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Look At What Chuck Just Bought For $2,500!

Chucks 1955 MG TF

From Chuck F. – I couldn’t believe it when I went and checked this out! $2,500 seemed like such a great price to me even for a basket case, especially since it had the body straightened and painted, although it had been parked for over 10 years. Body panels were just half bolted on with some scratches and paint pebbling in spots from time in a humid garage. It included new seat covers and door panels, some books and a workshop manual, and several other boxes. Can’t wait to get started on it!

TF Dash

Didn’t dicker on the price. He had two other guys wanting to see it, but I picked it up today. Been disassembled and painted. Needs bolted back together, interior seat covers/door panels kit, dash, and chrome trim installed. Wife’s 66 Mustang was first but she says either one, so I guess it’s the one most done. When I lived in Indiana my neighbor had a MGTD and I always wanted one. They were always a bit expensive though and I never ran across one this low priced. Not going to be a show car, just a fun driver.

Raleigh Chopper

Seller got it when his dad passed. He said his dad bought it in 1964 a month before he was born, and and he remembers riding in the back luggage compartment with his sister! It’s missing the spare wheel. Previous owner said he remembers his dad losing a wheel while driving from not tightening the knock off. It looks like cream paint under the hood where some of the green paint has peeled. He didn’t know if it would run. I just trailered it home today and rearranged space in my shop to keep it safe. My one and a half car garage now works as a two car garage. It also keeps company with a British 1970 Raleigh Chopper bike I have.

Wow, you are a lucky man Chuck! Please keep us updated on your progress.

Be sure to send in your own find stories so we can share them with everyone!


  1. Buddy

    What a great find. Looks like its going to be a blast to drive!

  2. jim s

    wow that is a great deal. glad your not going to flip it. should make a fun project. the bike would also be a fun ride and worth some money. thanks for sharing.

  3. Doug M. (West) Member

    NICE FIND!!! I would be really excited, too, to find something with that solid a platform to finish up… great work!

  4. Rob

    It’s a MG TF (headlights are the defining detail, amoungst a few others, inc those octagon gauge openings in the dash), and NOT a TD. Plus TF’s will bring more $$’s on the Classic car market, i.e. if Chuck ever decides to sell it. My 83 yr old brother restored and still owns this one, he’s had it for over 40+ yrs, ‘n enjoys driving it whenever he can.. Great Find :)

  5. Horse Radish

    Hey, let’s hear more about that Raleigh bicycle….
    ..Just kidding.
    Great find, it looks clean and rust free.

  6. Dolphin Member

    TFs are the best of the T series. I’m jealous. You got a great buy, even if you have to figure out how to put it back together. Good luck and show us some progress photos.

  7. Peter


    Congrats, my man! And you got it for “short money.”

    You ROCK!

    Can’t wait to see the “blow by blow” reports.

    (At the risk of mixing my metaphors): Take a victory lap, my friend. You just landed a whopper!



    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks Peter, but this was actually Chuck’s find. I may be lucky, but not that lucky!

      • Peter

        Whoops! My bad! (Must have been that adult beverage I had). And, I hear you–we should all have “The Luck of Chuck,” in such matters, right? LOL

        To Chuck,

        (I’ll just repost, to you, what I mis-posted, to Jesse):

        Congrats, my man! And you got it for “short money.”

        You ROCK!

        Can’t wait to see the “blow by blow” reports.

        (At the risk of mixing my metaphors): Take a victory lap, my friend. You just landed a whopper!



        P.S.: I, too, like the “Chopper bike.” Brings back memories. (The ones in my neighborhood had a near-slick on the rear wheel–and possibly “Redline” tires?)

  8. sunbeamdon

    Great find – now if its a 1500 you done hit the jackpot!

    Best of luck – keep us posted

  9. Mr.Eman

    I had that exact same bicycle as a kid. I bought it at a police auction for $15.

  10. Robert Park

    Welcome to the MG / Raleigh Choppers owners club! (’72 MGBGT)

  11. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    Thanks, guys, I did get lucky, the seller even said a guy in an MG club looked at it and didn’t want to put it together, wasn’t recently but not sure how long ago. It is a 1955 MG TF 1500, number 9252 of 10,000 or so, I always thought the TF was a neat improvement on the TD, how about the included seat covers are new leather. I put an ad on a MG forum looking for a spare wheel/tire and a guy in Raleigh NC said I could have one free if I picked it up. There is also a MG BBS, kind of old school but very active. The Raleigh Chopper is a 1970 Series I, found it about 6 years ago outside my little town at a yard sale for $20, lime green is kind of rare, too bad it’s only a 3 speed and not 5.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Chuck, not sure where you are, but I’m just south of Raleigh if you need someone to hold the wheel for you for a while. And all the cool kids had the Raleigh Choppers when I was growing up in England. I just had the Raleigh Hercules Jeep… :-(

      • Chuck F

        Thanks for the offer, Jamie, I may take you up on it. I asked the guy if he would send it via Greyhound to Pensacola, and he said he’d prefer to have it picked up, I don’t blame him, it is free. I’m in no big hurry, and I don’t think he is either, send me an email and I’ll get his contact info, if you pick it up maybe we can find someone heading this way (Pensacola area).
        On a side note, a few guys have commented on wanting to see progress, I suppose a regular BarnFinds posting would be one way, post in this comment area, or how about a BarnFinds Forum?

  12. sunbeamdon

    mmm, you’ll need a tire rack on the back of the TF to carry the Chopper for reliable transportation!

    I couldn’t quite pick out the 1500 emblem on the bonnet. My oh my you did get “lucky”! Gee, I just created your personalized plate.

  13. Alan (Michigan)


    Can’t wait to see occasional progress reports. What fun.

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