the middle 90s. In a way, this cross-over of generations, wherein you still got the old-school looks but with some new creature comforts, is an ideal middle ground for anyone who is looking for a classic pickup they can daily drive. This W-250 certainly checks that box, as its condition remains sound but it’s not so nice you’ll be scared to park it in a busy lot. The bed side obviously needs some cosmetic repair, but once that’s done, this two-tone truck will looks quite sharp, especially with the chrome wheels.

The seller’s Ram is loaded up with options, which is likely driving just as much interest as the Cummins drivetrain: power windows, brakes, steering, and door locks,  cruise control,  air conditioning,  Dana 60 and 70, and 3.54 gearing. The seller reports that “….everything works right down to the under hood light.” The interior looks quite inviting, too, with nicely bolstered bucket seats and clean carpets. This era of the Ram also benefits from some small but significant improvements, such as a new gauge cluster with a three-pod arrangement incorporating a helpful voltmeter. As a club cab model, you’ll also get the jump seats behind the front buckets.

As most of us know, the real attraction is the Cummins-sourced turbodiesel. If you’re like me and a fan of the inline-six engine design, then it makes even more sense why this setup is so popular. I6 engines typically are long-lived with great track records for durability. Throw in the generally over-built nature of a Cummins product, especially one with direct injection and a turbocharger, and you have a honey of a setup. The seller’s truck likely makes around 160 horsepower with an impressive 400 lb. ft. of torque – more than enough to pull a few stumps. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one break $20,000 – where do you think it will land?


  1. Nelson C

    Good looking old Dodge Cummins. The auto trans is the weak link. If you’re towing you want the manual. There was an auxiliary trans cooler for the BR series. On the other hand the engine and backbone is indestructible.

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    • David A Sanford

      Actually, the automatic is better for towing if it has the updated brass Trans cooler plumbing connector fittings and if equipped with the transmission cooler package. I had a 94 with the plastic transmission oil connector and it failed and started to lose transmission oil. Caught it in time, otherwise i would have had a blown transmission. I had the plastic fittings updated with brass and i recommend the buyer have this done. The newer ones, 95 or 96 and up used brass so mo problem but the 94 and maybe earlier did have that issue so could be why the auto trans got a bad rep. The chrysler 47RH and 47 RE automatic transmissions used with the Cummins were noted to be very strong having Torque Flight heritage which were known to stand up to hard race and drag strip service. Properly cooled id pick a 47RH or RE over a manual for towing. The manual 5-speed Getrags used in the earlier Dodge Cummins had issues in the transmission. I have now a 97 with 47RE auto and all cooling packages I bought new and wouldn’t trade it for a brand new one even up. This rig looks very nice and worth the ask. The engine is a forever engine, being rebuildable and sleeveable so will be around after the rest of the truck is a pile of dust.

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      • Nelson C

        When these came out and for several years the automatic received a lower tow rating with an automatic. No doubt that they could do a lot of work. As Geomechs said you were best served if you didn’t turn the horsepower up too far.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Lots of these out west. They sure earned their stripes. The VE injection pump is the actual achilles heel because it’s so close to self-destruct mode that opening it up usually turns the inside of that pump into a mass of metallic sludge. We used to (carefully) turn them up to 180 and they were okay as long as you had the updated rollers and plunger return springs. Heard a lot of stories (even on BF) about cranking them up to 400 hp. I say, “Go for it.” I sure won’t argue. They DO work pretty well, set at 180.

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  3. nlpnt

    Those seats got around! They were also used in full-size vans and Omnis. They were a little too thick-backed for that last use and robbed a bit more rear-seat kneeroom than it could spare though.

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  4. Christopher Bell

    Nice old truck. Clean on the inside. Crazy on the price. 🤦‍♂️🙄

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  5. Piros1

    I had a 92 solid red inside and out with the optional 4:10 gearing. Never had transmission issues except it came out of the factory with a defective torque converter. The bolt lugs were not square and it ate three flex plates up before I finally convinced the dealer and Dodge to replace it. I paid half but it was out of warranty by then. You would think after three plates they would suspect there may be problem. The other issue I had was there was an electrical part that would fail and cause it to kick out of OD. I towed a lot and it never failed or got hot. Maybe it was the 4:10 gears. I had closing in on 300,000 when my don totaled it. That was 20 years ago. I actually still have it setting up in the back 40.

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    • David A Sanford

      The 410 definitely helped. That engine in the totaled truck might still be good. Even after 300K, still lots of life left. Folks are taking these engines from wrecked or rotted trucks and putting them in farm tractors to repower them.

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  6. RoadDog

    The price is a bit steep IMO, but, cosmetic issues not withstanding, that is a good-looking straight survivor. If I had the extra $$, I would be tempted. GLWTS.

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    • Ashtray

      This is a good looking truck. I like the fact that it hasn’t been repainted yet. This way a person can see what it really is.
      Someone has spent a considerable amount of money on this truck.
      I currently own an 05 Dodge 3500, quad cab with the short bed that I am getting ready to sell. It has the 5.9 diesel engine.
      It has been, and still is, one of the trucks that I have ever owned.
      Just my oponion!

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  7. Butchb

    Great trucks. I’ve owned a few of them. Downside of this model is they are rough riders and the front leaf springs droop. I’ve found that re-arching them doesn’t help. Aftermarket new springs in the front are about the only solution. This one has 2nd Gen wheels which requires changing out the wheel studs and lug nuts which costs about $50 a hub, plus the cost of the rims which have doubled in price in recent years. Unless you have a handy 2nd gen parts truck laying about that improvement’s going to cost ya about $350ish but worth IMO as they really make the truck pop looks wise. I’d say with the flaking paint, that’s all the money + for one of these. But with the cost of some new Diesel 4WD pickup’s flirting with six figures. We’ll see.

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    • MoparMike

      I did an add-a-leaf kit on mine years ago, still seems to be holding up.

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  8. Chris Cornetto

    The cat’s meow at one time. I repainted plenty of these. I knew quite a few that drove them. Injector pump was a common replacement item but all and all they were a workhorse, and a decent looking one.

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  9. Dan

    Price may be steep just because it’s a 3-decade-old vehicle; the drivetrain alone could account for much of that price. Remarkably clean inside for a truck with 200K. Strip the body to bare metal, take care of possible surface rust and give this a new paint job and you’ll have a truck that’ll still be around after a million miles.

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  10. Roger

    The 93 was the last year of this generation, 94 introduced the new redesigned body and interior.
    They look totally different from each other.

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