Low Mileage Z71: 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe

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This 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe is a desirable Z71 package two-door model that has just over 41,000 miles from new. Unlike its two-door predecessor, the classic K5 Blazer, this later Tahoe model seemingly is forgotten as an option if you’ve been priced out of the old-school market. Of course, the lack of a removable top may hurt the Tahoe’s appeal among collectors, but I could see that changing as the next generation of collectors begin to snatch up the vehicles that they considered iconic when new. This Tahoe comes with a sharp gray leather interior and the Z71 off-road kit. Find it here on eBay with bids up to $22,000 and the reserve unmet.

The seller refers to it as a “pavement princess”, which is now among my favorite descriptions for a four-wheel-drive model that never goes off-road. Unlike the earlier K5, these later Tahoes seemingly never earned a reputation as a bruiser you wanted to take off the beaten path, perhaps because they were just on the cusp of the SUV craze that made Pathfinders and Yukons into mall parking lot cruisers rather than the body-on-frame brutes they were conceived as. While the seller highlights the Tahoe’s impressive stock condition (and it is in great shape), someone has added an aftermarket exhaust at some point. The body is said to have no rust and no dings.

Gray leather is a great look for one of these trucks, and the seller mentions that the Tahoe is also equipped with a power driver’s seat and the full assortment of convenience features. The carpets also look relatively spotless, and the paint inside and out shines nicely. The Tahoe two-door is quite similar to a Bronco of the same era in terms of interior layout, but again, doesn’t seemingly generate the same level of fervor among enthusiasts. This example also comes with the factory towing package, but it seems like it was hardly used as a workhorse. That being said, I could see it as a means of hauling a boat back and forth, but nothing more grueling than that.

The Z71 package typically offered upgrades in the suspension, usually featuring Bilstein shocks in concert with a locking differential. Information is hard to find on how it changed year to year, and some sources claim the Z71 trucks had different front bumpers with driving lights set inside. This example doesn’t have that, and there’s no window sticker to verify how it left the factory. Regardless, the Z71 option on Chevy trucks usually wasn’t just window dressing, so I’m sure this Tahoe has some beefier components underneath. No matter what, a survivor Tahoe like this in two-door form is hard to come by, and current bid amount bears this out. Find a better one, if you can.

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  1. Joe Haska

    If It were only the 2-wheel drive version. Some may say, are you crazy, they never made a 2-wheel drive, they did but not allot. I had a 99 2-wheel drive, black, leather, auto , V-8 wilh a whipple , I loved that truck. Average used ones go fot about 8k and up depending on condition. Not many 2-wheel drives aroun,but probably not 4-wheel drives either, especially in the condition of this one.

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  2. CardawgMember

    Z71 came with upgraded shocks and a skid plate. It was about a $400 option. And of course the stickers on the rear sides

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    • Dusty Stalz

      I think they also came with a slightly thicker sway bar IIRC. I had a 97 Z71 shortbox stepside I bought new in school. That was a nice truck, but like this one it didn’t see off road duty in my care.

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  3. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Very nice indeed! Amazing how a few things can change the decimal point on the price point; we recently bought a 4 door version of this with almost exactly 100,000 miles more for almost exactly 21,000 dollars less..
    I guess that shows that my perspective is not necessarily someone else’s reality, I.e., the Z71 is NOT that rare on a Tahoe in our area, rust-free frames and underbodies are not that rare on most vehicles around here, and sun-baked interiors are almost a given in desert climes.
    This is one most folks around would enjoy having (myself definitely included) but it’s not a price most people would pay!

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  4. AndyinMA

    In the new truck world, 2 doors are worthless vs 4 doors. Yet these old blazers and broncos are really bringing the cash. Lots to love about this one but not 22k.

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    • BK13


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  5. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heydayMember

    As a guy who grew up riding around in K5’s this one definitely catches my eye. In my area they are hard to find in good condition due to either rust or high use. My dad had and has multiple ’72 K5’s and an ’81. When these were released I thought they were great and still do. I’d love to have this one, slap a cowl hood on it and call it a day. I was a little more partial to the Yukon and Yukon GT with the painted bumpers. Just thought the GMC grille was a little more attractive. I was a little surprised my dad never nabbed one of these up as the next generation of K5 for his daily. Thanks for sharing, next owner is sure to have a good one.

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  6. GMoparman

    The Z71 pkg was not available on the Tahoe until 1999. The decals were popular. Z71 Tahoes had driving lights, body-colored bumpers, and yes…Z71 badging. The Z71 option was only available on K1500 series pick-up trucks in 1997.

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  7. AZVanMan

    22k and hasn’t hit reserve? We had a saying selling cars in the 80s–there’s a ass for every seat!

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  8. Superdessucke

    It must be trash the planet week on BF ;-) This one got 14 City and 16 Highway. While it’s almost like a Prius compared to that C1500 S454 on here, it’s still a pretty serious guzzler.

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  9. BK13

    Still have our 1998 2 door Tahoe. It’s pretty mint. Just hit 183K miles. All my kids learned to drive in it, first our 2 boys and now our daughter takes it to high school. She loves it. It’s a real looker in black with 18×10 Boyds all around. We just had her out on the beach the other day, she can still get it done. The funny thing is I have some really nice muscle cars. Everyone says HEY NICE CAR. But when I take the Tahoe out everyone says IS IT FOR SALE? It’s like a cult lol

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  10. poseurMember

    On the 4-door models Z71 option included driving lights set into air intake holes on body color painted front bumpers from the 6.5 Turbo equipped trucks for the last couple years.
    I had a ’99 2-door diesel for several years that was torquey and fun with respectable mileage but the platform really sucked next to the GMT800’s that had just come out: NVH, brakes, interiors, suspension, engines all a big leap forward.
    have never looked back after selling but dang they still look sweet!

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  11. Chucko

    And to think, once in the not to distant past this was just a ‘used car’.

    Hang on to em if you can Kids…

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