Low Mileage Driver: 1966 Mustang Convertible


The survivor Stang from the other day was amazing, but most of us would rather have one that we can drive without feeling guilty. When we came across this red 1966 Mustang Convertible, we thought it might make for a more affordable alternative. It too is a low mileage car (29k), but it has been sitting in a barn for 25 years so it is going to need some help. Then again it is also $60k cheaper, sure it won’t ever be original, but that’s a big difference in price. If you just want a V8 convertible that won’t break the bank, this one might be a better option. Take a look here on eBay.


We have to admit that we love highly original cars, but as one reader pointed out in the comments on the other car, keeping a survivor running can be a challenge. Getting this Mustang safe to drive will be a challenge too, but there won’t be as much concern about keeping it factory original.  The survivor is a collector’s item that is going to cost a lot more to buy and keep it in pristine condition. This one has issues, but is considerably cheaper and will give you something to work on this winter. So which would you rather have?


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  1. Dave

    I’d rather have a ride that I can drive and have some fun with. Buying cars to warehouse just so you can turn a profit is something I’ve never held in high regard.

  2. seth

    So what was in the barn next to this one?

    • David

      To Me it looks like another first gen.’Stang to me

  3. Mustang Don

    Originally Ivy Green Metallic with standard black interior.

    • Don Andreina

      Should have been kept this colour.

  4. Larry

    Doesn’t look to bad in the pictures, Like Mustang Don say’s it’s been repainted. I would say it’s 129,000 miles just from the looks of the underneath and the radio cutout and other things in the pictures, It would make a great driver if the price doesn’t skyrocket.

  5. jim s

    i to think this would make a great driver. seller also has another interesting car up on ebay.

  6. Sim

    Really? ..Nice job on the passenger door when you were “carefully” moving that CLASSIC CAR. Sheeesh.

  7. pabpby

    25 years in barn with no mice damage? not believing it. cleaned up too easy.

  8. paul

    never was a believer in garage queens, if you can’t drive why have it my choice would be the red one.

    • paul

      if the price doesn’t go too out of control.

  9. Michael Rozmen

    What ever this guys smokin, he needs rehab. 11,500? Get a grip dude, not drive-able (transmission) Not original paint, and need re-spray. And what’s with the wire in the trunk? I’ve had a few stangs and never seen this. Currently looking for another project, but this one is a pass at this price.

  10. William Robinson

    They could have at least used a better quality extension cord for whatever it does. Does a worn out transmission really get better with use?

  11. Ty Grimes

    I’m looking for a 1960 Ford Starliner , 352-360 H.P. 300 hp and 360 H.P.s both had Y codes but there are many differences . 360s did Not come with auto trans , 3 speeds ONLY ! 3 inch brake drums , 5 leaf springs , front brake lines wrapped around the frame , not under the cross member . I have part #s for block, heads ,intake, and dist . It needs to be restorable with a realistic price . If any of you know of one please contact me.

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