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Low Mileage 1981 Alfa-Romeo Spider

1981 Alpha Romeo Spider

At first, glance, doesn’t this 1981 Alfa-Romeo Spider look like a strange relative to the last generation Ford Thunderbird? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, but this Alfa is only $3,200. It is located in Goose Creek, South Carolina. The seller does not list a VIN and the miles are somewhat, vague, but they do say the car has a clear title. Thank you, Ikey H., for the tip. You can view more on Craigslist.

1981 Alpha Romeo Spider

This listing has conflicting information. The seller claims the car has 58,000 original miles, but they provide a photo of an odometer that does not even belong to this car. And, the photo has 141,252 miles, which in no way can equate to 58,000 in any conversion. Unfortunately as well, there are no photos of the engine provided. While the listing says that this car has been in the family since new, they aren’t off to a good start at selling it.

1981 Alpha Romeo Spider

One thing the listing is not lacking is a photo of the interior. That is how you can tell the odometer photo is not from this car. For starters, it is a digital miles display, and this car is before that time. Next, the car only has white dials. The photo shows an orange dial. The rest of the interior is quite impressive for its age and being a convertible. They do claim that the car was always garaged and well taken care of.

1981 Alpha Romeo Spider

While it could be a simple mistake, that they are selling multiple cars and just happened to put the wrong photo in the listing, the lack of more information and photos would certainly be a cause for some questions. The car does have some sort of grill guard on it as well, hiding the Alfa logo. If you are planning on purchasing this car, you will certainly want to see it in person first. But, the price isn’t too bad if it turns out to be authentic.



    Wow what a poor car.
    1981 is one of the worst years for spiders. It has a stand-alone SPICA system unique to that year. The next year is one of the best as it got bosch, as well as better rust protection but it didn’t get the rubber spoilers.
    This poor car though. I don’t know what that scoop on the hood is for, and yes the original bumpers are heavy but home depot pipes don’t help it. It has some obvious dents and I always have to check these for rust.
    The big one though is that if they can’t spell Alfa correctly you know to run away.

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    • That AMC guy

      All that plus the obviously faked odometer picture (indicating a less than honest seller) add up to “move along, nothing to see here.”

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      • Fiete T.

        Digital odometer the tip off,lol?

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  2. Merrick Youman

    On Craigslist is says “transmission: automatic”. That looks like a clutch pedal to me!

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  3. Sam

    “What has been seen cannot be unseen.”

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  4. LARRY

    Who put that fake hood scoop on should be drawn and quartered

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  5. alfa23

    Tail light modifications are terrible.

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  6. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    thank goodness the posting shows deleted by its author.

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  7. alphasud Member

    Has anyone caught onto the trailer lights installed in place of the original ones! Run Forrest run!!!

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  8. JS

    Probably just another CL scammer.

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  9. zemario

    how can anyone be so dishonest?

    I think that BF would drive the associate out of our living environment.

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  10. art

    That front bumper-ette looks like 1/2 inch thin wall electrical conduit.
    Too funny.

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  11. john c

    Yes,…There is all that has been pointed out,… however, does the radio work?

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  12. Andrew Franks

    Another fraud. Stay away from this car. I see where the ad has been deleted. I wonder if this Seller thinks everybody is a fool?

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  13. t-BONE BOB


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  14. Laura

    I have this car now in Florida for the past two years! I have not had one problem with it.?It runs it’s fast it’s been modified by someone else but it’s great to just run around South Florida and I got all kinds of compliments even though it’s not perfect but it’s a cool car!!

    Someday I will get it revitalized and make it even better! Laura

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