Low Mile 5-Speed: 1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Finding a third-generation Camaro in decent shape is a challenge. There are plenty on the market but they are either pristine high dollar examples or cars that have been beaten on with a list of poorly executed modifications. Finding a clean original car that is unmodified is rare, particularly in some parts of the country. This car is a great starting point for someone looking for a project. Although it’s not perfect, low mileage, original paint, and last year of production make this Camaro appealing to many. Check it out here on eBay in Nuremberg, PA with a BIN of $5,000.


1992 was the final year for the third generation Camaro, ’93 saw a complete redesign. This Camaro design saw virtually no appearance changes since its introduction in 1982. This is a 25th-anniversary car but that didn’t mean anything special except for some badging on the RS package. The current owner recently purchased the car from the original owner who parked it in 2010. The original owner obviously cared for the car because the paint and interior are original and it only has 71,136 miles on the odometer. According to the ad, there is some rust that will need to be dealt with. I like the fact that there are no T-tops or sunroof to deal with.

The car is pretty consistent inside and out; original and in need of some TLC. The seats look ok, but the dash and steering wheel are worn/weathered. These early nineties airbag steering wheels are always big and bulky looking in my opinion, most car manufacturers were like this back then, not just chevy. I would try to find an alternative replacement but that would mean losing the airbag. The five-speed manual is a very welcome sight in any third-gen. Camaro.

If you were hoping to see a tuned port 5.7 I hate to disappoint you. Here we have a 5.0 (305) throttle body injected V8 that produced 170 HP when new. Where it lacks in performance it gains in reliability. With only 71K it should be good for many more miles and with the 5 speed, you will still have a fun driving experience. Keep in mind this body Camaro could be had with the Iron Duke 4 Cylinder from ’82-’85 so performance could be worse. The ad says the car runs and drives on the lot, leading me to think some work is needed before taking it on the road. I like this car, I think it would be perfect as a first car for a young gearhead or this could be a great starting point for restoration and an LS swap, the choice is yours.






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  1. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    I like the price on this one. Easy entry into the hobby.

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  2. Steve R

    Even though the entry price is enticing I’d keep looking. A more desirable IROC’s or Formula Firebird in could probably be found for what it would cost to buy this car and fix the rust and dash. The main selling point for this car is the manual transmission, that’s not quite enough to make it a must have, at this price in this condition.

    It’s easy to forget the old adage, buy the best car you can afford. This car, though close, has too many issues to make it a must have.

    Steve R

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    • Arthur

      There’s always the pro-touring build scenario, particularly since some of them required a complete disassembly of the car to deal with rust or add new suspension systems and transmissions.

      • Steve R

        If someone is going to Pro Touring route then by a roller with the cleanest body you can find, especially when you are dealing with a common car. The drivetrain would be irrelevant, why pay a premium for a manual transmission equipped car when the only thing likely to be ru-used will be the clutch and brake pedals.

        Steve R

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  3. Ed Hardt

    71K miles on a 305 from 1992, there’s not much left to give at this point.

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    • Jim

      My folks had an eighties 305 powered vehicle with over 200,000 miles when my sister totaled it. No major repairs. Id be amazed if any of the current screaming turbo 3s and 4s in the off-road wannabe SUVs make it half that much with no trips to the dealer. It probably didnt come straight off the line directly to a repair facility either(Ford Explorer)

  4. Superdessucke

    “Finding a third-generation Camaro in decent shape is a challenge. There are plenty on the market but they are either pristine high dollar examples or cars that have been beaten on with a list of poorly executed modifications.”

    I disagree. There are many Third Gens with reasonable miles (40-70k) for under 15k. This one has the LO3, which isn’t as desirable as the LB9 and L98, and looks like it spent most of its life parked outside. But it’s priced right to clean up a bit and do some mods. Heritage package didn’t add any performance but it’s a plus.

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  5. Arthur

    Steve R Wrote: “Why pay a premium for a manual transmission equipped car when the only thing likely to be re-used will be the clutch and brake pedals?”

    Well, Steve, I can only say that a few people want Pro-Touring vehicles these days, and if they have enough money, they will pay whatever is necessary to have such a vehicle built for them.

  6. Steve R

    There are always pedal assemblies for 3rd gen F-body’s listed on eBay, usually between $130 and $160.

    It a shop is building the car for a customer and they are sourcing the car for the customer, they have no incentive to start with a car in this condition. The guy that builds this car is likely to be inexperienced or trying to build a car on the cheap.

    Steve R

  7. Steve S

    If I could get this car I would fix the rust. Then swap out the engine for a big block V8 and 4 or 5 speed manual transmission. there are several engines you can go with besides a 350 which barely has over 200 hp stock unless it is a ram jet 350.

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