Low Mileage Creampuff: 1995 Ford F-150

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It’s truly rare when you can find an “average” older vehicle with ultra-low mileage. Sure, there are people that buy a first-year supercar and tuck it away, but how many twenty-eight-year-old trucks are true survivors? Not many. This 1995 Ford F-150 certainly fits into that category. Assuming it was sold in mid-1994, it has seen less than 800 miles per year since it was new! It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $28,000. According to Kelley Blue Book, the retail price for this truck in excellent condition should be around $6,000! Located in Summerfield, North Carolina, how high do you think this truck will go?

As you can see, the truck has recently been professionally detailed. The 5.0 engine is super-clean and probably still runs well. The seller doesn’t say much other than you can drive it home. It has just enough miles on it that gaskets and seals probably haven’t had time to dry rot like some ultra-low mileage vehicles. The V8 is backed by an automatic transmission and 4×4 transfer case.

The interior is just as nice as the exterior and shows no wear. The blue color is nice against the white paint and nothing on the interior appears to be modified in any way. If you’re wondering about the bed, the seller says it has had a topper on it since new and it is flawless.

I’m not sure where this truck will end up, but whoever buys it will probably have the nicest un-restored 1995 F-150 in the country. At nearly $30,000, I don’t see it being driven much. In fact, it may be destined for a museum or car collection. Where do you think it will end up? In ten more years, how many miles do you think it will have?

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  1. jnard90 jnard90Member

    Absolutely perfect! Just can’t believe the prices nowadays !

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  2. CadmanlsMember

    Ok at this price do you drive it, park it and look at it? Someone tags it insurance company won’t pay you 20K I don’t get it. Not exactly a collector car, someone have an answer?

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    • jrhmobile

      Maybe you take it to a specialty insurer like Hagerty?

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  3. Troy

    This truck is a perfect example of why I think Kelly and Nada are out of touch with reality and focus only on newer cars like you said in the write up it only books to around $5-7k but you can’t buy it for under $10k and if you do you can flip it for more. This is a nice truck

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  4. luckless pedestrian

    Nice truck… ridiculous price…

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  5. Rick R

    This great little pu is already bidding at over what msrp was on it back when it was new. The thing is that you couldn’t buy a new 2023 (apple to apple) for the $28,000 bidding price thats on it as I’m typing this.

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  6. Steven S.

    It has been removed by the seller for some reason

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  7. Brad chipman

    Was a good deal for almost new v8 4×4 truck

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  8. Murray ShaneMember

    We have a 1995 F150 super cab with 21000 true actual miles. 100% original and still truly showroom condition. Maybe we should put it on EBay. Hmmmm

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      Why not auction it right here on Barn Finds? We would send more traffic to it then they will.

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    • FrankDMember

      Give BarnFind a chance first, you have nothing to lose.

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  9. Brett Barnett

    I had the exact truck and Ford ended up buying it back from me under lemon law. It had a strange popping noise coming from the drive-train that they could never fix. It was a great looking truck but had it to 2 different dealerships and neither could fix it. Ford even sent an engineer down to lend his expertise on it. He said they had finally fixed the problem I was driving out of the garage and what do you know loud popping noise as I was pulling it out. Service Manager yelled at me to just back it up and leave it for them to look at it further I said it’s been in for service 13 times with 18,000 miles on it you’ve had your chance time for the company lawyers to get involved. I was really disappointed that was my first brand new vehicle I had bought and it was a real pain almost made me a Chevy truck guy “almost” but not quite!!

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    • Gary

      Yeah, they had some issues but these are the most gorgeous F series Ford made imo, just perfect. I’ve had three and would like to be able to afford this one ha ha

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    • Big C

      That wasn’t the Orville Reddenbacker special edition, was it? Very rare truck.

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    • Bob

      I have a 1995 F-150 XL 4X4 5.0 manual 5 speed.
      I experienced a popping noise in the auto-locking hubs. I replaced with manual-locking hubs and problem solved. This was about 275K miles ago. The truck is still mostly original.

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  10. George Birth

    I agree with Luckless Pedestrian! Nice truck but way over priced.!!!

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    • Duane

      If a bidder bid the truck to 28,000, how can it be “overpriced”? The seller didn’t bid it up to 28,000, the buyers did.

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  11. CarbobMember

    Think of it this way. You’re in the market for a new truck and have a lot of misgivings about forking over 50 to 70 large; or 30-40K for a used one with 60 or 70 thousand miles already 5-7 years old. Then this actually makes sense. Welcome to the new world of ridiculous prices.

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    • luckless pedestrian

      I can’t wrap my head around any of those prices… the last PU I bought was in 2013 (still have it)… was a clean, 5 year old Silverado WT package… with 90K mi… I paid $6700. That made sense… A decade later and truck prices have gone absolutely insane… Who’s paying these prices?… and how?

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      • Allen

        As current vehicles continue year after year to be more controlled by computers for every aspect of its operation – more and more people are looking for older vehicles in premium condition that are not dependent on every single computer chip on board to be operating perfectly just to get it out of the driveway – and they’ll pay a premium to get it. For example: A 1965 pickup truck that has no computer on board at all would have sold new for about $2000 to $3000, but now one that was kept in pristine condition will fetch way up into the 10’s of thousands of dollars, because people want that!

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  12. John M Stecz

    I have an 1997 F350 4by4 ithe less than 30,000 miles on it in immaculate condition, maybe I should sell it considering the prices now days. It has a 460 with automatic trans but is a beautiful condition and never driven in winter

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    • Gary

      You will be sorry if you do John, these things are beautiful and I wish I had never sold my last one.

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    • Stan

      Im w Gary…. John you got yourself an el dandy there my friend. Especially w the 1 ton chasis 4wd and the fantastic 460. 🙌

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  13. john Douglas muldoon

    Ha, I believe the popping came from combo of catylitic converter and oxygen sensor. It became a common issuebut didnt effect the mechanics or ride. Just my best guess as I owned a 96.

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