Louise, A Low-Mileage 1972 Ford Maverick

Readers, meet Louise. A two-owner, low-mileage 1972 Ford Maverick, Louise has been well maintained and seen very little use over the years. Though this car has racked up 32,771 miles, it was purchased 10 years ago by the current owner from the elderly woman who purchased Louise new in 1972. This woman was also the person who named the car Louise, and so far the name has stuck! This car was purchased brand new in Santa Monica, and can be found here on Los Angeles Craigslist with a $12,000 asking price. Thanks to Pat L. for setting us up with Louise! 

In the ad, the seller has this car listed as “The cleanest Maverick left in California.” While that may be the case, Louise is not the lowest mileage example we have featured. However, she is one of the better optioned low-mile Mavericks we have seen! The interior is nearly flawless, looking as if this car has barely covered 3,200 miles, let alone 32,000. At least in the pictures, the dash, door cards, and carpet all look brand new. Clearly, Louise has seen nothing but care! The only flaw I have managed to spot while perusing the photos is visible in the above picture. There is a lot of wear on the door jamb, but perhaps that is from hundreds of trips to the grocery store with an elderly pilot? Negligible wear aside, Louise is in the best condition possible for a car of this vintage, especially something that did not previously have any collector value.

This is where Louise gets interesting. Many and most of the Mavericks I have encountered are equipped with some version of the Ford Thriftpower inline six. Louise is equipped with a 302 cubic inch Ford V8, the largest engine available in a Maverick. With her exterior somewhat unassuming, I was very surprised to discover that this was a V8-equipped car. Sounds like somebody wanted to get their errands done quickly! Louise runs, drives, and comes with a clean California title.

Check it out, curb feelers! I can’t help but wonder if the original owner had these installed once she became older? Or maybe they were a style choice? Regardless, I think the curb feelers speak to the character of this car, and if I were to purchase it they would definitely stay. Louise is definitely one of the cleanest Mavericks on the market, and although I initially balked at the $12,000 price tag, after investigating the current Maverick market I think she is reasonably priced for her condition. Hopefully, this car finds a home as caring as she has always had and an owner that sees her the way the previous two did!


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  1. Steve

    “…especially something that did not previously have any collector value…” Still doesn’t, IMO. If it was a Mustang, the seller would probably be in the ballpark on price. But a Maverick for $12,000? No thanks.

  2. F.A.G.

    Brutal color.

  3. Rock On Member

    I bet more people would go to check out this Maverick at show and shine than a similar low performance Mustang Steve.

  4. Lee Hartman

    I bought one brand new in 1971, nearly identical to this one. Since mine was one of the first to come with a V8, it had bigger brakes and better suspension components than the ’72 Maverick V8s. Sticker price was $3100, but I was able to talk them down to $2675 cash.

  5. irocrob

    It does look like a real decent car but 12,000.is crazy in my opinion. I agree at a car show or cruise night people would stand around the Maverick. 5 to 6 thousand tops for me.

  6. St. Ramone de V8

    What a difference the smaller bumpers make on these cars! So much cleaner than the later ones. Nice car. Ambitious asking price.

  7. JW

    Nice Maverick but my neighbor bought a 73 rust free with a V8 and vinyl roof with a few minor electrical issues I had to repair for him but it was a 4 door car, he got it for $2,000. I would say 6K to 7.5K for this one since shipping to the Midwest would cost the new owner where all the other ones have rusted away and chances of a buyer would be much higher.

  8. rustylink

    Louise is a cute gal, but for $12K she’d need to be a super model…..

  9. Alan

    Last year I bought All original 1973 Ford Mustang Hardtop coupe. Bronze exterior with brown interior. 8600 original miles . 302 V8 Auto , factory AC , factory AM radio , manual windows . Was originally Arizona vehicle No rust. Almost showroom condition with All books & owners manual. Asking price was 19K I got it for 17K.

  10. Rustytech Member

    Great car, not so great price. As clean as it appears I might go as high as $8000. I wouldn’t ship it if I bought it though, it would be my excuse to make a cross country road trip. With a few cosmetic tweaks , this would be the Grabber I always wanted but never got around to.

  11. highmiles

    I would keep the curb feelers! Have not seen those in a long time.

  12. z28th1s

    Very nice car!! The values of the early small bumper 1969 1/2 to 1972 Mavericks and Comets are climbing. Wouldn’t be surprised if the seller gets close to his asking price.

  13. Frank

    Here is my 1971 with 59K on her.

    • Robert Reynolds

      I’d drop in a Coyote motor and go Pro-Touring with it. 👍🏼

      • Frank

        I’m doing my hero runs with her first then the coyote (15 up) and 6R80 trans will go in so I can drive her like a DD,

  14. Robert Stuessy

    Def a sleeper. $8k

  15. Bmac Bmac Member

    The wear on the door sill is probably because the original owner was only 5′ tall & had to slide a bit before she touched ground. Beautiful car, done two cars w/coyotes but I think I would leave this one alone. IMHO the 302 with non major upgrades will give you plenty of fun.

    • Frank

      She upside down? lol

      • Bmac Bmac Member

        No I was!

  16. Rex Rice

    My Aunt Flo bought a new Maverick in 1970 for $1995, as advertised. When she went to pick it up at the dealer, they had added undercoat, which they added to the price. “Take it off!”, she told them. “I’m paying $1995 and not a penny more.” It was easier for them to leave it on and not charge her. She kept it in a heated garage under her apartment house and when she was too old to drive, she sold it to my neighbor, (with 3500 miles on it), who had to replace the cracked tires and leaking weather stripping. She got $1995 for it.

  17. Troy S.

    I was hoping there was a V8 in this clean little maverick.It’s too clean to fool around with or at least nothing that can be unbolted and put back to stock. But for 12 thousand it is no longer a “bang for the buck” kinda car. That’s just too high.

  18. Steve

    Yeah….id say that price is a little high…although it is all original and super clean….i bought a 74 with 302 front disc bucket seats good interior..laser straight body paint was a 5 out of 10 but got it for 2500

  19. Brian Fusilier

    I just sold a 72 grabber lowered with Granada disks custom wheels with 80000 on it for $4000 good luck at 12000

  20. Jim

    just hope whoever buys Louise keeps her stock. Would hate to see it changed.

  21. bog

    Nice. But the price ?? Color almost identical to my ’67 Fairlane GTA, although my black interior was far nicer. Apparently Ford liked certain colors and would come back with variations. This Maverick was basically the same as my Dad’s, although his was a darker blue metallic with a blue cloth interior. Caught holy heck from him when my car was in the shop for a tune and I borrowed his for a date (with the woman I would marry). She wore a rabbit fur coat that I bought her as a present and that darn thing shed fur EVERYWHERE ! Lots of vacuuming on my part….

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