LS-Swapped 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon

Someone in Garysburg, North Carolina has decided to sell their 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Beauville nine passenger station wagon. While the exterior shows patina, the station wagon packs a LS Swapped V8 under the hood. With three days remaining, the car is listed here on eBay with a current bid of $6,900.

The 5.3 liter Chevrolet LS V8 is fuel injected and has been recently tuned up with new injectors, coils, wires and exhaust. Power is delivered to the rear via a 4L60e automatic overdrive transmission. The wagon has new fuel lines, an inline electric fuel pump and still uses the original fuel tank.

The body seems to be a different story with the seller noting that it has bondo and rust in several areas. The car sat for 20 years off the road before a prior owner swapped the drive train. Most of the rust is in the rockers, floors and the bottom of the doors. The driver’s door class is cracked and the paint is dull. The doors and rear hatch are said to work fine.

The new tires and chrome steel wheels looks good. This classic is said to run and drive well. Nine passenger station wagons don’t seem to come around too often. With a little work, this car could be a fun driver. Do you think bidding will go over $10,000?

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  1. Jay

    That’s the way ya do it.

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  2. Farhvergnugen

    I betcha that if you stack ’em up real good and forget about social distancing, you can get more than six people in the back…just sayin’.

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    • Craig Hanson

      It’s a 56 Bel Air Beauville 9 passenger wagon. It has a 3rd seat in the back with the center seat being a jump seat that folds up for access to the back.

  3. Will Fox

    The engine swap is worth more than the entire car.

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  4. Bob C.

    Fix the rust, necessary interior work, cruise and enjoy.

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  5. Chillywind

    For all those people that comment on EVERY car that it needs an LS swap well, here it is done already and very reasonably priced
    Where are all you buyers???????

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    • Chunk

      I’m in my 1979 Olds Delta 88 Royale Brougham, giggling and poking the throttle to make the 140 cubic inch twin-screw supercharger shovel air into the fuel-injected 370 cubic inch LQ4.

      Thanks for asking!

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  6. robj Member

    I’m pretty sure the engine swap was the easiest part of this project. The difficult part lies ahead.


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  7. David Ulrey

    This wagon brings to mind a question I have. Hopefully someone that’s knowledgeable will read this and answer my question. I know that on a newer vehicle that an LS would come in from the factory that there are all kinds of sensors that are part of the engine function including 02 sensors. When a swap like this is done, what do you do so the engine will still function properly? I’m guessing that most people that do these swaps don’t add catalytic converters to have 02 sensors to give info to the fuel management system. What’s involved with making one work properly? I’m not doing any kind of swap like that, just really curious.

    • Camaro guy

      Most people that do this type of swap also take the computer, wiring harness, and any sensors with it after everything is installed in the vehicle then it’s mostly a matter of tuning, sensors that are not used are turned off in the PCM √≥r disabled. this is admitatly an over simplification but you get the general idea

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  8. TimM

    Well the dependability of this car should be great!! You can’t ask for a better set up for that!! The hard part lies ahead sorting out the rust and getting the interior nice!! You always could just drive it the way it is but I kind of doubt it will hit 10K with the amount of work left to do!!

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    • SumtingWong

      Fooled ya eh ? Sold for over $11K

  9. Gray Wolf

    A couple of full throttle launches and car may fall apart!

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  10. Mountainwoodie

    Gawd….I hate “patina.” well at least you only have to dump about 15 grand into the body and interior only. Then you’d have a great grocery hauler……..

  11. Stan Marks

    I laugh when a rusted out car has ‘patina’. A car or P/U, from the 30s or 40s, has patina. I certainly don’t consider that tailgate patina. Rust is rust…….
    It would have been nice, if they included pics of the interior.

  12. CharlesS

    I love the LS engines, however I don’t see the point of an LS engine in a stock appearing car with this much rust.

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