Low Production: 1988 Porsche 924S

I’m sure many people have – or want to have – forgotten about the Porsche 924. There was, however, a late variant you may have not even known existed, much less have forgotten about – the 924S. This 1988 Porsche 924S was sent in by a Barn Finds reader who found it here on eBay in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. After 11 bids the current high bid is $6,900, but the reserve has not been met.

While not quite a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the 924S was a bit unsuspecting as it received the 2.5L like the 944, albeit a detuned version. The 924S served as the brand’s “entry level” model not unlike the 924 before it did. Porsche built the 924S for just 3 model years – 1986 to 1988. They were imported to the US for just the last 2 model years. There were 9,137 that found their way to the US and only 2,190 of those were from the 1988 model year.

This Porsche is wearing its original Guards Red paint which appears to have aged rather well over the past 32 years. Having covered just 74k miles in that time probably helps too. It’s claimed to be very original as well as accident and rust-free. In case you have extra garage space you don’t know what to do with, the seller says this Porsche “comes with extra set of OEM Porsche dial wheels/tires along with original rear bumper guards.”

The black interior looks a bit faded, but I don’t see any signs of excessive wear. The carpeted dash cover leads me to believe it’s concealing damage, but perhaps it was installed to protect the dash. The seller provides a lengthy list of interior originals – windows, radio, shifter boot, Porsche sunroof holder leather bag, Porsche tool kit with jack set and spare tire, among others.

Under the hood is that 2.5L straight-four rated at 156 horsepower. Power is sent to the rear wheels by a console-shifted 5-speed manual transmission. Another lengthy list provided by the seller is that of recently completed mechanical work. It’s outlined in the auction listing, so I won’t regurgitate it here, but the seller says they have receipts totaling over $10k over the past 3-years.

With low production numbers opportunities to own a Porsche 924S aren’t common, especially if you want a 1988 example. This one looks to be clean, original, and well-maintained. If you’re one who didn’t know this Porsche model existed, does it appeal to you now?

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  1. alphasud Member

    The 924S has the same Hp as it’s 944 brother. In fact the 924S was faster than a regular 944.

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    • SubGothius

      Indeed faster, due to the body being lighter and sleeker with less drag than the fat-fendered 944; otherwise they’re exactly the same under the skin. About all you give up vs. a 944 is the ability to fit wider tires for a higher limit of lateral Gs, but some would argue the progressive 4-wheel-drift you get with narrower tires are more fun anyway.

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  2. bill

    I owned one for while before a 944 turbo and 944 turbo s. I had previously own a early 924 which had a lot of Rabbit suspension I believe and a Audi mill, a real pile when compared to the 924S. The 924S underneath is basically a later 944. I enjoyed mine but at at much lower price point.

    • Mike

      Hey Bill, you’re just like my dad who bought a 924 and also a 944 Turbo. The 924 might have been a real “pile”, but when we got it new in ’78, people in our town treated it like some kind of spaceship in a sea of boring sedans and station wagons. Me and sis felt like celebrities when dad would pick us up at school in it.

  3. Rod

    I owned a 1987 924S, and it was an awesome car. A great handling car with plenty of power and a lot of fun to drive. After buying a 911 Carrera 4, it sat in the garage too much — so I sold it. For the price, you can’t hardly go wrong on this vehicle.

  4. DayDreamBeliever Member

    RNM at the $6900 figure.

    Oh well….

  5. Jeff Zekas

    “There’s no such thing as a cheap Porsche”. The fact that the seller has spent ten thousand dollars, and is still getting rid of it, tells you what kind of money pit you’ll be spending on this pile! Or as Jack Baruth would say, if you can’t afford a new Porsche, you can’t afford a used one. If you own a 924, you are constantly explaining why you don’t own a “real” Porsche. As an aside, my buddy owned a 911 and told me he spent $4K – $5K a year in maintenance. The final straw was a valve job, which, at the time, cost $6K and financially pushed him over the edge. Nowadays, he drives a Corvette.

    • Mike Hawke

      So nobody wants to buy 911s anymore, do they?

    • Stephen Coe

      I have a 83 944 $1000 at a divorce sale, car had been sitting 9 years , I have about $6500 total in car w new brakes fuel system injectors fuel tank & pump & fuel lines,water pump all belts and pulleys, calipers, tires a/c and coil plugs wires,all rubber on intake system and carpets & seats redone , I do lots of my own work,so save lots of $$$$. Cars gets 36 MPG ON trips. Really fun to drive not much to keep it running but it’s still a 37 year old car

    • SubGothius

      At least if you own a 924S, it’s as “real” a Porsche as a 944; the only difference is the narrower fenders.

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