Lotto Winnings: 1988 Ford Mustang Saleen


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It may seem like I’ve got a thing for Mustangs based on some of the recent posts, but the frequency more has to do with some pretty unique examples popping up for sale. Here’s a little-used 1988 Mustang Saleen here on eBay with only 38,456 original miles. Supposedly, it has never been rained on and the original owner purchased it with the proceeds from a lottery windfall. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jim S. for the find!


The Saleen Mustangs were hardly a case of mere window dressing on a gussied-up Fox Body. The 5.0L V8 was the standard engine, and in addition to the sport steering wheel and Recaro seats seen here, the Saleens also received four wheel disc brakes, a heavy-duty master cylinder, five-lug SVO rotors and an optional 3.55 rear end. No word on whether this car wears that last part, but it does have the correct body kit featuring aggressive spoilers front and rear as well as the original body graphics and mesh wheels.


Mileage is low but not incredibly so. This doesn’t bother me as it means the car was at least used! The ’88 models received the 170 m.p.h. speedo seen here, along with Monroe shock absorbers and a Pioneer sound system. While the hatchback is the most commonly seen Saleen of this generation, you could spec one out in coupe or convertible form. The notchback is my favorite body style and the one I’d try to find if I were hunting for a Saleen, but very few were made. However, the Oxford White paint job that this example wears makes it a compelling choice.


Overall, the Saleens of this generation are a tasty but restrained upgrade over a stock Mustang. The exclusivity factor is high with a car like this, if that sort of thing matters to you. What’s better is that they weren’t just for show – the Saleens actually had a decent track record in competition as well, winning at the 24 Hours of Mosport along with other SCCA-sanctioned events. While this ’88 is already certain to fetch a fair price based on bidding presently exceeding $15,000, it’s likely an investment that will appreciate while being driven just enough that you won’t be afraid to use it. Which Saleen generation is your favorite?

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  1. Leroy

    I remember in the late 80s, early 90s (can’t remember for sure), I was working in the St. Charles, MO area and needed a secure area to park my drilling rig for the night. Just across a field was a fenced-in area that was perfect. Parked in the area was a car transporter full of Mustangs and many, many more parked on the lot. I went in the shop to ask about parking there for the night an ended up taking a tour of the Saleen Mustang facility. What a great ending to an otherwise ordinary day!

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    The seats are actually Flo Fits but look very similar to Recaros.

    I hope to own one of these some day and hopefully the prices won’t be stratospheric when I can actually get one. I wish this one had cruise control with the cool mounts on the Momo wheel.

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  3. DolphinMember

    Very, very nice. And with about 10 bids after only 2 days it should sell for good money, by rights at least $20K…or more, since there’s more than $20K of car there.

    Low miles….in the collection of a Saleen dealer….proper firm suspension….good brakes….great body design….big N.A. V8….5-speed—-what more could you want?

    I would like to own one but it will probably not happen. I like to run under the radar, and with the big wing and other body stuff, Saleens don’t.

    But I have a lot of respect for Steve Saleen for doing it right, including firming up the suspension, which lots of cars never get. And then for putting his cars where his mouth is, so to speak, in racing. Any car and driver that can win the 24 Hrs of Mosport has my respect, especially so early in his tuning career. Turn 2 there is one of the fastest, most difficult and downright treacherous turns in racing, but the guy from California prevailed on a very difficult Eastern Canadian track for 24 hours.

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    • jim s

      they also race/raced motorcycles there. i think i saw Wes Cooley, who is going to be Grand Marshal at the 2016 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, race Superbikes there ” back in the day “. he was going around the outside of everyone in turn 2 and that turn is as you stated. thanks

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  4. piper62j

    Saleen was very popular in the day and produced some very nice cars.. This is one of them.. HOWEVER,, The #8 digit on the odometer seems to have a broken leg.. No way that’s the original mileage.. But at this point, who cares.. Nice car no matter what.

    Great find and a great car..

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  5. Jason

    That odometer looks skeezy.

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  6. Don

    Speedos look like that when wound back

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