Low-Mileage 1989 Ford F-250 Survivor

Whenever I see something seemingly mundane come across my digital desk, I have to see why it was submitted! I am seldom met with disappointment, and certainly wasn’t with this 1989 Ford F-250. I love most old trucks, but I will always have a soft spot for trucks of the 1980s and 1990s as these were the most common trucks around when  I was young. With just 52,000 actual miles on the odometer, someone has clearly been treating this F-250 well over the years! The color combination does a lot for this truck, and really gives it a classic feel. Find it here on eBay in Washington state with bidding at $5,700 no reserve. Thanks to Matt W. for sending this one in! 

The engine is a big block Ford 460 cubic inch V8 hooked up to a heavy duty automatic transmission. I was sort of expecting to see a diesel, so it was a nice surprise to see an enormous gasoline engine instead. Though it has surely seen recent cleaning, the engine and bay are in great condition with an almost new appearance. The seller states that this truck “runs and drives like new,” and given the condition of the truck I do not doubt it!

As would be expected of a vehicle in this condition, the interior is spotless and in immaculate condition. A common problem for Ford trucks and SUVs of this vintage with this style steering wheel is separation of the wheel and covering, causing the wheel cover to twist around. This truck does not appear to suffer from that issue! The floor shifter is the four wheel drive selector making this an even more desirable truck for some interested parties (though I could take it or leave it). Though the front seat is cloth, the rear seat appears to be vinyl. I’m not sure if this is factory, as my research was inconclusive, but it doesn’t seem quite right.

I have to say, if the condition of the truck isn’t enough to sell it, the photos probably will! The house that this truck was photographed in front of really creates a great backdrop for a truck this color and age. Were it not for the more modern cars in the background, it would be easy to think these photos were taken in the 1990s! Aside from the tasteful addition of a stronger front bumper and a Warn winch, this truck is in the configuration it would have left the dealership in. With no reserve and low miles, this Ford will certainly sell.


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  1. Steve M

    Yes the seating would be correct.

    • Mike L

      I had the same year f250. Got it new. Sad to say it wasn’t what I hoped for. Rough riding, a terrible gas guzzler and it suffered from Ford flake where the primer did not hold on to the paint. The price of gas made filling up a $90 bill. So it sat until I wanted to use it and all the brake lines blew. Yes I do take care of my vehicles and I still drive Fords.

  2. Bryan Corey

    Love the truck, but my attention has been drawn to the Green and Green inspired architecture in the background!

    • Dairyman

      I hope you’re not referring to the green prius in the background.

  3. Jon

    Identical to my grandpa’s last truck except he only bought a 2 wheel drive. Pulled his 5th wheel for years. I also had am 89 standard cab 302 f250xl that my dad ordered at the dealer with me by his side as a 10yo. My wife coerced me into selling, I miss that truck.

  4. Henry Drake

    How many tanks of gas do you think it would take to get that beast to Louisiana?

  5. Brian c Member

    That’s funny, dad has very same truck except in red and white, but in very similar condition with about 8k more on the odo,also in Wa state. Good rig.

  6. angliagt angliagt Member

    That’s one long truck! I have a ’96 F150 Super Cab
    with a short bed,& it’s hard to manuever in tight spaces.

  7. Rube Goldberg Member

    In the early 80’s, I had a friend that won a new truck like this, only 2 wheel drive, but a diesel ( pre-Powerstroke) from Sapp Brothers truckstop in Nebraska. It had every option you could get, same color as this. It was 1st “cushy” pickup I had driven up to that point. The diesel got reasonable mileage, better than this, I’m sure, but this had more power. The Powerstroke was a much better diesel. Still, one of the nicest pickups I drove. Before pickups had electronic suspension control and backup cameras, this was as nice a truck you could buy, bar none.

  8. EHide Behind

    Lots of these p/u’s were used by loggers in Pacific NW, tough as nails and could pack or tow anydarn thing you wanted. IMHO after checking oht cost of new and damn highmileage 4xr’s at $10K this is a bargain, and even a bit more.
    Guy could afford many a gallons of gas between the tens of thousands in cash difference between newer better mileage rigs than this gem.
    Also Insurance cost as well. And tuneups were plugs only.
    The winch makes me think of a hunting rig. Darn sure was not a construction or loggers rig.
    A flatlanders suburbs, spent mostly on pavement, or maybe occasional camper/ boat and trailer.
    Thinking strongly of jumping into fray on this one.

  9. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I have a newer one, same basic config in a 4×2. You either need a big garage (length wise) or plan to keep it out on the street. With the winch on it, figure around 23′ long. They will carry and pull a lot as set up. Someone will get a good truck.

  10. lbpa18

    Totally agree on the G/G house background. Like wedding “venues”, this guy could rent his driveway for car ads. Id put mine there for sure. Love the truck too.

  11. Mark

    Please open Carfax – 150,000 09/09/1999 not included in rollback calculation
    image 50,000 07/28/2001 not included in rollback calculation
    image 47,000 09/30/2003 not included in rollback calculation
    image 49,000 09/29/2007 not included in rollback calculation
    image 51,000 10/03/2009 not included in rollback calculation
    image 53,000 11/26/2011 not included in rollback calculation
    image 55,000 08/17/2013 not included in rollback calculation
    image 54,958 12/26/2017
    Any explanation?????

  12. Rob

    The vinyl seats in the rear are accurate for those year Fords. My dad had ’78, ’82 and ’88 extended cab F-150’s and the rear seats were vinyl. In fact, in all of those trucks there wasn’t a bench seat in the back, they had jumper seats on each side instead.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I was wondering that, so thanks for confirming!

  13. John Leyshon Member

    I have 2 carfax reports left ! I’d run one for a site donation here to see. 1991 and earlier F series were mechanically limited by 5 character mechanical odometers. ie 99,999 back to 00000. Would never be concerned about high mileage on a nice F series. Easy to recognize well maintained ones. If it had 300K i would feel fine with it…Nice truck !

  14. chad

    the Warn 82xx (what’s the number?) is a particularly (old but) sought after model.
    yes, I’d rather the 7.3 diesel too. I believe that’s a seat cover up frnt?

  15. W9BAG

    Fantastic truck, and no, chad, that is the original seat covering for the front seat.

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