Low Mileage 5-Speed: 1992 Pontiac Firebird Formula

While it’s not hard to find a third-generation Firebird or Camaro with an automatic transmission, the 5-speed manual is a rare bird, especially from the Pontiac side of the family. This example wears the sportier nose treatment that the later third gens received and offers some desirable features, including the aforementioned manual transmission, T-top roof, posi rear end, and 5.0L LB9 V8. The Firebird Formula is listed here on craigslist and resides in British Columbia with a reduced asking price of $9,500.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader James D. for the find. The Firebird appears to be a nicely preserved stock example, with no obvious alterations from stock. The factory wheels remain attached and look to be free of major curb damage, and the overall straightness of the body up and down the sides seems to suggest no major fender benders in its lifetime. The original “Formula” graphics are always good to see and hopefully indicate it hasn’t been repainted. The T-tops are a great look for a Firebird, and paired with the 5-speed, likely makes this example an enthusiast’s favorite.

The cabin is nicely preserved, with all original equipment including steering wheel, seats, and factory radio / equalizer. I know I’m overhyping it, but I really do love seeing these cars with the manual gearbox. It’s amazing how many buyers were still ordering these with the automatic when new, despite being the marquee performance car (outside of the Corvette) in the lineup. These were pretty awful interiors from a design standpoint, but the basic must-haves are covered, from the crack-free dash to the unmodified door panels. Photos show an original T-top storage bag in the trunk.

The engine bay looks tidy, with no glaring signs of neglect or ongoing issues. The seller doesn’t include any information about recent maintenance or services, but these were fairly easy powerplants to live with. Mileage is listed as 34,500, so it’s not seen the kind of use you’d associate with having lots of deferred maintenance needs. Tires are fresh and the A/C has been serviced and heater core replaced, so cabin comfort should be no problem. The seller says this example of one of 223 Firebird Formulas equipped like this one, but the reduced price suggests it hasn’t led to a sale just yet.

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  1. dave brennan

    44 hour drive back to n.y.+ sleep… ugh. maybe there’ll be one closer.

  2. Steve R

    Nice car. Even cheaper once you factor in the exchange rate, $9,500 x .75 = $7,125.

    Steve R

  3. Doc

    These are real fun with a stick

  4. Blyndgesser

    The 5 speed was only available with the 305. To get the extra horses of the 350, you had to take the automatic.

  5. jwzg

    Test drove a new, 1LE version back in 1992 with the 5 speed. Car went like stink and handled like it was on rails, but no AC in south Alabama during August was a no-go. Seems like a good price for this one.

  6. chillywind

    I didn’t like the look when they came out, but now I do.
    Like others have said, these cars handled so well. They were much better then the novas and chevelles we were getting out of.
    I had a 5 speed bird but late 80s, what an absolutely great car to drive.

  7. AndyinMA

    Looks like a lotta fun, like a pretty girl with a big nose.

  8. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    I have yet to get my hands on a third gen F-body. I’m curious about what makes the interiors awful? I know they squeak and rattle, but so hasn’t every other GM I’ve ever owned. From looking at them I’ve always considered the cockpit like interior appealing. Any thoughts?

  9. Bob S

    Too bad this isn’t a little closer. From what I can see, this is as it rolled out of the factory, doesn’t seem to be modified in any way, and that’s a bonus with me. I don’t follow the prices on these, but for what it is, and it’s condition, I’d say it a fair price. It looks like it’s pretty well loaded, and definitely checks a lot of boxes for me.


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