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Low And Slow: 1964 Citroën DS19

1964 Citroën DS19

You might be thinking that this Citroën is ready to hit the lowrider scene, but sadly it isn’t supposed to be sitting this low. Between flat tires and what we can only assume is a failed hydropneumatic suspension, it’s just about sitting on the ground. It’s going to be a major undertaking to restore this one, so I won’t be surprised if it ends up being parted out. With a current bid of just $351, it would be worth looking at whether you want a DS to restore or you just need some parts for a different Citroën. Find it here on eBay in Wallingford, Connecticut. So do you see this one being restored or parted out? It sure would make for a cool lowrider if you could fix the hydraulics, get it running and make it safe, but that’s just my opinion!


  1. Robert a

    I have known a number of these Citroens and they all settle when the ignition is switched off. Between that and the flat tyres this one is sitting about where it could be expected to be so maybe the hydraulics are not so bad. Amazing when they are running right.

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  2. Pfk1106

    That rear suspension looks interesting? Rear wheels at the end of single swing arm?

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    • Aaron

      The DS has 4 wheel independent suspension with on the fly adjustable ride height. The wagon was auto-leveling when you were carrying a load. When the engine is off, the car lowers to it’s bump stops. There are no conventional springs, just high pressure hydraulic fluid and pressurized nitrogen spheres. The ride is described as being like riding on a magic carpet, yet they were some of the best handling cars of their era. The brake and power steering also ran off the same pressurized hydraulic system, giving it some of the best braking performance of it’s era as well. Fascinating cars. I hope to have one one day. Not this one though…

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  3. Zaphod

    And fenders that come off with a single bolt. This is definitely worth saving

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  4. Tony S

    One of the most beautiful cars ever built – but kind of a love/hate deal I think…

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  5. D. King

    No longer available.

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  6. bcavileer

    Did a DS once. Was really kinda cool technically. When it was right, it was really a joy to drive. Still like the look, even better with a leggy friend exiting at curbside when arriving at the resturant. Tres Jolie!

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  7. Alan

    Best driving car i have ever owned was its younger brother, the Citreon Xantia, same suspension spheres, same system, it was like driving your favorite armchair, must have been good, get a bentley, or an up market BMW, take a look at the suspension, its got hydraulic bottles, with 2 inverted chevrons on them,

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  8. Peter

    (1) They lose pressure and settle – it is normal. I think even when in good condition they will lose pressure in 12 to 24 hours.
    (2) That single bolt for the mudguard is the same size as the wheel nuts so the wheel wrench fits both.
    (3) To change a wheel you raise the height lever to maximum and the car raises to maximum extended suspension travel. You then fit a fixed height strut underneath (no screw jack – nothing that antiquated!). Next step is to move the height lever to low and the problem wheel lifts of the ground.
    (4) I think also that as the suspension system is linked to the brake system so in the case of a pump failure the weight of the vehicle on the suspension system provides a back up pressurised force.
    (5) One of the Citroens ‘party tricks’ is to remove a rear wheel and the vehicle can be driven on three wheels as the self-levelling suspension adjusts for the imbalance.

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  9. RNR

    Back in the mid70’s friend in college bought a ’69 DS 21 Pallas. Everything has hydraulic brakes – but in a Citroen there is no brake pedal per se – you’d stomp on a rubber ball on the floor. Extreamly comfortable car, especially those leather French seats! Hard car to get fixed, though – even back then. We joked that even the radio was hydraulic. I like browsing junk yards for potential projects, and there is nothing scarier looking than a DS that was left with its hood open for a couple years.

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  10. Ed Willaims

    Back in the 60’s at the L.A. Auto Show A friend and I were at the Citroen stand. I had already sat in one and knew how comfortable they were so I asked him, “have you ever sat in one of these?” He answered that he hadn’t so I said, “Go ahead, try it out”.
    He then got in the DS and sat down and as he did he went, “Ah-h-h-h!”. This model had the cloth covered seats, not the leather ones.
    After all these years I never forgot that time.

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