Low Mileage, Low Cost: 1969 Buick Special Deluxe


With sharp styling, and beautiful paint, this 69 Buick Special Deluxe is claimed to have covered only 22,080 miles! After giving it a good looking over it seems quite possible this claim may be true. Priced at a very reasonable $8,300, we think this one will get snapped up quick! Find it here on craigslist out of Edinburg, Pennsylvania.


The 350 V8 2 Barrel engine appears quite stock, and the engine and bay look to benefit from a solid cleaning. We see power steering, but this looks to be a non-power brakes model. The V8’s power is transmitted through a turbo 350 transmission. With only 22,080 miles, this Buick still has quite a long life ahead of itself.


The interior looks very nice and original, with no real flaws to report, other than a rough looking carpet. The door jams look to be free of any corrosion, and overall this is looking to be a very nice Buick. The exterior looks lovely, but this Buick has been repainted, due to some lower quarter panel rust repair performed by the original family. It is claimed this Buick has been with the same family since new until 2013 when the current seller acquired the car. It would appear there is little concrete evidence of this being a true low mileage survivor, other than the fact the current owner saw the car in his past, and also information provided by the family. But regardless, the price for this Buick is reasonable considering its condition.


With a stunning appearance, and not being the most common GM to see, we think this is an awesome car. We would prefer to see it left stock, but we could see some Cragars making their way on to this one. What would you do with this Buick Special?



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  1. Bingo

    I always liked the rear wheel openings for some reason.

    Did these come as a coupe or were they all post cars?

    I think the price seems too high.

  2. roselandpete

    The 69 Buick lineup was one of my all-time favorites. The carpet, however, looks like it’s seen a lot more than 22k miles.

    • 68 custom

      pretty sure that’s a mat not carpet? I love that car if it was local it would be mine. GS hood, 455 and a 4 speed. leave the rest as is.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      I was thinking that that was a rubber mat also. Base model, no carpet.

      • Stephen

        Whatever it is, clean it before you put it up for sale.

  3. Rock On Member

    Nice car. I would put 17″ Buick rally wheels on it.
    Would probably add a four barrel carburetor and headers to have some go with the show.

    • DrinkinGasoline


  4. CJay

    I believe all the Specials were post cars. You could get the Skylark coupe as a hard top with the same body.

  5. Ross892

    I like it but the price is a little high

  6. Jeff

    Had a ’68. The Special Deluxe was deluxe only in that it was a stripped Skylark. Looks like a no A/C car.

    Mine was a 6 cyl with a 3 on the tree. Real POS. Not worth my garage space, not to mention the money.

  7. Chebby

    I had a 1970 with the basic 350-2, what a great engine. The seller is right–it was impressively powerful. I can’t even imagine what the big blocks were like.

    Both bumpers look a bit tweaked on this one, and I agree the price is too high for a strippo post car. But it sure looks pretty in that crystal blue.

    • andy

      The bumpers always look tweaked in these cars! I don’t think I’ve ever seen perfect ones.

  8. Howard A Member

    Sigh, here we go again. While this is a great find, always thought the Buick was the nicest of the GM intermediates, there’s no way it has 22g’s. I wish people would stop making this claim. Still, not many of these were sold. Most people who wanted a Buick, went with the bigger cars, and everyone else went with the Cutlass ( or Chevelle or Pontiac) I don’t say this often, but leave it as is on the outside, and go with the 455 for shock value. We just don’t see basic cars like this today. Matter of fact, you probably can’t even buy a new car like this today. It only has 1 electrical port (aka cigarette lighter)

    • David Wilk Member

      Howard- if you want a “basic” car today, they are few, far between, and hard to find on dealer lots. But the Nissan Versa sedan for a list price of $11,990 might fit the bill. Roll up windows and a stick shift, steel wheels, etc. But even this stripper comes with Blue Tooth for your phone and AC. And does not need a tune up for 100,000 miles. My son bought the Note version last year and has not been disappointed. Cheap wheels for sure, and very reliable. I know this site is about old cars, so I won’t take up more space on this subject here.

  9. piper62j

    Definitely “buyer beware” on this car.. The number 7 does not lign up on the odometer which indicates a roll-back, regardless of what the seller says. Keep in mind that if repairs were made to the lower quarter panels, it’s an indication of high mileage use and rust or rot caused by road debris chipping the paint down to bear metal. The carpet inside on the drivers’ side is in sad shape. (I don’t see a matt, just the full carpet), which also indicates high mileage..

    Better look this one over yourself and be skeptical of the sellers claims. As always, the price depends on what the market will bear..

    Nice find.. Great car even though it’s a plain Jane..

  10. Vin in NJ

    Always loved those crank vent windows

    • roselandpete

      Me too. I wish they’d bring them back.

  11. Ben T Spanner

    This must have been a price leader at the Buick dealership. Dog dish hubcaps, no right hand rear view mirror, and very basic interior. You would expect a V6.

    Just as it was when it was new; it takes a special (pun intended) buyer.

    • roselandpete

      If you wanted a Buick on a budget, this was the way to go. Makes me think of those who opted for a Cadillac Calais just because it was a Caddy. They probably could have gotten an upgraded Chevy or Pontiac for the same price.

    • 68 custom

      make that a straight six!

  12. andy

    I had a chance at a solid one one of these back in about 1990. Same colour (badly faded) with a Chevy six and three on the tree. It leaked so much oil over the years it had undercoated itself!

  13. Jubjub

    Special DeLuxe. Haven’t seen one in a hot minute. I used to pass by a real beater four door frequently. Friend had a ’66 Special 2dr post with about the same set up but a 310 and a Powerglide. I say leave it pretty much alone.

    • Norm Wrensch

      Buick did not use the Power glide unless it had the inline six which was a Chevy. Power glide was Chevy only. Buick would of had the turbo 300 possibly with the variable pitch torque converter, big difference for the Power glide, and much stronger.

      • Don

        Mine also had a power glide. No clue if someone put it in or if it came with it.

  14. Paul B

    A stripper Buick with a V8. Wow. Leave it just as is. Drive it and care for it. Not my cup of tea, but a piece of history. Something your study hall monitor or the school librarian might have driven. Cars like this were common on the street back when it was made, and very rare now. They were all used up and thrown out. A lot of them had V6s too.

  15. Terry

    The rear bumpers on this year Buick, never fit right from the factory. The front bumper looks like it was snagged on something. No carpet in the deluxe model, it is a rubber matt with a texture that looks like carpet. Nice car, clean it up and drive it. I am trying to find one of these rubber matts for my Chevelle 300 Deluxe.

  16. Bob Butler

    This car did sell, and it was a 22,000 mile car. It was my Uncle’s car and he bought it new in 1969 after he retired. He used it all year round for short hops to the store and bank, and years of salt in the PA winters is why the quarters were repaired, even though it was just short trips. It WAS a rubber mat, not carpet. We sold it to the guy who sold it on Craigslist, he kept the car in storage for years and never drove it. We had the President of a Buick club come and see it at his request because he doubted the mileage. He left after crawling around and under this car for an hour before saying “No doubt in my mind about the mileage, it’s original!”. I had to laugh at the detective looking at the odometer numbers, keep your day job!

  17. piper62j

    I was a GM service manager for several years and know these cars. When the odometer numbers don’t align up, it’s a roll-back.. I also spent many hours at the GM training center in Dedham, MA to learn and understand how the older odometers worked.. That being said, documentation should be produced to verify the mileage and as I mentioned before, inspect the car yourself. PA salted roads were no where near as severe as MA salted roads and the condition of the quarter panels on this one do not reflect lightly salted winters, but high mileage.. Detective or not, keep your one sided comments to yourself until you have had the training and experience to back it up.

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