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Loaded With Options! 1970 Buick GS455 Stage 1

Before the Internet, if a Stage 1 Buick turned up anywhere, in any condition, even if it was red with a blue interior, a local Buick enthusiast (or several) would empty their IRA or their kids’ college fund to buy it. Today that-there World-Wide-Web thingy gives your local sale a national, if not global, audience. Even in that melee this 1970 Buick GS455 Stage 1 outside Vacaville, California stands out. Start with the numbers-matching powertrain, air conditioning, and other power options on top of the wicked Stage 1 performance package, and, with 1970 being the peak year for these cars, it’s no surprise the ad here on Craigslist asks $32,000. Get two Type-A bidders at an auction and this green machine could go for twice that. Did I mention the seller says this classic “runs amazing?” Thanks to reader Matt R. for spotting this well-appointed street monster.

The setting sun makes for a less-than-ideal photo shoot, but what’s presumed to be original Sherwood Green paint (really?) holds a nice shine, the grille is straight, and the bumper looks a bit worn but un-crumpled.

Other than the el-cheapo vinyl wrap on the steering wheel, this Buick looks ready to ride! You might ask for bucket seats with a console-shifted four-speed instead of the bench with column-shifted automatic, but I’d take this look in a minute. Power seat, power windows, power brakes, and power steering combine with air conditioning to make this one fancy muscle car.

Only “GS” badges, sport wheels, and the subtle air holes in the hood suggest this Buick is more than an everyday grocery-getter.

Last but certainly not least we must sing the praises of the mighty Buick 455. Functional air scoops supply the 7.5L monster with cubic hectares of fresh air, appropriately screened to avoid ingesting wayward song birds. I didn’t even know you could get AC on a Stage 1 car! Whoever ordered this beast believed in The Power of “And.” Buick’s sales literature described the Stage 1’s carburetor as having throats “like Carlsbad Caverns.” The carburetor mixes plenty of fuel with all that air while the high-lift cam and other goodies convert the exploded mixture into 360 HP and a stump-pulling 510 lb-ft of torque, according to lov2xlr8. While the $115 Stage 1 option added 10 HP on paper, Hemmings reports it may have generated nearer to 395 HP. HotRod made 426 HP on a 455 setup close to Stage 1 specs. If I buy one of these, I’ll drive it like I own a refinery. Is this Buick’s ultimate muscle car?


  1. Avatar photo Turbo

    I wish it wasn’t green, but it is still an awesome luxury muscle car. This car is the definition of a luxury muscle car. These pretzels are making me thirsty!

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  2. Avatar photo Steve R

    Fair price if it checks out in person. It’s not cheap, nor should it be, but it’s presentable as it sits and can be worked on and driven at the same time.

    It has a great set of options, largely in tune with current expectations. There are a couple of odd omissions from that list, it has power drum brakes and wasn’t ordered with a rear sway bar.

    Steve R

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  3. Avatar photo Mark

    GS 455 Stage 1. One of the best Muscle car combos of all time imo. And with 70 being the best looking year Lark, once combined with A/C and the fact that its green, checks all the right boxes for me. Nothing like torque wrapped in class.

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  4. Avatar photo TimS

    Green and lots of options. Boy, if only…

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  5. Avatar photo Troy s

    Serious machine from arguably the strongest class of 1970. Just knowing how strong these pull allows me to ignore such an ugly steering wheel. It really is, looks like a late model air bag unit.
    The beast!

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    • Avatar photo Mark

      My 70 Lark has the same wheel, and although its black and in mint shape, I agree the design is airbag ugly.

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  6. Avatar photo The_Driver

    I’m not really into muscle cars, just not my thing… But if I had this car for a month, I’d lose my driver license!

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    • Avatar photo Skorzeny

      The_Driver, just curious, what is your ‘thing’, if not muscle cars?

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      • Avatar photo The_Driver

        Small Japanese and small Euro cars. Miata, 944 Turbo (951), RX7, VW GTI/R etc.

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  7. Avatar photo Cattoo Member

    I’ll take it! Someone pay the man. And after many a heartfelt thank you handshakes and some small talk I’ll be on my way in this sweet ‘70 Stage 1.

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  8. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    The only way this car could be any better is if it had the buckets/console/ and rear bumper with exhaust cutouts! Green is o.k. by me! GLWTS!! :-)

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  9. Avatar photo Redwagon

    Worst possible color.
    Worst possible transmission.
    Worst possible shifter location.
    Worst possible seats.
    I still want it.

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  10. Avatar photo Keith

    These cars were nothing but fast and the standard gear on a Stage 1 with air was 3:42 one of best that you could get in this model year. No air and you got the 3:64 gear and of course dealer added gears were put in for sure. These cars would be a solid 12 second car with the right tires in the back.Even today guys fear coming up against these beasts at the strip.

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  11. Avatar photo Nevadahalfrack Member

    A lotta green for this green machine but because it’s mean it’ll always make the scene-ya know what I mean?

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  12. Avatar photo Joe Spinelli

    Powerfully beautiful beast and whoever decided to take pictures of it at sunset I say “GOOD IDEA” it makes for a beautiful photo

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  13. Avatar photo Gary Fogg

    Incorrect door panels for 1970, incorrect door panel emblems for 1970 GS

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    • Avatar photo Poppy

      Shouldn’t it also have the chrome trim plates between the arm rests and the door panels? It’s a Buick for cryin’ out loud, not a Chevy.

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    • Avatar photo Jcs

      The door panels and emblems looked off to me as well. I thought to myself well maybe it’s just a lower trim level. But now on second thought it seems that I would have seen this before, I have not.

      Any 70 GS 455 owners out there care to chime in and verify further?

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      • Avatar photo james malone Member

        I have a 70 Stage1 but I admit I don’t spend my life understanding every nuance. The door panels look completely different, the fender emblems appear set too far forward, and I believe the chrome Stage1 air cleaner is from a Riviera Stage1 package. I do kind of wonder about authenticity. Also, I wonder how many people who were aware of the Stage1 package, and ordered it, passed over the power disc brake option and simply checked the power brake option, as well as completely passing on the F41 suspension package. Probably happened, but I would look this car over pretty carefully.

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      • Avatar photo Gary Fogg

        I have 2, these are wrong

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  14. Avatar photo Dave Mathers

    I remember when these bad boys started showing up at our drag strip. I was unimpressed with them UNTIL they started clicking off 13s on Polyglass tires!!

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    • Avatar photo John Henry

      Hi Dave
      Did Central Chev sell any? You old St. Thomas Drag Strip Tech Inspector!!
      John from Chatham.

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  15. Avatar photo Vince H

    These beasts put fear in the heart of hemi owners. Was as bad as it got in 70. They always sell for less than their GM mates.

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  16. Avatar photo z28th1s

    I had a ’70 GS Stage 1 back in the early 80’s. It had Hooker headers, Crane cam, a reworked 800 CFM Q-jet and HEI distributor with an auto trans and 3.42 posi.

    I only ever lost one street race. I was to a big block ’68 Camaro that had nitrous on it. At the time I had never even heard of nitrous. Even then he could only pull me about 2 car lengths to 100 MPH. He was totally shocked at how well my car ran.

    I would love to have another one!

    The GS Stage 1 emblems on the front fenders (especially the driver’s side) at too far forward. Makes me wonder if the car has original paint on it.

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  17. Avatar photo Malcolm C Walker

    Adjusted for inflation, the $2/gallon gas in my area is 29 cents in 1970 dollars.

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  18. Avatar photo Keith

    Yes door panels are not the right ones. Like any of the cars no docs to prove what it is don’t buy it or get a clone price on it.

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  19. Avatar photo Rixx56 Member

    Love this if it is genuine. I believe these
    had quickest factory 1/4 ETs for 1970!?

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    • Avatar photo Turbo

      I believe that you are correct, sir. Years later, a magazine – don’t remember which one – had one of these race a hemi car in the 1/4 mile. Both purported to be stock cars and the Buick won.

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      • Avatar photo z28th1s

        It was the cover story in Muscle Car Review.

        Roy Badie’s Hemi Roadrunner versus Ricard Lassister’s GS Stage 1.

        Richard was the president of the GS Club of America. The Buick won the shootout.

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  20. Avatar photo Ray

    Didn’t all stage ones come with the exhaust cut outs in the rear bumper? Or was that an option?

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    • Avatar photo z28th1s

      No the N25 code through the bumper exhaust was an option in ’71and ’72.

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  21. Avatar photo Bill S.

    looks to be an early 1970 build, the door panels, emblems and gauge package with pointed lenses are correct for a bench seat automatic built in 1969. i agree with z28th1s the fender emblems on the drivers side are too far forward

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  22. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    Definitely a business mans muscle car, a corporate executive could drive this to work, and not break a sweat, and on Saturday night while wifey was sipping Tom Collins and watching Mary Tyler Moore, he could slip out and take in some of the neighborhood youth, then go home strong a d take care of wifey, in her Capri pants

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  23. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    Perfect color combo for this car. Green is my favorite color and with the clean white interior it just sparkles. I hope to see the price rise above asking. These cars don’t belong in the hands of people who will not protect and maintain them. This is a magnificent car, regardless if all the trim pieces are correct or not. Any and all naysayers should just pass on by, this isn’t the right car for you anyway.
    God bless America

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